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I was born in 1961, grew up in the Upper Midwest, studied aviation and have worked the past 24 years as a commercial airline pilot. While one of my main concerns in this world is the environment, most people who know me would not call me a tree hugger. I believe that solutions for our world can also create economies, jobs and contribute to our GDP as well as leave behind a good place for our grandchildren to live in, we just need to become aware of it. As Albert Einstein wrote, "The problems facing humanity today cannot be solved by the same level of conciousness that created them." Education is our best tool to accomplish these things.

  • MAC OS upgrade changes to Chrome settings?

    So our Mac has been reminding us for weeks to upgrade to the new IOS. I'm not a computer guy, but my neighbor who is said I should do it. Now my Chrome search criteria has changed dramatically. No matter how accurately I type in something, I have to wade through pages of for pay websites that are just other search engines to find the actual website I'm looking for. It's gotten to be such a waste of time I just surf over to Dogpile . com now to find stuff. Is there a way to change the Chrome settings?

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  • Stock Market Question.?

    Let's say you have reason to believe company XYZ is going to lose an upcoming lawsuit badly and want to sell their stock short. They are currently selling at $50 USD per share. You make a short sale of 200 shares. The lawsuit does go badly, their stock is selling for $35 a couple weeks later. You then have to buy back the 200 shares you sold short, which yield you a profit of $3000. Where does the $3000 actually come from?

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  • Google Maps, where are all the cars?

    How come when I put a route on Google Maps and zoom in, there are never any cars on any freeway or highway in the sattelite image. Do they photoshop out all the cars? Wouldn't there have to be somebody travelling at whatever hour the image is taken?

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  • What are your views on energy production and the environment?

    I don't usually post or read questions under global warming, in my experience, most people under this tab are looking for a fight, not an answer. We live in a home that is powered by the wind and sun for environmental reasons. I'm not concerned about global warming, my theory is that the earth will rebalance itself whatever we do to it, even if it kills all of us in the process.

    Here are two links to articles, one for fossil fuel use, and the other for renewables. Check them out, then post your opinions here. Your opinions, not your complaints about other peoples opinions, there are enough complaints to fill a good size landfill already, and they have accomplished nothing.

    Thanks for your time, Rudydoo

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  • Does anybody know how this latest craigs list scam works?

    I have listed a couple small household items and within minutes I get offers from people that never correct grammar to overnight a certified check to me and they will arrange pickup. I know it's bogus, but how are they scamming people this way?

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  • What do you think of this couples situation, and Yahoo's spin on it?

    This showed up on Y! front page news this week, the story of a frustrated husband who kept a spreadsheet of his wifes reasons for not having sex over several weeks. He sent her a copy of his spreadsheet as she was leaving on a business trip. She read it and posted it on the internet. Now Y! has added their own spin on the couples problems.

    My take? The husbands attempt to communicate with his wife, though awkward and immature, was private. Her response, to post his plea on the internet was inappropriate, it was supposed to be a private matter. Y!'s attempt to make it "interesting" by adding their own cute twist to her spreadsheet responses is a gross misuse of their position as an internet service provider. If it were me in his shoes, I'd leave my spouse in the rear view mirror for posting this on the net, what's your opinion?

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  • Does anybody know what song this is?

    It's an instrumental on a youtube ski edit, if anyone knows the title, or group, or even both that would be great. Thanks, Rudydoo

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Do you think its okay for to post our answers on their website? is apparantly a non profit website advocating proper use of solar power. The way their site works apparently is to clip answers from Y Answers, and use them to answer questions posted to their website without our knowledge or permission. How would you feel about finding one of your answers showing up on their website one day with the preface, "We Answered:" I've been answering questions here for years under the avatar "Rudydoo." Here is a recent post by them, look at my signature at the bottom of "their" answer.

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  • Why are train car wheels transported by semi truck?

    Virtually every forgery in the United States has train tracks connected to them because the quantity and weight of the raw materials used can only be shipped in economically by train or ship. Every facility that makes train cars has to have tracks also, since when the car is built, it needs to roll out of the yard. But every time I drive across state lines, I frequently see new train car wheels and axles loaded on a flat bed trailer being hauled down the highway, which costs way more than shipping them on a train car to the rail yard where the new cars are being built anyway. Does anyone know why they ship them on a truck?

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  • Liberals vs. Conservatives Question Posting Techniques?

    How come liberals always post their wind and solar power questions under, "Green Living," while conservatives always post them under, "Politics?" I've always thought of renewable energy as more of a science than a culture, what do you think?

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  • How to make photos from a digital video camera recording.?

    We have a Sony digital video camera that records on a small magnetic tape. When we watch recordings of our kids sports events, you can pause the recording and the still image on the TV is fantastic! Is there a way to turn these still images into photographs that can be developed at the drug store? I haven't tried taking a picture of the TV screen yet, we're looking for something a little higher tech.

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  • How to build a dirt battery?

    Have you seen the articles online on building a dirt powered battery? If you put a stick of copper and another made of zinc in the ground and water regularly, you can get a voltage out of them. We purchased a hobby sized unit that powers a digital clock with two small flower pots, and it works, but I am trying to build a bigger one in the garden with copper pipes and stuff, but I don't have zinc rods laying around and don't want to spend a lot on it. Anyone tried this? Anyone know what other metals would work other than zinc? I would love to hear your ideas or experiences. Thanks.

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  • Why does my headsail furler halyard bind up?

    We have a roller furler on the jib of our 23' Com-Pac sloop. The halyard runs smooth by itself, and the sail slides smoothly through its track, but when I connect them, the sail goes up about 10 feet and gets harder and harder to pull until it won't move. You can push the headsail up with a long stick easy, and pull the halyard all the way through its travel, but they bind up when connected. How can I fix this?

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  • Why is Christmas on December 25th?

    We celebrate the birth of Jesus on the 25th of December each year. This is the year 2009, which is to say 2009 years since he was born. Was he actually born on the 25th and we decided to wait 7 days to start the calender? Or was Jesus actually born on January 1st and we moved the celebration back 7 days instead?

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