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  • Can I shorten the copper base on a fusible link?

    I accidentely reversed the battery cables on my 2002 Honda CR-V which blew the 100 amp fusible link. The replacement arrived today but it has a longer copper base than the original.

     To make it fit, i would have to grind off about 0.5" from both sides. The screw holes will have to be redrilled too. The nearest auto parts store is too far so I would rather modify this now. Any foreseen problems? Thank you!

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 months ago
  • Landlords lost my rent check. I did a lot of work. They will negotiate a reduction.. What is a fair amount?

    After 4 months of unemployment and no job prospects, I gave notice to my landlords. They are very nice and genuinely sad when I gave the news. A few days later, they found an uncashed rent check that I wrote 8 months ago. I know I need to pay this back but the timing could not be worse. They admit its their fault and are willing to negotiate a reduced amount but want me to suggest a reasonable amount. I am an experienced landscaper and the reduction would be in consideration of the significant improvements I have made to their large yard. Originally, it was full of overgrown weeds, brambles and junk. Now it is a clean and useable yard with 6 garden beds surrounded by walkways. I would charge a client $4,000 for this work. However I only spent $500 cash (for weed cloth and gas) + $1,000 labor (used a pick axe to excavate enough decomposed granite to fill (95 total) 5-gal buckets. My rent owed is $1,500. Technically, i'd say it was a wash but I know they would never agree to pay $1,500 for any kind of yard improvements. Weeds and junk were fine with them. For this reason, I am unsure what a fair reduction would be. Answers from landlords would be very helpful but all answers are appreciated.

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  • which is better for windows 8.1. , mozilla firefox or IE? shouli keep one and uninstall the other?

    My PC upgraded itself to win 8.1.

    i started using mozilla and believe it is faster. is it safe to uninstall IE or should I stay with IE and uninstall Mozilla?

    4 AnswersSoftware6 years ago
  • what is the "user's" version of a 'data model' called?

    I just started a new job (data analyst/cost accountant). This requires a complete understanding of the database and (proprietary) software. I have to extract data from an unfamiliar and complex data system. I can't do this without knowing the database structure and what every element does. In the past, I've always been given a hard copy version of the 'data model'. This time, the software company refused my request as a matter of policy. I can see that this system has been maintained by people who also did not have this guide. How can I change their mind? What else can I use or maybe I asked for the wrong thing? Doesn't every company have one of these?

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  • California 'Short Sale'. After close of escrow, can the 'seller' stay 3 more wks ('buyers' request)?

    I had to Short sell my house in California. The new owners asked me to stay and keep an eye on the place while they have it remodeled. Both of our realtors told us that my bank will not allow the seller to occupy their house after a 'short sale'.

    I want to know if a short-term (3 week) arrangement would violate the short-sale rules? This would benenfit both of us. We live in the mountains where unoccupied houses attract 'squatters', so the new owners want someone here. Also,I still need to clean up and won't have another place to move until 10/1/12.

    (This is a HAVA situation so I will be given $3k to relocate and I think this fact has our realtors thinking i MUST be gone immediately....but 3 weeks should be ok, right?)

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • Correct way to serve an Unlawful Detainer in Santa Cruz County, CA?

    I live with my 4 tenants. 2 need to be served with an unlawful detainer. I had a friend successfully serve the '3-day Pay or Quit' notice and hope that same friend can be used to serve the 'Unlawful Detainer'.

    I paid a paralegal to draw-up all the paperwork. Today the 'Unlawful Detainer' was recorded in the Superior Court of Santa Cruz County, (Civil Division).

    It looks like the procedure for serving the Unlawful Detainer might require some detail that I am unaware of.

    Question: How to fill out the "Notice to Person Being Served' box (bottom of Page 1, Summons). The paralegal told me to check the box 'as and individual defendant' in the first section but was unsure about the 2nd section. The only possible answer for that would be 'as an occupant'.

    Does this section/that box need to be checked?

    Also, please let me know if there is any other specific requirements for serving an Unlawful Detainer. I can't screw it up now. Thank you very much!

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  • What legal steps are required to evict tenants in California?

    8 months ago, I informed my tenants that my house was in jeopardy of foreclosure and that I would do my best to work with my bank so that they could remain housed until their leases expired on 7/1/2012. The bank allowed this and event let me proceed with a 'short sale' vs foreclosure.

