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I have several axes to grind. =-)

  • I am seeing a psychic for the first time this week. What should I ask her?

    I was told to come up with questions and I don't know how specific to be. Can you ask, "What is my purpose in life?" Or do you need to be more direct, like, "When will I be married?" And please don't berate me for going to a psychic; I'm a skeptic by nature but I'm going with a friend and I've decided to be open to the expeience.

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  • What food do you miss most since becoming vegan and have you veganized an adequate substitute?

    I used to miss Doritos pretty bad, but then I started making Faux-Ritos...

    I make baked corn tortilla chips and then sprinkle them with nutritional yeast and taco seasoning. They are totally delicious and way more nutritious.

    Being vegan rules!

    So what have you done to curb your omni cravings?

    12 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan1 decade ago
  • Why won't my avatar change on Answers?

    I started on Yahoo with the avatar you currently see. I then wanted to change my avatar to look more like how I look now. So I went to the avatar section, made my changes and saved them. So now (it's been weeks actually) my avatar in Yahoo Answers is the the same one I've had all along. It's not reflecting the changes I made. But when I go to the Avatar page, it shows the new one. Why aren't they the same?

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  • Cool jobs in Portland, OR?

    I am considering relocating to Portland in January. I haven't started down any specific career path yet, so I'm open to change. But I'm really looking for something that reflects my interests: I am a vegan, I am hoping to eventually study nutrition and health, I am interested in food (obviously), fashion, writing, politics, wellness, spirituality, and the environment. Does anyone have any suggestions for careers I may pursue relating to these areas, or (more importantly) does anyone have any Portland contacts that may be able to offer me a positions relating to any of the above. I have a BA in English, as far as credentials go. Thanks!

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