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  • Using Antihistamines to sleep to block lucid dreams - Advice/Suggestions?

    So this is likely going to meet with a lot of troll answers, but oh well. Here goes. I know I could see a therapist but this sounds so odd that I am not sure I want to go that route just yet. Here's the thing. I am a lucid dreamer.Not repeat dreams or fantasies, just very lucid. I remember them. Ever single night.  I know that a lot of it stems from my past and some regrets (things left undone or unsaid and the other in question is dead now etc), however, when I am awake I am fine. But I dread the continued dreams enough that I have begin taking standard antihistamine blockers (allergy meds)- just to sleep without remembering my dreams every single time.  I don't even have allergies. It has just got to that point. I have tried to work out my past and' let it go' but while i am awake, it is gone. No reliving or remembering unless someone else brings t up, at all.  But ever single night my sub conscious apparently loves to go skinny dipping there. Any advise, other than ' see a therapist and take this expensive and prescription only medicine that will turn you into a zombie 24/7"?  Again I know a therapist may be the option to go with, bu ti'd like to try other things first.  Also. please don't toss Jesus as me- we never got on. Thank you in advance (though I know someone will ignore this). 

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  • What is the modern day cure for the black death?

    I am curious: What is the modern day cure or treatment for those afflicted with the bubonic plague? (I would also like to know if this differs from the treatment for pnuemonic plague, for those who may know). Obviously, vaccines are the go-to for severe infectious diseases. I have never however heard of a specific vaccine for either bubonic or pnuemonic plague, and would be curious to know what vaccine, if any, exists to prevent this, along with treatments to cure someone who may be infected with it. I do NOT need a list of treatments from days of yore as these are numerous on the net and well recorded historically.

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  • Severe sweating when inactive-what is going on?

    If I exercise, do a long hard high impact hour plus workout- I do NOT sweat. If however I sit, do nothing, don't stress out, just lounge-I will be drenched under my arms through my shirt in under 10 minutes. Basically: What is wrong with my system? If it helps, this has gone from occasional (maybe once a month to every single moment of my life! Also, I have not gone through menopause and have no symptoms of approaching it yet.

    Also no, I won't use WebMD to self diagnose because it will probably show some terminal illness result as it seems prone to do to practically any question. I also realize there can be many causes, so I would like to know the most common so I could try a process of elimination at least.

    It is to the point it is interfering with my quality of life if I can use prescription strength antiperspirant every ten minutes and not even leave my couch and STILL be drenched in less than 10 minutes. Not only is this a fun social obstacle at this point, but its ruining my sleep and everything else. So any true insight would be appreciated.

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  • Best solid foods to eat when you have severe Bronchitis (Viral acute variety)?

    Okay so I have a severe case of Bronchitis (occupational hazard). As this is a viral strain antibiotics will be of no use, so lots of rest (ie, no work for 7-10 days approx), fluids, etc. Got all that. I also have cough drops of eucalyptus to help stop the burning, along with drinking warm water with pure honey mixed in.

    My question is, does anyone have any foods in mind-solids-that are good to recommend for this (I am allergic to fish and cannot stand spinach, and already know to avoid cheese or other 'mold' products when sick). So, ideas, thoughts?

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  • laptop overheats when playing a game?

    Hey all- my laptop is about 3 years old, and it works fine -I can surf the net, watch movies etc-but if I play a game (all of which used to run without a single problem), now caused my laptop to overheat after 30 minutes, to the point the plastic even feels almost burning hot to the touch. However, it stays at a perfectly fine temperature the rest of the time.

    Does anyone know what has caused this issue, how I can fix it? I certainly do not want my laptop to burn out.

    My laptop is a a ASUS Notebook K40ID/K50ID ,

    WIndows 7 64-bit op system with a Nvidia Geforce 320M 1 GB graphics card. All the parts are the original factory, nothing has been replaced on it.

    Please advise in a way that even a layman could understand. Thank you all in advance!

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  • Will Portal 2 work on with nvidia geforce 320m?

    Wanting to buy this game, but I want to know if it will run on my comp first-is my graphics card up to snuff for it? Portal 2 requires NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or greater. However I have a a laptop and it uses a different geforce series. So, for those in the know, will my nvidia geforce 320m work with this game?

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  • Was the moon brighter in appearance before civilization or darker?


    Was the moon brighter before civilization which, due to unnatural lighting at night, makes it harder to see celestial bodies


    Was it darker/harder to see because there was less reflective light to bounce off of it's surface?

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  • what causes a person to talk in their sleep?

    My mother has started talking in her sleep. Even short naps are now full of nonsense words, entire sentences, or other such things. She never used to do this at all. It started off and on about three years ago. These days she talks almost constantly without being awake.

    She has woken herself many times with the amount of sound she makes, and is aware of the problem. My question is from a medical standpoint, what causes this to happen (or what are the most common reasons), and is there any way to stop it?

    Thanks in advance to all who help us find a solution to this issue!

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  • multiple author horror series featuring work by Peter Straub ?

    asking this for a good friend of mine, please assist!

    Back in high school ('90s), I practically devoured the school library. After reading all of R.L. Stine, I moved onto another set of horror books that were (in retrospect) probably meant for an older crowd. I think the set had "Fear" or "Chills" in the title and it was a bunch of horror books by different authors. I only remember the name of one of the books: Julia by Peter Straub. I know another one of the books was about cabin fever and a family who gets stuck in a vacation home.

    I know some of you guys read books, so if any of this sounds familiar, please let me know.

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  • Henry VIII tapestry copies?

    I would very much like to buy a full size rendition of the" Triumph of the Gods" tapestry-this is the name given to two of Henry the VIII's tapestries that still survive today. These are HUGE pieces.

    Obviously, the real ones can never be owned by any outside the royal family and are used to educate. I would however love to find a copy of them for sale.

    If anyone has a idea of where I could get one or both of these remake pieces, please let me know!

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