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Anonymous asked in News & EventsMedia & Journalism · 1 decade ago

What do you think of the way ABS CBN covered the Trillanes Peninsula Standoff?

Do you think they were partisan? Do you think they were fair? Were they balanced or did they aggravate the situation? Tell me what you think.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i hate the way the media people in the philippines have become so arrogant. i dont see their so called "bravery" in trying to cover the "coup" in the peninsula.

    In the end, i find them stubborn and stupid. all they yak about is "freedom of the press" (na may kasama pang taas ng kamay, pakita sa camera). fools! this aint 1972, this aint the marcos years, this is no martial law. stop whining! you were clearly breaking the law.

    it's obvious abs-cbn are at odds with arroyo to begin with anyway, so they'd just hastily bash the military, bash the government, sow chaos and fear among the viewing public and at the same time, elicit sympathy and gain raitings. sobrang biased.

    im not pro-gloria but in this kind of situation, im looking at the government as something that needs to put things in order and keep the economy humming.

    The government was just doing its job in stopping trillanes and his bunch of ideologically skewed followers. if they hadn't , we'll really be back in the pit and be left behind by our asian neighbors. babagsak nanamn economy natin. international perception of the philippines would suffer even further...all because of our media's arrogance and biased views.

    so mainstream media people, be responsible for ****'s sake. stop being melodramatic. freedom of the press? geez.. go to singapore or myanmar, then you'll think twice before saying the philippines has lost its "freedom of the press" is all about.

    ang O.A. nyo!

  • 1 decade ago

    I think they did aggravate the situation. The country's peace and order were already at risk, and I believe the goverment, specifically the armed forces, did their best to end the "movement" of Trillanes et al. Their job was to inform the public exactly what was happening, in the most objective way possible.

    I know they're people too, and its just but normal to become emotional when out the blue, you're already handcuffed, and all you're armed with is a camera and audio equipment.

    Anyone who gets arrested has the right know what they're arrested for. In the case of the media men during the standoff, they did ask the people in charge of the goverment troops why they had to be brought in for questioning with the Magdalo group. And the answer was the military just wanted to make sure that none of the members of Magdalo tried to pose as media men so that they won't be arrested. Logical, right? But that was not enough for the media. I watched ANC, and here's ABS CBN, planning to sue the police/military for the arrests.

    The issue here is Trillanes and his "alipores" trying to change the country's leadership through another standoff, and them being put to justice, not how mediamen got offended with the arrests.

    The standoff was over, and it was a big sigh of relief not only for the military, but for the whole country as well, since the last we need was anything that could affect the economy's growth. But here comes ABS CBN giving the military another issue to take care of.

    We, the viewing public, need facts. We do not need more complaints against the goverment. Yes, yes, yes, freedom of speech. That is one of the pillars of democracy, right? But, if your complaints won't be helping in solving problems and issues in our country, then think of solutions instead. Think of how we can peacefully and effectively make those changes, so that Trillanes and friends won't be needing to raid another 5-Star Hotel and make it their control center just so they could catch the public's attention. Hope that will be the last one.

  • 1 decade ago

    There is no doubt media presence provided unnecessary protection for Trillanes and company and hampered government efforts to put a swift end to this joke of a "rebellion." When the tear gas smoke cleared and still nothing truly relevant has happened, the story was skewed to be about journalist-heroes and their violated rights. Anybody notice how loose some of those cable-tie manacles were?

    Armed men taking over the Manila Peninsula does not a Tirad Pass make, no matter how much the irresponsible, arrogant and incompetent rebels and the self-serving media wanted the pre-written script in their heads to play out.

  • 1 decade ago

    The media should realize that their press pass is not a Golden Ticket to doing whatever the hell they want without consequences. Nor is it a get out of jail free card. Mediamen can break the law, too.

    In a crime scene, the police have every right to round up all those present and release them only after they have been processed and cleared. It's so easy to fake an ID now and you can buy a field vest in Quiapo.

    So they were detained for a few hours! Big deal. They didn't mind being "detained" at the Manila Pen. By the way their behavior was laughable. Did you see them making "kodakan" in the mezzanine?

