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About me: Well I am the King Of NJ :) Im 22years of age. Christian. Member of Church Of..

Well I am the King Of NJ :) Im 22years of age. Christian. Member of Church Of Christ. Saved on February 12,2012 after obeying Mark 16:16. God always comes 1st in my life. Also love sports(esp basketball), love philosophical stuff, love having fun, trying new things, and going places. Truly blessed Sports Teams NBA-Chicago Bulls NFL-Indianapolis Colts NHL-New Jersey Devils MLB-Boston Red Sox NCAA Basketball- UNC Tar Heels/ Rutgers Scarlet Knights NCAA Football- Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets/Rutgers Scarlet Knights I also root foor all New Jersey teams and rep New Jersey as a state all day everyday. Born and raised love NJ and all about it :) St Barts Travel Section top answerer hell yea haha hit me up on YM- gamewillrip50 email- Will be happy to speak to or hear from anybody :D May God Bless all of you with happiness and joy :D

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