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  • Why do Democrats attack each other in the debates?

    Trump must be laughing, because they are doing Trump's job for him as they try to destroy each other. Instead, would it not make mores sense for them each to present their policies and experience for comparison, but to work together as a team against the Republicans?

    When they gang up and attempt to destroy frontrunners like Biden's chances, they are destroying themselvs as a party.

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  • Is it true that Trump wants to execute all the turkeys that were pardoned by Obama in previous years?

    Trump's whole presidency is all about reversing and undoing all the progress that Obama made, so now that American Thanksgiving has come along, is Trump going to issue an executive order to execute the birds whose lives were spared by Obama?

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  • Has anyone seen the Forrest Trump sketch?

    On ITV in Britain last weekend, on a political puppet show they had a puppet of Trump. They called him Forrest Trump (in a parody of the Gump movie).

    He said: 'Life is like a box of chocolates: there are always too many brown ones and too many black ones, and not enough white ones".

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  • What is Mr. Trump's extreme vetting?

    Last time I took my dog to the vet he came back without his testicles. My dog must have thought that was a bit extreme. Is this what Mr. Trump is proposing for immigrants? If so it should cut down on the desire of certain foreigners to enter the US, while keeping american women safer.

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  • Has the mayor of London given instructions to the police about muslim attacks?

    It seems that recent attacks in London, particularly the one yesterday by a Somali, are carried out by people who are 'mentally ill' and their religion is not mentioned, even though extra police were brought into the investigation.

    Is it just a coincidence that the new mayor of London is muslim, or has he given instructions to the police to keep the m-word out of it and label all attacks as mental health issues instead?

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  • Which man do the police shoot?

    A) The man sitting on the sidewalk with an object in his hand?

    B) The man lying on his back with his hands in the air?

    Answer: the black man.

    This happened the other day and is another glaring example of how police treat black people. The shot black man was a therapist trying to help his white patient. Neither posed any threat to anyone and neither had done anything wrong. How long can this go on?

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  • Was Noah the only one with a boat?

    There is much debate between biblical scholars and rational people about the millions of animals on Noah's Ark and the ability of kangaroos to hop across from Australia to make it in time before the flood, but nobody eve mentions the fact that other people besides Noah knew how to build a boat.

    When the flood started, I would rather be in a fishing boat somewhere surrounded by fresh fish than in an overcrowded ark.

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  • Would this solve the migrant problem in Europe?

    Many countries in Europe until fairly recently had national military service requiring all young men to serve for a period of time to become trained soldiers ready to fight for their country. Germany, where a lot of migrants are heading, only abolished this in 2011.

    Wouldn't it be interesting to reinstate military service, especially for all young single migrant men, and ship them off to Syria and other parts of the MIddle East to fight for British, German and European interests there?

    That would be rather ironic at least.

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  • Are the Syrian migrants in Europe just draft dodgers?

    It is quite clear from the footage of Syrian and other migrants moving to Europe that most are young men, usually well dressed, carrying mobile phones and other accoutrements.

    With the civil war in Syria, there is compulsory army conscription, and those who try to avoid army service are being arrested.

    So does avoiding conscription make these men refugees, or draft dodgers?

    During the Vietnam war, the US had the same problem, with many men fleeing to Canada as conscientious objectors. Is that a reason for other countries to grant asylum?

    My opinion is that young men are fit and able to take care of themselves. The real victims are the millions of women, children and old people who are unable to flee, stuck in the desert with no food or shelter, still in danger of being killed. Why aren't the young migrant men staying to help them?

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  • What about the other four million refugees?

    At the moment there are four million Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. It makes sense that these people are the real refugees, the ones who have walked with entire families to the first safe neighbouring country.

    Meanwhile thousands of young Syrian men have hopped onto trains and are making their merry way to the most affluent countries Europe.

    So the questions are:

    1. Is Europe making a big mistake in letting in migrants, because the wars all over Africa and the Middle East mean that about another ten million refugees may not be far behind?

    2. Since the migrants to Europe are young men, are they just economic migrants looking for opportunity and free stuff?

    3. The real ones in desperate need are the families camped in the desert with inadequate food and shelter and nowhere to go. Shouldn't Europe take them instead?

    4. Or are the European leaders really using this as an opportunity to import fit and educated young men to add to the European workforce as the babyboomers retire?

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  • How bad is racism in the US?

    Last week a white man and a black woman were seen kissing publicly in Hollywood. Somebody called the police and she was handcuffed under suspicion of prostitution. The man was her boyfriend, and like any other couple, they were showing affection in public, but because she is black, she was put under arrest.

    The ironic part is that she is Daniele Watts, who played a slave called Coco in the movie Django Unchained.

    Things have not changed much in the US have they?

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  • How do Cameron and Obama attempt to justify their actions?

    They sent troops and aid to rescue 50,000 people without food or shelter in Iraq.

    They sent bombs and weapons to Israel to cause 250,000 people to be without food or shelter in Gaza.

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  • Do you realise the people of Gaza are all trapped with no escape?

    In most situations when one force is bombing a city, such as in Syria, most civilians are able to flee away from the city and become refugees. That is bad enough, but Gaza is cut off from the rest of the world by Israel's blockade. Even the border crossing into Egypt is closed, so the people waiting there with foreign passports are trapped as well.

    For israel it is like shooting fish in a barrel, except that those are human beings: fathers, mothers and children being slaughtered by Israel in order to destroy the alliance between Hamas and Fatah and any hope of statehood for Palestine.

    The murder of civilians is abhorrent generally, but when they are trapped already, does this not make Israel's actions one of the worst war crimes ever? And where is the compassion for these people? Why do more normal people not make their voices heard in opposition of the inaction by other governments and against the complicity of the US which is financing Israel and sending the weapons?

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  • Why can't I give thumbs up or down any more?

    Ever since they changed from green to the new blue format, I have been unable to give thumbs up or down. It does not work. Anyone know why? Is there a setting?

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  • Why doesn't the west intervene now in the Malaysian air crash investigation?

    The Russian rebels in Ukraine are stopping the monitors from investigating the cause of the Malaysian aircraft crash. International opinion is on the side of those who want to investigate the crash, so if a force of Dutch and allied forces was invited by Ukraine to retake the area in order to allow the search, surely Russia would have to back down. This would surely be a perfect opportunity for the west to show solidarity and do the right thing for the victims of the disaster. If Mr. Obama would wake up, he could send in american forces too and secure the area for Ukraine and the west. That would shift and consolidate the balance of power in the region. Right now Putin is winning because the west is not standing up to him. With global sympathy for the victims of the crash in their favour, western forces could retake the area and push Russia back.

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  • What have they done to Yahoo Answers?

    The nice easy green layout has disappeared, to be replaced by this useless blue and black layout where I can't find anything any more. Do other people have the same problems using it? I am going to give up and go somewhere else.

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