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  • What is Ebay Final Value Fee Credit and how do you receive it?

    I was told by Ebay that I had received a 'final value fee credit' after closing a case for an unpaid item but nothing has shown up in my bank account or Paypal.

    Ebay's Help and Contact page is useless and nowhere online can I find a definitive answer for what a final value fee is monetary wise or when/how you, as the seller, will receive it.

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  • Is it possible to successfully sell a laptop online?

    I have been trying now for over a month to sell my laptop online. I've only used it for a little over a year so it is like new. I've tried various online sites that buy used notebooks but they always want to buy it for a tiny fraction of the price I paid.

    So I turned to sites like Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon, but so far all I've gotten is about 10 inquiries from scammers (god, they are everywhere and so irritating!)

    So my question is this; has anyone sold their used laptop online successfully and for a fair price (at least half of what you paid for it)?

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  • Is this a Paypal scam (

    I'm trying to sell new my laptop on Amazon, I got the following email:

    "The item is for my colleague as a gift but

    she's currently on vacation so i want you to help me post it to her,i'll add $70 for the postage,send me the invoice of the total cost through PayPal to

    (she gives her email address) so i can transfer the money asap.


    I tell her I would rather do the transaction through Amazon, and she replies:

    "Thanks for the reply,i wish we could complete the transaction via amazon but am currently having issues with my credit card on amazon.PayPal is also very safe and secured,you can just setup a PayPal account via their website and get back to me with the money request via your account to my email so i can transfer the money asap."

    So is this a scam? Is giving a money request to her email a bad idea?

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  • Is there a way to play Ruckus music files or remove DRM without renewing the license?

    Like many other college students, I use to use the Ruckus music player when suddenly they shut down, rendering all of my music files useless because most of my songs weren't renewed.

    I know that there are ways to remove the protection so that you can listen to them like any other mp3 file, but it seems that you need to actually be able to play the song first and just re-record it (something called fairview I think does this).

    Can anyone help?

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