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  • There's a song in Hawaii that accompanies hula dancers. It goes Naughty hula hands Naughty hula hand?

    There's a song in Hawaii that accompanies hula dancers. It goes Naughty hula hands Naughty hula hands... I remember the tune, but the words, like gone. I did find a song entitled, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE HANDS, but that's not it. Anybody out there got a clue?

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  • Potty train a parakeet?

    You read it right. Can a parakeet be potty trained? My grand daughter brought home a budgie, and he's grown up. He flies around freely, and poops wherever and whenever the mood comes upon him. No place is sacred. With a dog its owner puts his nose close up on its litter, shouts a heartfelt "no! no!", swats it's rear end and the message usually gets through. With a cat, all I did was collect some of its toilet droppings, put it in its Kitty Litter, cover it with a little bit of sand, and the cat got the message. Once was enough. Our parakeet doesn't have a nose. Just two holes on top of its beak. As for a butt, go ahead you try to find one. I looked, and have come to the conclusion that bird are buttless. Now you understand my dilemma. And I ask again with deep humility, Can a parakeet be toilet trained? And if it can, "How?"

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  • Bagels. How much do they cost in the USA?

    About $1.50 is what one goes for here in Japan. They have been seen showcased for $1.80. And, they don't exactly taste like the bagel sandwiches made with cream cheese and lox that we get back home. Kind of white breadish if you get my drift. So OK, one bagel in the USA, about how much will it cost?

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  • Has anyone out there experienced a botched spinal fusion?

    How are you managing your post-op lives? I have to sleep on a reclining chair, because a flat bed causes much pain and very little rest. Docs tell me there is very little they can do. Maybe yes/maybe no. I'd like to hear what others are doing about pain. Opiate derived drugs leave me heavy, slow witted, and constipated. And for the record, I visit an orthopedic doctor once a week. Right, both he and I are disappointed. Your experience, please?

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  • Fundamental religion?

    It was five years ago when I was recovering from a botched spinal fusion. About 3 weeks post-op a missionary entered my room. He introduced himself, ask asked if I would receive his blessing. "Absolutely" came my reply. He then asked me, "Do you believe that every word in the bible is the absolute truth?" My distress was greater that my integrity, and I lied and told him "yes". Well I received a humongous blessing, and he left never to be seen again. I believe in God, I am not an atheist. But, I do not believe that every word in the bible is the absolute truth. About about that my brothers and sisters out there? How would you answer that question?

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  • What do you think about Carnival in Brazil?

    I don't understand it. What does jumping around as naked as the participants can legally get and doing the samba have to do with Jesus Christ? The same goes for those mardi gras held though out the world. The USA"s New Orleans is another orgy celebrating Pre Lent and our Lord's accent to heaven. He must be disgusted with the display.


    Simply neither impressed nor turned on.

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  • Is there a root connection between the word virgin and virtuous?

    If there is a scholar out there (especially one who specializes in Greek and ancient Aramaic) please give this question very careful consideration. What I am referring to is The Virgin Mary or The Virtuous Mary? If virtuous can be misinterpreted for virgin it would put things in the proper perspective. The ancient scribes took liberties with the bibles they copied. Could this be one of them?

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  • Is there any way to stop the Viagra hawkers?

    They along with the penis elongation specialists are aggressive SOBS. They are unashamed, and it seems as if there is no way of stopping them. Your advice will be keenly appreciated. Thanks. Mike

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  • I gotta question concerning the Lone Ranger's buddy Tonto.?

    OK, can anyone out there translate the word "kimosabe"? It probably means friend, but it might even mean "masked white honky". Joking, sorry. Also, what tribe did Tonto spring from? I anxiously await resolution to these two vital mysteries. Mike

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  • What happens when you hit the jack pot?

    It was recently reported that a group of 10 individuals pooled their money and collectively gambled on the lottery. Three hundred million dollars was won and shared equally among them. My question is, - How much will each one of the paticipants get after local, state, and federal taxes?

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  • I have under gone back surgery and can no longer walk more than about 15 - 20 yards.?

