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  • Plastic pellet spring powered air soft guns illegal in NJ without firearms license now? ?

    I remember when I was a kid, my dad and I both got $20 plastic pellet guns at Sports Authority to play with in the back yard. In a bit of nostalgia, I was going to order the same ones for my Dad and I to play with for his birthday. They won’t ship to NJ. Apparently, law says they are considered firearms now and I would require a firearms license.

    Can anyone confirm this? 

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of if it’s true. The things could barely punch through a paper plate on a good day at 2 feet away. Not much more than a cooler nerf gun for teenagers. Couldn’t so much as Leave a mark on your skin at point-blank.

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  • Will windows 7 hold back newer hardware?

    It tells me my cpu is not supported on windows 7. It makes me wonder. Windows 7 is pretty old. It’s the only one I’ve ever really used and I’m not a big fan of change, but is it holding back my computer? 

    1 AnswerSoftware2 months ago
  • Can you plug in two hard drives to transfer data? ?

    My friends grandmothers computer won’t turn on. She wants me to get photos and a few files off of it. Can I just take out the hard drive, put it in my working computer alongside my hard drive and transfer the stuff over to a disk? 

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  • Praying mantises as a pet to get rid of Unwanted spiders? ?

    I hate spiders. I hate them very much. They always seem to find my room as a lovely place to stay however. My bed seems to be one of their favorite places to go, despite that not usually being a popular place for spiders in general. 

    I like praying mantises. They’re neat and are the only bug that does not bother me. Could I solve my spider problem by having 1 or 2 praying mantises have a walk around my room every once in a while?

    Get a some small containers each with a praying mantis and maybe a few times a week just let them free in my room for a while. I assume I’d still have to feed them occasionally as I would a conventional pet as well.  

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  • Why do things seem to happen at the worse possible time?

    I don’t really believe in luck, but recently I’ve been thinking of getting a horseshoe or four leafed clover. 

    Things just always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times.

    Package you ordered being out for delivery for 3 days that needs signing on delivery? Your damn right that it will come during the 5 minutes your on the toilet. During the last 2 days you’ve spent sitting at home waiting, always having someone available to run down and sign? No. The exact worse moment when you are the only one around and are incapacitated. 

    If that example seems a little specific, it’s because it just happened to me 10 minutes ago.

    Should I go buy a rabbits foot? 

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  • In The X-Men Animated series, who pays for the property damage caused by sentinels?

    I watched it as a kid because my dad had them recorded on VHS and never thought about it (who does?), but sentinels cause an awful lot of property damage for really remedial tasks. They just walk into the street and crush up the pavement. 

    Who pays for all that?

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  • Would it be alright to leave my PS3 on pause while I go to sleep? ?

    Yeah I still play my PS3. I’m at a high round in COD BO1 zombies, but I’m tired as heck. Is there any reason leaving the game on pause while I go to bed could damage anything? 

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  • Epic Games launcher and Fortnite make my computer really slow and I don’t understand it. Anyone know why? ?

    I have a Radeon 590, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and a newer intel i5 (7600k I think). The game and launcher do not even make a dent in my memory or cpu usage, but it tanks my performance so badly. Chrome doesn’t respond and everything breaks. 

    I’ve had steam installed for years with no problem. I could have games like hoi4 or rust open and still open a few chrome tabs and mess about with my files. 

    Why is epic games just about as demanding as steam, but makes my computer unusable? 

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games7 months ago
  • Would you know if you had a bug in your ear?

    I’m a little bit of a hypochondriac. I have a wax issue sometimes, my ear canals are not very wide so it builds up sometimes and I need to do the old peroxide and water bit occasionally. Recently, I can hear less good in my right ear and it occasionally feels like something is moving in there. I feel like if I went to my doctor, he’d just dismiss it and I would feel awful silly if he looks in there and there’s nothing there. Would you know for certain if you had a bug in your ear just by feeling it? 

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  • What should I do about one of my friends no longer talking to me?

