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  • Update: My daughter who swung at me yesterday has since apologized via text message. Her message reads as follows...?

    "My actions yesterday were outrageous and down right disgusting and i apologize. I wouldn't want my child acting that way after being their only support system that's how they decide to interact with me? It's down right wrong. I do want to state that as i've already stated before I feel hated in this house which has an effect on me as a whole to where I am stuck in a state of sadness and anger because I feel like you will never view me as a person ever again. There's not much more crying and praying I can do if it is what it is. That still leaves no excuse for my behaviour and i'm sorry".

    A little back story last October I became aware that she was making some pretty questionable decisions and it broke my heart...and since then i've honestly had a had time forgiving her.

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