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  • why does my neighbor abuse his lawn mowers?

    my neighbor has two riding lawn mowers both which don't work very well. They are always having issues. He pretty much has rigged them to run.

    He has done these lawnmowers very dirty which is the cause of them not running well.he lets the engine hydrolock with water and he also allows water to get into the oil by leaving it out in the rain. Sometimes you can see gray cloud coming from one of them, and the cloud is thick also.He has been talking to me about buying a new riding lawn mower.  This guy is pretty old and he supposedly has a lot of mechanic experience. 

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  • What does it mean when a person has clients? ?

    When you are told by a persons client something.

    What does it mean when a person has clients? Are they famous or what? 

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  • what is making holes in my lawn?

    I looked at the ground today and there are small dark holes in the grass. They are NOT tunnels, but small digged out holes. 

    We don't have any dogs and our yard is surrounded by a chain link fence. what could it be?

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 day ago
  • Can a lawn mower blade fly off? ?

    Is there a chance that the lawn mower blade can fly off and slice through your legs? 

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  • Did I bend my crankshaft? ?

    I have a snapper push mower, the engine is Briggs and Stratton 

    I have a lot of tree stumps in the yard embedded in the grass. I ran over a very small stump and the lawn mower started making a grinding noise and I pulled the lawn mower back. 

    I inspected the lawn mower and saw no damages to the blade and the lawn mower doesn’t appear to be vibrating either 

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape2 days ago
  • When you are at a club and you make a lot of friends there, but then when you see them out in public and they don’t recognize you?

    You make a lot of friends at a club and then when you are out in public and run into them they don’t recognize you.

    What do you do? 

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  • I heard a black man while back call a white guy a saltine cracker, why wasn’t this black dude called down over it? ?

    Long time ago when I attended high school, each classroom would have like 30 black peoples in there and 4 white people.

    I would hear black people call white guys saltine crackers and they called me white t and everything else. 

    Why wasn’t this stopped? 

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  • My neighbor suggested that I buy a riding lawn mower, should I? ?

    My neighbor has two riding lawn mowers, one that is never run and he claims there is something wrong with it, and another one that runs. 

    He suggest that I buy one. Should I? 

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape3 days ago
  • Can anyone remember this old 80s basketball commercial? ?

    Nobody probably remembers it but it showed a basketball player who looked like Michael Jordan he opens his mouth and there is this red slimy web inside his mouth. 

    The commercial was really creepy and gave you the spooks. 

    1 AnswerBasketball3 days ago
  • What makes workplaces like this? ?

    You start at a workplace. 

    The associates would randomly try to start stuff with you or they would just get into you and start riding and harassing you. 

    Or a manager or lead would point you out and begin to talk abusively to you and yell at you and get onto you over everything I think it’s called micromanaging. All together he or she just has you pointed out, not doing it to the rest of the team. 

    You are walking on eggshells because of an abusing manager or lead. 

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  • When white women call their boyfriends ‘bae’ how do you usually react? ?

    The white women where I live usually call their white boyfriends ‘bae’ 

    I think it sounds weird. Do you? 

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating3 days ago
  • Why do my neighbors LOVE violent dogs? ?

    Pit bulls are everywhere in my neighborhood. On each side of us is two neighbors that has pit bulls and other violent dogs such as a Doberman pincher or a mastiff.

    I don’t ever see a neighbor with just an ordinary dog?

    Our houses are separated by a chain link fence. Each houses backyard is boxed by a chain link fence. 

    When I have to go near the fence to mow or something like that the dog is angrily growling, barking and hopping up and down that side of the fence and trying to dig underneath the fence. The dog manages to put his paws on the top of the fence and barks viciously. 

    Sometimes I would go out to my car and the dog would charge through our yard to my car and I would quickly shut the door.

    The neighbors are possibly druggies. Drugs are really big in my neighborhood for some strange reason just about every neighbor is on something. 

    I even have random people coming to

    My house asking for any medicine that I had available on me, he didn’t want it for rightful purposes but for something to get high on. I refuse and they move on. 

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  • Can someone give me some sort of advice on how can I talk to the women where I live? ?

