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  • Are you ever unsure if your tear was due to emotion or eye sensitivity ?

    It could go either way. I'm numb so I'm not connected to all of my emotions, idk if it's from staring at a screen or because I'm sad

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  • Does your state have any Covid mandates again? ?

    We have a curfew from 10pm to 5am... Like we are children.

    I have to change my whole schedule now, I used to start work around 10pm. 

    But it's better than a complete lock down all day. 

    I thought these strange times were ending but not yet... 

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  • Did you see anyone you recognized lately ?

    I saw the vice principal from my high school at Target.

    I was looking because I recognized him, but then he was looking at me too. 

    After passing a few times he literally looked straight down at my V. Classy 🙄

    It surprised me and felt so violating... But sexy. I can't pretend lol, he was not shy about it and just the shock and inappropriate feeling turned me on. But then when I passed him again I couldn't even look at him without turning away super quickly. He's probably in his late 30s, men aren't shy at that age, they're really savage. I kind of love it 

    But that was a nice last memory of him, I'll probably never see him again. Lol

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  • Do you ever feel scared you're being watched ?

    I close my drapes even though I doubt anyone can see into my windows 

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  • How do you feel when someone invades your home ?

    God help me. He just made me open the door for him so he could check all the rooms and make sure I don't have some guy hiding up in here wtf. Does he think he's my father? Then he left to go get food. He was here for 2 minutes but will probably come back soon. 

    See he just wants to pretend he's my owner.

    If there was a guy here I wonder what would happen 🤔

    It would have to be someone who could hold his own or I'm just setting up a poor innocent boy to get beat.

    But honestly I think he wants me to have someone here, I think it would excite his testosterone. 

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  • Do you think China unleashed Covid so Biden could win?

    My customer presented this theory to me and I think he is possibly right. 

    Why was Biden paid millions of dollars from China (and Russia)? Biden can't help China unless he's in the White House. And why would they refer to Biden as "the big man" like lol... He was helping them a lot as vice president. 

    Why does Biden have 5 properties? He didn't make all that money being an innocent man in Washington. And also, why must he sniff every girl's hair?

    People who voted for him are weird af, it must be said! 

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸 this isn't over 

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  • What are your two favorite songs at the moment ?

    Love Noah's performance and outfit here, she shined like a star👏

    Youtube thumbnail

    And this one

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Why did he have to say that to me ?

    I was kind of happy because I made good money at work, then my car broke down. My fault for not putting fuel in it, but that's besides the point.

    He drove to help me (I was only 5 mins from my home) and he insulted me after he counted my money. 

    Now I'm lonely and it doesn't even matter how much money I made :(

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  • Do you like songs that tell a sad story?

    Justin Bieber has grown so much in his life, makes me tear up! He has always had a good heart, but the world gave him a hard time. Now he has strong faith to steer him.

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  • What song inspires you right now?

    I think I'd be in a better state of mind if I was single and totally forgot about him.

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  • Why does it say "oops something went wrong" when I click notifications ?

    Am I suspended?

    Are you even reading this? 

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  • Do you ever let people do strange stuff without asking questions ?

    Yesterday this girl at the strip club was staring me down and I'm like hi. Then she asks for my number, my Facebook, and asks to take a picture of me, and I just complied with all of it.

    She looked absolutely crazy in the eyes lol, but I think I met her like 2 years ago at a different club. It's a small world sometimes. 

    She is probably recruiting girls or something, if she's the girl I remember, she was looking for girls to do online stuff. Idk some savage stuff I don't want to get involved in. 

    But honestly her eyes scared me so I just did it 

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  • Was your diabolical plan ruined tonight ?

    Err. I was going to sneak to the strip club for a couple hours and hurry back home just in time for bf to bring restaurant food. That's what I did yesterday.

    But tonight he's coming early ugh. The city is paying my rent because I have Covid-19... At least my bf says so... I hope this isn't a scam. Well I know it's not, but stuff like this never comes easy for me. I have to pretend I have an actual job! In order to qualify. But how do you think I made it in my apartment 😉

    He better not waste my time. Sometimes he says he's coming and takes hours... Hours I could have been spent productively. 

    If he knows I'm working he elects not to see me when I get back... And like I want restaurant food. Ugh my brain never knows what to do

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  • Don't you wish you could make a user disappear if you blocked them?

    There's only one user I want to block but there's no point because you can still see them... Lol

    Also I'm sick of my questions getting reported. I come back wondering what answers were left just to see the question vanished! I write stuff for nothing. I might as well write in diary because at least I can keep it to look back on 

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  • What little things make your day better ?

    Some cute guy with dark curly hair was looking at me in the car, at first I was like "please no "... I'm just scared of confrontation but then I thought why would I not want this, this is exactly what I want??? 🤔

    I've never dated a guy with dark hair but I'd be into that! 

    I just know if he met he would realize I'm effed up lol. 

    He's obviously gone now but if I dont fantasize I will be sad. 

    If I fantasize about my "bf" he will just disappoint me when he sees a girl with a huge butt to stare at. So yes I have to feel happy about other guys

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  • When did you last wonder if another girl likes you ?

    I'm wondering if someone from the same sex likes me.

    I just feel like I caught her looking at me twice at totally random moments and she's not the type to stare really. 

    I never like to just assume this, but other girls have liked me in the past. 

    I feel like I've kissed almost as many girls as guys, and every time it was the OTHER girl initiating it. I've never kissed a girl, they have all kissed me lol. 

    Obviously my first question normally jumps to "is she judging me" but I definitely don't think that's the case lol. 

    Also I should be staying home but yes I leave the house with a mask even though I think I have Covid-19 

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  • Is it weird I wouldn't want to live if I couldn't taste?

    If my taste doesn't come back I honestly won't want to live...

    I know that makes me sound like a fat âss which I'm not, but food is too good to be denied the ability to taste it. 

    😢 I wish I could say I'm exaggerating but I'm not. 

    Covid-19 has taken my taste for only 2 days so far and I can't deal with it. 

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  • What song takes you back to a happy time?

    Wow this takes me back and gives me hope I can maybe feel that way again :)

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  • What is the only reason you go back to him/her?

    I think I like how mean he is because it's a prize when he is nice, and I just like his lap, and his face. But I hate his soul omg how do I separate myself. He's not that great but I'm so attached to him 😢

    He's a bad guy and I like that, why me. 

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  • What do you miss tasting the most?

    Ever since yesterday my taste buds are not working because of Covid-19. 

    It was at 100 before for tasting all the flavors, now it's at 3 :(

    Life is literally so sad not being able to taste anything. It's one joy nobody could ever take from me and it's gone

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