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    bugs plz help!?

    What are these !?

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  • Tiny Bugs in the house! Need Bug ID !?

    I'v put out sticky pads in my house. Every sticky pad has caught 50-100 very small bugs! The bugs are about the size of a grain of sand. I have never seen these bugs alive walking around, I have only seen them dead on the sticky pads. All I can see is that they have legs and antennas, which I know doesn't help much. Please help me identify these things so I can get rid of them!! Any any suggestions on how to kill them too would be great.

    Thank you internet <333

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    Swollen foot for over 15 years?

    My dad, 55, has had A swollen foot for over 15+ years. Cardiac Drs say it may be because the vain doesn't return the blood correctly. This only happens in one foot. 

    He is 6'2 230lbs. He seems mostly healthy. 

    Does not smoke. I just thought id ask the all wise internet! Thanks fam. 

    1 AnswerHeart Diseases3 months ago