    And nobody bothered to ask Ces included the obvious questions: What significance does taking over the Peninsula have to do with your cause? Why not Plaza Miranda, Liwasang Bonifacio, the Ninoy Aquino bagay walang pansit palabok at halo-halo doon...And finally: Did you check in with a credit card? Who's gonna pay the bill for the Rizal suite and your free food?

  • 1 decade ago

    When this media people were being arrested/detained/whatsoever, I was screaming like, sige ikulong yan, dapat kasuhan ng inciting/abetting to sedition. Dapat makulong mga yan. kakainis!

    In my blog, I posted:

    What really irked me about this was how media handled the situation. Ever since 2pm, Gen Barias (NCRPO Chief) was requesting them to leave the Manila Penn premises. Yeah, I know they’re just doing their job. But did it ever cross their minds that they’re instrumental in these unfortunate flow of events?

    You see, this whole damned drama could have ended a totally different way had those media people left the Penn already before the 3pm deadline. And that difference could have translated to no destruction of the hotel entrance/lobby by a government tank. I think the media should also be held accountable for this mess. These people (Trillanes & Co.) may not have gotten this far without the media intervention. Or better yet, what better thing we could have wished for to happen to these losers!

    The media people may play an important part in history. But in this case, they are making history happen. And as such, they should be held accountable for what happened.

  • 1 decade ago

    Partisan, stilted in favor of their bumbling senator, who happens to have over-cooked camote-que for a brain. How the hell did those media guys decide to broadcast, *live*, Trillanes' direct call for public insurrection? That's tantamount to abetting a felony, in which case, *treason* that in other countries, is a c-a-p-i-t-a-l offense. ABS CBN is just so full of self-important personalities with unstated aggendas that objectivity is lost even before any issue becomes "newsworthy." And just how, may I ask, did Ces, Korina and her ilk manage to shift focus from the big picture (i.e. Trillanes' hotel takeover and the consequent economic damage) to the ridiculously overblown "mishandling" of media folks who, in the first place, stupidly refused to heed repeated warnings? Where are their priorities, really? Media folks with such arrogance and a warped sense of self-importance are just terribly unsettling. Had the bullets hit them, all I'd say is .... who cares?

  • 1 decade ago

    These ABS CBN people are cry babies and spoiled brats. The media people think that they are above the law and have special rights as suckers.

    I think some media people knew about the plot because it's difficult to set up live TV coverage instantly. Only few minutes passed and Gen Lim and the rest were already up for live TV coverage.

    I stopped buying newspapers last year because of this issue and just rely on free internet for news.

  • 1 decade ago

    I dont like the way ABS CBN reports things especially when it talks about politics. They always make it as if its the worst thing ever. They were sooooo disturbed to what happened to their staff and crew. Its totally nonesense. They were advised to pull out in the first place but they were so obsessed with the situation. I think they didn't aim for public service (or whatever it is they say) anymore but they just want to give out the news first that's why they ended up on handcuffs. Can someone poke Maria Ressa on the nose?

  • 1 decade ago

    It was good..that turned sour. They forcefully shifted the issue from the coup to them. They certainly aggravated the situation beginning from their arrests. I say they deserved it. They were given the chance to vacate the area, they only made the situation worse than it already was, as if the Lopezes will take responsibility if one of their media men dies or something. They sure know how to draw TV ratings. The more controversial it is, the better. Now, a Magdalo soldier had escaped for pretending as a media man. The PNP was vindicated after all. If I were the chief of police I wouldn't even let them out of Bicutan but instead sue them all for obstruction of justice.

  • 1 decade ago

    One word comes to mind with regard to the media coverage of the Trillanes fiasco: JOLOGS. You could see media people laughing and playing around on camera. It also irritated me seeing them raising their bound hands while they were loaded onto the police bus. C'mon media people, you are not frickin' victims or heroes! You guys got to cover the whole thing blow by blow! Stop whining. You're almost as bad as that spoiled brat, Trillanes.

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