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  • Needing advice?

    If you been with someone for 3 years and y'all have never had sex, foreplay and barely kiss what would you think? He gives me every excuse in the book to why we don't he says because his family is always around. But idk. Then he treats me as if he loves me then theres days where he treats me as if i dont matter and talks to me like ****. But keeps wanting to get an apartment with me. Then was wanting to go to the same college after we transfer community college but now wants to go to a different college than me.

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  • ??????? Advice?

    Is it normal to have times where i feel like ive got nothing to say to my boyfriend...i feel like sometimes theres nothing to say and were just quiet and we been together 2yrs and i feel like maybe its the chemistry fading but im not sure.

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  • Question for the women out there?

    If your boyfriend is watching a show and you just barely ask him do you wanna go eat as in go downstairs and eat not go somewhere.. and he flat out tells you dont interrupt me how would you take it? & you only asked because you took some medicine that'll make you sick if you don't eat with it. Cause i wanted to smack the **** out of him.

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  • Birth control question?

    Been using birth control for awhile went from depo shot to the pills i also have a heart problem have had it for yrs and the heart dr recently found an episode of atrial flutter. And that im at risk for a stroke. Was thinking of stopping my birth control cause i know it can cause stroke.and thinking that the atrial flutter might of came from it. Im only 26. What is another method i can use to not get pregnaut besides condoms, the pill and shot, something without hormones.

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  • What a great Christmas?

    So all day today my bf has done nothing but be on his phone and not really talk to me and been going to the restroom with his phone and spending forever in there. I ask him are u gonna talk to me he says "i got nothing to say.." so idk i just feel weird. I just want to move back to where im from we dont even have sex he says he dont want to get me pregnant so i got on birth control and still nothing. Then he says he dont know how to initiate sex. He says hes not a virgin but i feel he is he says hes been with 3 girls. Theres no romance we hardly even kiss. The relationship is just weird to me i feel like i live with a friend i kiss every once in awhile. He says he loves me every night but idk.

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  • Curious??

    Ive been with my bf for a year and some months we havent had sex the entire time we been together or any type of foreplay. He says its cause he dont want to get me pregnant so i got on birth control and still nothing. Then i ask why and he tells me are u sure theyre working. I tell him yes. Then the other day he tells me he dont know how to initiate sex. I feel hes a virgin but yet says hes been with 3 girls

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  • nice?

    Ok my boyfriend is only wanting to work at places where he sees attractive females and wont take other jobs. Its starting to get to me. Not sure what to think by it. If theres not attractive chicks there that i see him keep eyeing he wont try to work there. Hes already talked to a female behind my back when we were datung long distance where he had once worked. Dont want that to happen again elsewhere

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  • ?? Tattoo idea?

    Thinking about getting a hello kitty tattoo on the back of my neck good or bad idea

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  • Ladies i have a ?

    Ive been with my dude for a year and a half all he wants to do everyday all day is play xbox. It gets old. Im a gamer as well but i feel like thats all our life revolves around. Also, theres no sex in our relationship which is weird to me I hardly feel affection from him and that all he cares about is himself. Hes also a stubborn little asshole yes i said it i feel like everythings his way or the highway. I feel like im to the point where i dont care about the relationship anymore and i want to move on. I feel distant in the relationship. Idk what to do. I used to feel like i wanted it and i cared for him but i feel like those feelings are slipping away.

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  • Gamer girls opions only?

    I have a question my boyfriend likes to teabag on xbox but i noticed it to be with girls lately and he likes to do it when he thinks I'm not looking. I feel like this is flirtacious and disrespectful. & when i say im not ok with him doing that to girls he gets SUPER offensive and says he can do what he wants stop trying to control him. But i just feel hurt and disrespected

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  • Gamer peeps only?

    Ok i have a question even if it sounds stupid to some people im 26 my bf is 24 my bf likes to game alot and i noticed he likes to tea bag girls on xbox and follow them around and flirt and this bothers me i find it disrespectful to me especially when im right by him playing a game as well and hes thinking im not paying attention. Then when i look up and say are u teabagging her hes like yea cause i can. Sounds sarcastic and assholish to me.

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  • Honest answers?

    Me and my boyfriend been together for a year and i feel like my hearts not in the relationship anymore and the spark is gone. I love him but my heart doesnt feel in it. If i even glance to see what hes reading on his phone he gets mad. I noticed hes more angrier towards me lately. When we were both working the relationship was great now that we both quit our jobs and hes trying to get into college everything has changed. I feel like we dont do anything together even when were home hes always on his phone browsing. I feel lonely and wanna cry idk if i should move on or stay. Help please

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  • Honest answers only?

    Is it possible to be in a relationship and love that person but feel like your hearts not in it anymore? Cause i feel like that and idk what to do.

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  • Honest answers only?

    Ok so i started working with my boyfriend not too long ago and ever since then theres been these females ******* with me and giving me **** and also flirting with my dude and making my job almost unbearable. Come to find out cause i did some digging that their brother is friends with my bf and my bfs brother. I find this weird and dont trust my bf. Because they told me they dont know my bf and my bf said he dont know them.

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  • Need help?

    Me and my boyfriend got into an argument because we were in my car and I was driving and he asked me to roll up the window so no one sees his face and I told him my AC don't work and it's hot in here and he goes idc roll yours down. Then starts being persistent to roll the window up so people don't see him. I took it offensive and hurtful and was basically thinking he didn't want someone to see him with me or he has another girl and don't want that person to see he has I wrong for being mad? Cause he got real offensive and hype and called me paranoid. But I just told him how it came off that way.

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  • Guys opinions?

    Been with my boyfriend since july 3rd of 2015..havent once had sex yet we tried with condoms but as soon as he put the condom on he would go limp then got discouraged to have sex with me..i tried to give him oral and could not seem to get him off..idk what to do never had this prob before. Does he not want me? And theres no foreplay at all not even with me..And when i try to move his hand down on me he just goes babeee. And its like i can touch him and get him hard but he never attempts to sleep with me. Idk what to do.

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  • Attachment image

    Can anyone tell me how much these rims could be worth?

    They're 20" inch rims on my 99' Mitsubishi eclipse rs

    6 AnswersMitsubishi5 years ago
  • Car loses power?

    Went and spent $300 buying a new alternator and battery cause oreillys told me I needed them and for some reason when I try to start my car it barely starts and then completely loses power.. Not sure what's wrong. Took it to a mechanic here where I live and they couldn't find the problem they tried hooking a car computer up but it wouldn't pick up my car for some reason so now they want me to take it elsewhere. I drive a 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse rs 2.0 4cyl

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • Bought a new battery and car still won't start?

    Oreillys told me I had a bad battery so I went out and bought a one and it still won't start it tries to but then just loses power. Idk what could be the problem

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • Boyfriend won't have sex with me?

    Been dating this guy on and off for 4 years and it was long distance then he came here in July of this year and there hasn't been any intimacy. I want sex but I feel like he doesn't. He gets hard but don't have sex with me I don't know why but it's starting to bother me. We tried 3 times to have sex with a condom but after he'd put the condom on his dick would go soft. So he stopped trying to have sex with me. & for some reason I can't give him off by giving him oral. I feel like he doesn't want me or something. I just can't seem to figure any of this out.

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