    One day a few months back nearly a full year, one of the two very close friends I have decided he would cut off my other friend and I. We’ve all mutually known each other since elementary school. We are now juniors in college. I know, I’m a dude, I’m not supposed to get all worked up over stuff, but I thought this man a brother to me. We went though all the phases and fads together. I can honestly say I love this man like family (same goes for my other remaining friend). Despite our childhoods consisting nearly entirely of being around each other, he just blocked us on social media after months of cryptic nonsense and dancing around our questions. From what we’ve heard he’s taken on a new personality and it hanging around with people he and the rest of our group were never very fond of. My friend and I are nearly clueless as to why he seems cryptically angry with us and has taken on this new social life. We miss our friend and we’re both worried about him, but whenever we try to talk to him he rejects us and replies with the same cryptic bull as before. Should we just forget about him? (It’s impossible, half of everything we say is an inside joke between the 3 of us). Should we keep pestering him? Should we leave him alone for a while? Our parents know each other to a limited extent, should we try to get them involved? I miss my friend. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • At the end of the Second World War, why were there still so many groups of German soldiers that kept fighting?

    There was no way that (insert stereotypical German name here) and his 15 closest buds were going to repel the entirety of the allied forces. That being said, for whatever reason, you always hear story after story of the remnants of SS divisions continuing to fight to the bitter end, attempting against all logic to offensively take objectives that even if by miracle were taken, they would have no hope of holding. Especially on the western front, why?

    9 AnswersHistory2 years ago
  • Brain eating amoeba in New Jersey tap water?

    I flushed out my sinuses yesterday night using just a bit of tap water. Due to its helpfulness I researched how to do it properly to better effect. In my research I found that people have died from doing the same thing I had done in other states. Apparently this amoeba can be found in tap water and enteres through the sinuses. Every article I have found saying that New Jersey is so far clear o the amoeba are from several years ago. Should I be worried?

    1 AnswerOther - Health3 years ago
  • Who killed Jesus?

    (I speak historically only. I have no interest in your personal religious beliefs)

    I have heard that "Jews" were responsible for killing Jesus. I have also heard it was the Roman emperor that killed of Jesus. Which is it? I am fairly ignorant of this. Someone please explain.

    10 AnswersReligion & Spirituality3 years ago
  • I have several questions in regards to the historical accuracy of Roman units in Rome 2. Where do legionaries fit in, etc?

    So I know that the Roman military originally used a hoplite heavy military but soon switched to the maniple system and after that moved on to cohorts. The game doesn t allow for the first phase of hoplites but you start off with the maniple system with all the relevant military units.

    The confusion for me starts at legionaries. They aren t cohorts but they aren t a part of the maniple system either, so what are they? What also are the first cohort and eagle cohort? What historic significance do these 3 units hold?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games3 years ago
  • How to speak out against local state laws?

    NJ changes the smoking age to 21. Myself and many others strongly disagree. How does one have themself heard?

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • What would happen if you don t put in the windows 7 product key after installation?

    I had "upgraded" my laptop to windows 10 from its default windows 7 and it made it slow and unusable. I had a windows 7 install disk so I figured I may as well reinstall windows 7 using the key on the laptop. Long story short; after hours of relocating all the drivers I need, I am promted with a window that tells me my key was invalid. The key on the bottom of the laptop doesn t work apparently.

    7 AnswersSoftware3 years ago
  • Why am I still having Fallout 4 FPS problems when inside buildings even though I upgraded from a GTX 750 to a GTX 1060?

    Outside I can be on ultra without even a minor fps drop. As soon as I go inside, I can be on low settings and still I drop to 8 FPS. Why?

    1 AnswerAdd-ons3 years ago
  • Is it worth upgrading from 2x4 8GB RAM to 12GB by adding another 2x2 4GB RAM?

    I have 8GBs of ram but was wondering if the upgrade of an extra 4GBs would make a difference in games and or response time. Should I get another 2x2 or shouldI spring the extra money for another 2x4?

    5 AnswersDesktops3 years ago
  • Does cutting off blood circulation from the neck up cause any perminant damage?

    If someone were to per say hold a rope or something around they re neck fairly tight until a mouth numbness, colorful flashes, a choking feeling... would that cause brain damage?

    2 AnswersOther - Health3 years ago
  • What does mouth sores after mouth wound mean?

    I ve been getting mouth sores for 2 years. I just started to realize the pattern. Every so often I will bite my lip or something I eat will cause a scratch in my mouth somewhere. 2 days later a mouth sore will take its place. Instead of healing the wound becomes a sore. What could this be? My doctor seemed clueless and gave me some anti viral pills a few mounted ago.

    1 AnswerDental3 years ago