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  • Prediction on both Charlo fights [Dervechenko-Rosario]?

    Tough fights. I favor Charlo a bit against Rosario, Rosario has been stopped before and Charlo smaller Charlo is explosive. I could be wrong but the difference i see is Rosario's been stopped. 


    Now the Derve fight i think is tougher to call. While that Charlo is undefeated, Korobov gave him a tough fight. He is new to middleweight, and with Derve he is going against an elite. Derve gave both GGG & Jacobs issues. In the weigh in Derve was looking strong. Stylistically both are there to fight. Charlos uppercut can give Derve issues, but Derve pressure is like nothing Charlo has faced. 


    I got Charlo tko Rosario rd9 

    Derve ud Charlo 

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  • Leopard Seal vs Salt Water Crocodile?

    These animals normally don't cross ranges, but with global warming more and more leopard seals have been found roaming Australian beaches, and salt water crocodile range is only expanding with the warming waters. 


    What will happen when 2 healthy, hungry adults cross each others path. 

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  • Is runaway global warming inevitable? If so, where will it stop [Permian extinction replica]?

    China has surpassed USA as the #1 CO2 emitter, India [population over 1.3 billion] will soon surpass us [if they haven't already]. 3rd world countries will continue to develop, hikes in CO2 emissions is to be expected. Thanks to fracking, extracting fossil fuels is more efficient [thus cheaper] than ever. We are far from it, but is a Permian level extinction inevitable [growing deserts engulf the world]? 

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  • Lomachenko vs Teofimo?

    Who you got, how do you see it and why

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  • Was USA justified in using 2 nuclear weapons during WWII?

    From what I've read, the nuclear bombings were used for both a strategic purpose [war manufacturing centers] and as an intimidation tactic to threaten Tokyo into surrender, which they did. Supposedly a land invasion into Japan would have cost far more lives. Thoughts

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  • Would humans survive a dinosaur extinction level impact?

    Chicxulub meteorite landed on the ocean, an area the size of the USA would become a no-mans zone as fire would rain from the falling debris shot up from the impact. A tsunami would sweep the world several times, its size and destruction would be hard for us to quantify or imagine. 


    Then impact would kick dust up, the tectonic shock of the impact would cause massive earthquakes and a global volcanic eruptions, all this would make the atmosphere toxic. 

    Then the bad part begins. Volcanic eruptions and impact debris would spread globally causing a 18 month-10 year long ''nuclear winter'', which means for that time the world would be in an endless night thanks to the atmospheric debris blocking out the sun, global temperatures would plummet and photosynthesis would cease. All plant life and phytoplankton would collapse, animal life would follow. The only warm blooded animals to survive would be tiny generalist [small rats, small pigeons]. 


    Today there are 7.8 billion humans, we are big warm blooded animals that need a lot of food, with global agriculture collapsing and then vegetation collapsing could we survive? 

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  • Which Economic Block would you prefer to live in: USA or EU [''capitalist'' vs ''socialism'']?

    In USA by law you can receive medical treatment [the best and most expensive in the world], but you risk going into debt if you do. USA relatively small gov. means most people have to pay their way through higher education, people risk falling into deep debt but the opportunity for economic growth is unequal. Most global tourist are American because of this & 50% of immigrants apply for USA  residency. 


    In EU by law you can receive medical treatment [ok quality, at no cost at all], no cost no strings attached but many times a long wait time. 

    EU relatively large gov. allows most people to get through higher education at no direct cost to them, though the higher tax rate is what pays for it. Essentials are mostly covered by the gov. but most people must work for a roof over their head and for any wants, though the higher tax rate yields little net profit so most live paycheck to paycheck, few get to travel or spend on luxuries [average car is small and unpractical]. 

    Your preference? 

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  • Why does Jeff Bezos have so many haters?

    What has he done to get so much hate? The man was raised middle class but built his company from 0, now he employees hundreds of thousands of Americans, has a $15 minimum wage for the least skilled laborers! I personally know some Amazon engineers, all make 6 figures but this doesn't make the news. 

    Bezos has built a stronger middle class than some countries! 

    He also offers a product which billions of people enjoy. 

    Amazon has avoided FEDERAL taxes [a loophole due to all the new jobs they created] but why is this Amazons fault? Shouldn't you blame the gov? 

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  • Why were sauropods so much bigger than other terrestrial megafauna in earths history [mammals, ornithischians, theropods, crocodylomorphs]?

    On land the biggest: 

    1. mammal [palaeoloxodon namadicus] weighed 18-20 tons 2. Ornithischian [Shantungosaurus giganteus] 

    weighed 16-18 tons 

    3. Theropod [T-Rex] weighed 6-10 tons. 

    Late cretaceous sauropods [titanosaurs] were ripping the scale, some weighed more than the above 3 record holders COMBINED. Why? Herbivorous ornithischian dinosaurs and herbivorous theropods, their closest cousins, were nowhere near their size! 

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  • N. Koreas Kim Jong Un claims there will never be an Imperialist invasion thanks to their nuclear weapons. Thoughts?

    "Thanks to our reliable and effective self-defensive nuclear deterrent, there will no longer be war, and our country's safety and future will be firmly guaranteed forever." 

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  • Are Humans mostly omnivorous Scavengers?

    All scavengers occasionally kill their food, but with humans only those in the poultry industry tend to do the killing. Most people eat meat that has been dead for months! Most of us never eat a meal of an animal that we killed or hunted ourselves, not once! Even vultures do more killing than us.

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  • Why did most African/S. Asian megafauna survive the Quaternary Extinction?

    In most Eurasian: elephantidae [like mammoths] died out, snow rhino [woolly rhino] died out, their hyenas, lions and bovines died out. 

    In N. & S. America almost all megafauna died out, even their wild horses died out! 

    In Africa only a few bovines and carnivores died out, but most everything else survived, why?

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  • Were Mossosaurs under-evolved?

    Mossosaurs evolved in the late cretaceous, after a mysterious mass extinction in the water killed off all ichthyosaurs and most pliosaurs. They only had a 20 million run from land to water. 

    Mossosaur body plan resembles that of early ichthyosaurs and early whales. 

    Early ichthyosaurs were not very shark-like, neither were early whales, both had flexible necks early on but not afterwards, both evolved caudal fin later in their evolution. 

    Mossosaurs still had flexible tails and only in the late cretaceous did they begin to evolve caudal fin. 

    Basilosaurus is an early whale, chaohusaurus is an early ichthyosaur. 

    Sadly it seems we never saw the ''finished product'' for the mossosaurs, but i have a feeling it would have been very shark/whale/ichthyosaur - like 


    It seems the only apex predators to go from land to water that took a different morphology were the pliosaurs, they were very turtle-like biomechanically though better suited for an aquatic life [live young]. 

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  • Is giving a massage considered cheating?

    If you give a stranger a massage but you're in a relationship, would you consider this cheating

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  • Are homo sapiens sapiens [modern humans] the most successful megafauna in earths history?

    I understand a lot of small animals, like certain insect species, have had far more success proliferating and globalizing. However, i can not think of one megafauna species in history that has more success than our species?

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  • Ladies; would you leave your man if he did this?

    you've been with him for 5 years, bought a house with him, traveled around the world with him, you are compatible. However, 5 years and he has not proposed to you for marriage. Would you leave him? You've asked him what's taking so long, but he just says he will but doesn't specify when.

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  • What do YOU expect for the future of this world and humanity?


    Antarctica to become habitable and eventually the center of world commerce as a free trade zone. 

    Contless species extinct. 

    A lot of big animals alive thanks to zoo's.  

    Genetic engineering to change us. 


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