    On June 1, 2012, I gave my tenants a formal notice that their leases would not be renewed but if they continued to pay rent, they could stay here until Aug 1, 2012 (60-day notice).

    2 tenants refused to pay rent and I need to evict them. I filled out a California '3-day pay or quit form' and put both their names on it (they are mother/son and their lease is combined like that).


    a) Can I hand this to them today or do I have to have someone else to that?

    b) They will be in default if they do not pay their rent before 6/18/2012.

    c) I am certain they will not pay and will have to take them to court.

    I need to know how the rest of this process works. I know I need to follow up on the 18th (or 19th?) with an 'unlawful detainer' and do not want to make any legal errors. any advise??

    thank you for your time.

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • Help for older (53 yr) California adoptee seeking non-identifying birth information?

    So far, I have had no sucess trying to find out some basic information about my biolgical roots. I have written to Sacramento. Advised to take adoption records to 'Childrens Home Society'. They thought the records 'might' be fake. I was adopted from the Adoption Institute in Los Angeles (1959). How can I find this basic information? (I do not need to know biological family names, just history and medical background). I do not have money for a private detective but can find things myself if I knew where to look (and I have looked) I've registered with several online agencies. Chances are my birthparents are deceased (they would be in their late 70's). Any help would be appreciated.

    1 AnswerAdoption9 years ago
  • Statute of limitations, Grand Theft California?

    Someone stole $50,000 worth of jewerly from me. I accused one of my housemates. My housemate, and others, pointed the finger to 'X'.

    I filed a police report, in January 2011. naming 'X' as the thief.

    Now, my housemate finally confessed.

    I want to clear 'X' and reopen the case with my housemate. However. my housemate claims that the 'statute of limitations' has expired and I can not pursue my case against her. Is this true? I live in Santa Cruz, CA.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • 1970 Ford F100. Did I WIRE this ignition bypass correctly?

    This is an old 1970 ford pick-up. My key no longer works in the ignition so I installed a "toggle-switch/push-button" bypass system.

    I'm not sure I wired it correctly and hope someone can let me know if there is a problem with this method...

    (a) OLD IGNITION: Removed from dash and unplugged the conglomerate of six wires that snapped into the back of ignition. Those wires are just hanging from the dash now. I did nothing to them, just disconnected from ignition.

    (b) TOGGLE SWITCH: mounted on dash and ran two wires from the Toggle Switch to the Voltage Regulator: 1 wire is connected to the (+) side of Voltage Regulator and 2nd wire is connected to the nearest terminal, in front of the Voltage Regulator. Does it matter which wire is connected to the right/left side of Toggle Switch?

    (c) PUSH BUTTON: Mounted to dash with two wires connected as follows:

    wire1: attached to the starter solenoid. and wire 2 is connected to the negative terminal of the battery. Again, not sure if the wires need to be connected to a specific side of the Push Button.

    Thank you!

    3 AnswersFord9 years ago
  • I am missing an email folder. Can someone remotely delete it?

    I have saved 14 months of email correspondence (with my attorney) in a specific email folder that I named after her. Suddenly, that email folder is missing. Coincidentally, just 1 week after she lost my case. I would hate to think that someone could access my email (remotely) and delete anything. I have thoroughly searched my email and hard drive to ensure I did not accidentally 'move' that folder somewhere else. note: I have never done anything like that before.

    Maybe I'm just getting paranoid but she lost my case due to her own mistake and....well I don't know what to think.

    1 AnswerOther - Computers9 years ago
  • How to report ad-hoc earnings as w-2 for unemployment?

    I work as a gardener/housekeeper/ etc. for one person. She pays me in cash and I have been reporting this as 'misc income'. I make enough to be able to claim unemployment sometimes. I am willing to pay all the taxes myself but need to know how to set this up. I get paid $500 every couple of weeks and want to run this amount though some software that will deduct all pertinant taxes and issue a w-2 at year end.

    3 AnswersUnited States10 years ago
  • Question for Recipients of CA EBT: Does your account get credited at the same time every month?

    Just curious because I thought the money would be credited on the same day every month, at midnight. Is it true that sometimes the money won't appear until 11:30am the next morning?

