Write the equatuion and solve?

Roger Staubach completed 16,856 passes in his football career. This is about 3/5 of the number of passes he attempted. How many passes did he attempt?


We have already have the answer but not the equation. Oh and its awfully hard to study the materials when they refuse to send home BOOKS.

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    If I were going to write the equation it would be..

    3/5(x) = 16,856

    then to solve I would multiply both sides by 5/3

    so x = 28093 and1/3 but since he can't throw 1/3 of a pass I would round to x = 28,093

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    Tracey, if you read the study materials and think about the problem, you won't have to ask someone else do your homework for you. And you might learn something.

    hint: what is the decimal equivalent of 3/5?

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    divide 16,856 by 3 and multiply by 5

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  • Paul P
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    1 decade ago

    approx 28,095

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