    I live in south Louisville Kentucky

    I walk up to any woman and try to talk to her, the first time around she may give me small talk. The next time around she will come to me with a random guy or a guy group, and then when I try to talk to her that guy would bud in and say something incendiary and smart aleck to me, heckle me when I try to talk to her, answer me for her in a curt way or make fun of the way I talk or the way I am to her in front of me. If I continue to ignore that guy and talk to her the guy would begin to get angry and aggressive and get in my face and say something incendiary and smart aleck to me.

    She will make it a point that she is around those guys when I come near her and those guys get all over me when I attempt to interact with her.

    This keeps happening what should I do? 

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating4 days ago
  • If you drink 3 to 4 jack n’ cokes will you have liver disease? ?

    If you drink a lot of jack n’ coke will you have liver disease?

    3 AnswersOther - Diseases4 days ago
  • Why can animals eat forbidden things and not get sick and we humans would get sick if we ate anything forbidden? ?

    If we pounced on an animal and bit our teeth into it while it was still living and ripped its flesh apart and ate it while it was still breathing and suffering, we would get sick,

    When an animal does this they never get sick and they usually do instinctively.

    If we drink a puddle of stagnated water we will contract cholera and die.

    When animals do this they never die.

    1 AnswerOther - Pets4 days ago
  • Why does every single women I live have f***k boys? ?

    I live in south Louisville Kentucky. All the women where I live that are single tends to be in this tremendous guy gang or guy group.

    Usually if you try to talk to one of them very soon a guy would show up Around her and say something incendiary and smart aleck or heckle you when you try to talk to her or he would answer you for her in a curt way. He would make fun of the way you talk or the way you are to her right in front of you. 

    He would begin to get more stupid when you continue to try to talk to or Have something to do with her.

    If you say anything to her, and she takes you out of turn on anything you say, a army of guys would ‘appear’ and begin to harass you and bully you and try to start stuff with you. She would have said something to them that caused them to jump onto you. 

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating5 days ago
  • When my neighbors trash their yard and I keep mine clean, what can I do? ?

    My two neighbors on both sides of my house lets their yard go.

    One neighbor on one side of my house keeps a heap of trash in his back yard which in turn is attracting rats.

    The neighbor on the other side of my house just has trash laying around scattered on his yard.

    It blows onto my yard and I pick it up with gloves and throw it away.

    What can I do? 

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape6 days ago
  • How can I talk to a women when they do this to me?

    Whenever I attempt to talk to a woman around where I live, the first time around she might give me small talk, the next time around a guy would appear around her and begin to get smart with me when I try to talk to her, he will heckle me when I try to talk to her, he would answer me for her in a curt way, he would make fun of the way I talk and the way I am to her right in front of my face. She would stand their quiet, not objecting him.

    The guy would get more stupid when I try to talk to her, as standing up and getting in my face saying something incendiary and smart aleck to try to cause a fight with me.

    What should I do?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating6 days ago
  • What would you do when you die and go to hell?

    You die in your sleep and you come flying up out of your dead body, and go into hell.

    You are set in a location in hell, it is very dark /dimly lit and rocky looking. The heat is very intolerable. You are met up with these redneck looking guys who tell you that they are your tormenters. They start beating you up senseless and harassing you. They seem to taunt you and tell you the things you did on earth which was the cause of your punishment down in hell. They reveal themselves to be demons, and they chain you up and dip you into a lake of flowing lava and out. You realize you cannot die but you will feel all the pain and then regenerate and no longer die. The redneck looking demons then throws spears into you and they go right through your flesh, you feel every bit of it and then you rejuvenate since you can no longe die. 

    everyday forever and ever you are going through amples of tortures. 

    These demons won't reason with, neither bargain with you neither show you a bit of mercy. 

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 days ago
  • Colonel Sanders taught my grandpa gun safety, so he didn't just run KFC?

    My grandpa told me that he and a couple of people were instructed to go into a room with a man, and that man was Colonel Sanders. Colonel Sanders talked to my grandpa and a group of others in that room about gun safety.

    My grandpa told me that he at the time didn't have his restaurant up and going yet.