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I have a friend whom is male and is 42 yrs old. I want to know why he can get and erection but can not c.u.m?

It is very frustrating for him. Is it a medical reason or psychological?

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    Hey hun I was in the same boat, my boyfriend is 43yrs old he had that problem, It was due to high cholesterol and his blood pressure. For his age 40 and up chances are its medical. Have him see his doc.

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    Obtaining an erection and reaching orgasm are governed by two different parts of the nervous system. Not to be too technical but the parasympathetic nervous system governs the erection process and the sympathetic nervous system causes ejaculation.

    More than likely however this problem is probably more psychological than physical, but he should discuss it with his primary care provider or a urologist.

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    You are not a turn on and he doesn't want to waste any of his c.u.m. for you.

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