    I am looking for a device that I have begun to see frequently on TV. This bike moves under its own power. It has two wheels that are situated on the right and left side of the driver. Balance is automatically controlled by some kind of gyroscopic apparatus. A person stands upright on a pedestal, and controls direction, sped, and braking with hand controls much like those on a standard bicycle or motor cycle. These controls are situated on a pole that's about shoulder high.

    Please, what is the name of this cycle, where can one of them be purchased, and about how much do they cost? Like, it would be great to get out of the house. A wheel-chair doesn't do it. Propelling myself is pretty hard because my condition is arthritic. By-the-way, I can stand and these cycles move slowly. About as fast as a person walks.

    This is critically important and I thank you for your very kind consideration.

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  • Religious, non-denominational, agnostic, atheist?

    A person doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the Bibles erroneous mathematics. Like the 6 days and seventh day He rested bit. All that done, when? Then there's the story - a la the Discovery Channel and/or The National Geographic gig - the the entire universe from here to there was so dense that it was the size of a ball that could fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Which way to go? Both accounts are incredulous. The seven day bit would have you repent at the stake. And that practice lasted for thousands of years right up to about 200 years ago. Please, some intelligent opinions would be keenly appreciated. Really, it will be good to hear from you.

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  • I gotta question that's running 'round the back roads of my mind.?

    Yes, I surely do. Let me begin by averring that it has been my custom to read the daily newspaper from the front page to the back. Most folks consider me to be a fairly well informed person. You know, like up on things. So, - When did Bombay become Mumbai? That city has been Bombay all my life, and believe me when I tell you that was many moons ago. Man, did this one ever slip by me. What with the tragic terrorist attack that has been given extensive coverage in the news media my first question was, Where the hell was Mumbai? My wife didn't know either. So will some informed Guru out there educate me as to when Bombay became Mumbai? And maybe even why? Mike

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  • Has anyone out there ever experienced a flood of spam after interacting with this ANSWERS blog?

    I got into regular correspondence to questions asked in Yahoo's ANSWERS blog which resulted in receiving an enormous amount of spam addressed from myself to myself. The junk mailers made it impossible to find out where the spam mail was coming from. I stopped interacting with ANSWERS and the spam stopped. I would really like to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem, if it is inadvertently generated by the ANSWERS program, and what can be done about it. Thank you. Mike

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  • Has anyone out there ever heard of the neo-nazi Dr. Herbert Poincette? Rumor has it that he died. Is it true?

    Dr. Herbert Poincette conducted his business mostly in central and south Florida. He was a chiropractor, but couldn't practice his profession due to his failure to pass Florida's state board examination. Never mind, he was a dedicated white supremacist and hated everything that fell outside of his frame of reference. I knew him, and believe me he was a menace. Someone recently told me that he died. What I'd like to know is when, where, and how? Why do I ask? Simple, morbid curiosity. Mike

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  • What about the Covenant with Abraham?

    Yes, what about it? Well, one assurance that the Covenant is alive and very much viable is the rite of circumcision. You know, there is an urban legend that claims that circumcised males do not pass on the bad thingees that cause women to develop cervical cancer. Have you heard that one yet? Well, I checked it out and it is simply not true. In fact it is a lie. I believe the legend was started to justify the mutilation resulting from adherence to the Abraham promise. And what about the CWA? Is it true? Can any of you out there look me straight in the eye and tell me that you know for certain that it is true? I am circumcised and so it is with my son.I have instructed my son that it is not necessary for him to follow through should a son be born to him. Luckily, his first child is a girl. But then I hear that there are some females who also undergo circumcision.This beats all understanding. Final question, - Where do our Moslem cousins stand regarding circumcision? Do they do it too? Mike

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  • Why do religious Jews separate their meat and dairy dishes and utensils?

    I asked this question about an hour ago, and all that came back was a lot of ethnic mumbo jumbo. Moses was a genius. He has influenced our behavior for thousands of years after his death. He must have had a reason for the question I am asking. Please, someone out there, give it a try from a public heath point of view. As for you orthodox believers, I respectfully ask you to take a rest. Thank you. Mike

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