    Personal Finance10 years ago
  • ERROR: "there seems to be an issue with the IP address your computer is using"?

    All of the sudden, I can't log into 'GameDuell". Nothing has changed on my end, (that I know of) I can't get through to this company by email because my account is no longer recognized. They do not answer their phone or return my messages! What could cause this? do i need to reset something in my internet options?

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • I am representing myself in court. Can I contact the D.A. by phone?

    My Public Defender screwed up, leaving me without counsel. Fine. I then filed my own motion, set a court date and went to court expectiong my motion to be addressed. When I got called, my issue was never addressed, the judge was more concerned about my attorney and made me come back for a 'marantz' (?) hearing. This 'closed court' session concluded with, (a) yes my attorney screwed up, (b) although he is highly competent and (c) NO, i do not want him to represent me. That is all that happened that day. My case issues were never addressed! Then the D.A. requested 30 days so she could obtain the official court recording (from a previous court date) which I had already obtained, transcribed and included in my motion. I offered to give her my original CD to expedite this matter. The judge made her take it and then gave her just 2 weeks before we meet again. My case is rather insignificant and I doubt the D.A. will spend much time searching through the CD to isolate my particular case. Is it ok for me to call her and let her know exactly which file it is? Also, now that I am officially representing myself, can submit additional documents as a supplement to my original motion. I believe these additional documents will support my case. Or do I bring these documents with me on my next court date? I am trying to get my sentence modified on a trespassing charge in California.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • I'm representing myself in court. How do I get the judge to call my case?

    I have served the DA with a motion to 'modify my sentence'. My court date is tomorrow. I'm not sure if I need to make my presence know to either the judge (or DA) in order to get my case called to the stand. I've see attorneys do this and their cases get called quickly. I don't want to sit through a morning of proceedings when I will be ready first thing. What is the protocol for this? This will be heard in the State of California, Superior Court. thank you!

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Can I write a letter to the DA (santa cruz, ca) asking that my case be modified?

    My ex had me arrested for trespassing. This was unbelievable for me because I felt i was welcome there. I never even saw her that day but, in California, Domestic Violence charges go along with any crime with an ex partner. She was denied a restraining order. I accepted a plea of 'simple trespassing' and I agreed to 'stay away' from my ex. Neither my Public Defender or the judge told me I would be accepting a 'restraining order'. I would never agreed to that since I am a very nice person, never harmed anyone in my life. I went back to court with my public defender who admitted he did not advise me about the restraining order. The judge put me back on the calender and assigned me a 2nd public defender. When court transcripts verified that the judge also did not inform me of the restraining order I wanted to have my case modified so that the restraining order was dropped and I would simply agree to 'stay away'. I was advised by the 2nd Public Defender NOT to 'withdraw my plea' because I 'got a good deal' when the 'domestic violence' charges were dropped and I shouldn't risk it. I made it clear that I would not accept a restraining order. He told me his 'only job' was to determine if I had valid reason to 'withdraw my plea' and I needed to talk to my 1st public defender for any 'case modification'. Fine. He called my 1st public defender and set up a court date, I was told I would be speaking with my 1st P.D. before court and he would take it from there. Instead, my 2nd P.D. called me up to the stand and told the judge I didn't want to withdraw my plea, he said nothing about me needing to have it 'modified'. I ended up with NO COUNSEL at the end of the day. I doubt he ever called my 1st P.D. and just wanted to get my 'minor' case off his desk. I have a VERY STRONG reason to have my case modified. Can I write a letter to the D.A. explaining my situation or do I have to submit a formal request for case modification and represent myself. I am positive this should be modified but don't have money to hire a private attorney to help me.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • How does a non-company pay unemployment taxes for 1 employee?

    I work for a private citizen and need her to deduct unemployment taxes from my paycheck. How does she do this (California)? Can she pay just the unemployment taxes with a personal check. Better yet, can I pay them myself with my own check? She is not a "business" but hires me to do yard work,etc.

    2 AnswersOther - Taxes1 decade ago
  • how much to board a cat for 21 days (nor cal)?

    Anyone know the cost to boad 1 healthy male cat for 21 days in Northern California? (Santa Cruz to be exact). I would not want him 'caged'. A nice little space with a bed and scaratching post would be nice.

    Need answer tonight. thanks.

    1 AnswerCats1 decade ago