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  • Sexuality problems? HELP?

    Okay, so when I think about it, I am bisexual. (Or pansexual, since I do find some non-binary people attractive) I watch porn with boys and girls, transgenders, and once intersex. I feel turned on by all of these. I also would love being in a relationship with anyone that loves me and I love them, it doesn't matter their gender, race, or age. (As long as it's not illegal, if it is I'll wait or find someone else.) Yet, when I try to flirt, relate, open up to, or love/like someone I can't. I feel I should like them, but I just don't. Is this because of my depression which makes me closed off or am I asexual? I have had crushes/sexual fantasies and even dated, enjoying it for the most part, and actually getting into it. I was even depressed then, but like maybe last year I stopped having sexual attractions and feelings if love for anyone completely. I haven't blushed, felt turned on by someone, or had a crush. I only get off the idea of sex or having a relationship. Is there a name for this? I'm also starting to get this which fictional characters, which I thought I would always crush on. Is this normal? The idea of having sex with someone sounds fun at first and exciting, and I start to get horny, but then when I look at them I'm like "eh, over it" Do I just have high standards? Is there something wrong with me? (Sorry for all the questions, these have been building up for quite a bit)

  • Is someone using my phone number?

    I received a call from a tux company (?) And they called me Lindsy, which is not my name, and asked if her and her fiance had picked any tuxedos. Before, I have been called by statefarm (at least that s what they say they are) and they called me Kowalski, or Kowaski. Are these just telemarketers? Is someone using my # and saying it s theirs? This phone is a bit new, so maybe the person that was using this # forgot to update it? How do I know otherwise?

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