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  • Econ Questions?

    How does trade due to comparative advantage differ from trade due to expanded markets?

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  • Econ Question?

    The United States imports more manufactured goods than it exports. These are goods that require more capital than labor. It also exports more services than it imports. Services require more labor than capital. If comparative advantage depends on relative factor abundance, what does the United States have in relative abundance? Does this make sense for an economy as advanced as the United States? 

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  • Econ Question?

     Suppose the Russian government decides it needs to protect its aircraft industry for reasons of national security. Name two ways it can achieve this goal. Which policy would you recommend? Why? 

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  • Econ Question?

     "European countries that want the benefits of fixed exchange rates with their neighboring countries without the costs could simply impose strict controls on investment flows into and out of their country." Answer true or false about this statement. Explain. 

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  • Econ Question?

    Why might it not be a good idea for the government to use trade policy to protect newly emerging industries?

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  • Balancing chem equations under basic conditions?

    When the following equation is balanced properly under basic conditions, what are the coefficients of the species shown?

    HXeO4- + S2O32 = Xe + SO32-

    Water appears in the balanced equation as a --- (reactant, product, neither) with a coefficient of ---. (Enter 0 for neither.)

    Which element is oxidized?

    2 AnswersChemistry2 years ago
  • Chem Question?

    A standard galvanic cell is constructed in which a Cu2+ | Cu half cell acts as the cathode. Which of the following statements are correct?

    Hint: Refer to a table of standard reduction potentials.

    (Choose all that apply.)

    a) In the external circuit, electrons flow from the other compartment to the Cu2+|Cu compartment.

    b) Cl2|Cl- could be the other standard half cell.

    c) The cathode reaction is Cu2+ + 2e- -> Cu

    d) The cathode reaction is Cu -> Cu2+ + 2e-

    e) Cr3+|Cr could be the other standard half cell.

    3 AnswersChemistry2 years ago
  • Chemistry Question?

    Consider the following reaction at 298K.

    Ni2+ (aq) + Hg (l) Ni (s) + Hg2+ (aq)

    Which of the following statements are correct?

    Choose all that apply.

    a) The reaction is reactant-favored.

    b) ΔGo < 0

    c) K > 1

    d) Eocell < 0

    e) n = 2 mol electrons

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  • Chemistry Question?

    The following skeletal oxidation-reduction reaction occurs under basic conditions. Write the balanced OXIDATION half reaction.

    Br- + I2 --> I- + Br2

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  • Chemistry help?

    When 15.0 mL of a 4.14×10-4 M nickel(II) iodide solution is combined with 12.0 mL of a 4.92×10-4 M potassium carbonate solution does a precipitate form?

    (yes or no)

    For these conditions the Reaction Quotient, Q, is equal to ______?

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  • Chem Help?

    calculate the pH of a solution that results from mixing 150 mL of .25 CH3COOH (aq) with 225.0 mL of .30 M CH3COONa (aq). (Ka (CH3COOH)=1.8 *10^-5)

    1 AnswerChemistry2 years ago