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I am an Asian male from Manila, Philippines. I am a BSC graduate and a retiree...having worked with Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia (a multi national company) for 17 yrs. as a planning & programs analyst. I have worked and made friends with people of different nationalities (U.S., Europeans, Mid easterners, Africans, Asians, etc.), so I know how to interact with them. In the course of my overseas work, I have had the opportunity to travel in different countries, i.e. Singapore (2 x), Hong Kong (13 x), Taiwan (1 x) , Bangkok (2 x), U.S.A. (New York, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, Chicago), and Canada! You won't find me belittling /insulting askers who doesn't know how to express themselves in English. I am a single dad. I have a small convenience store at home to keep me busy. I love chatting in the internet and helping people with their questions here at Yahoo Answers. ================= If you try to add me as a contact, I will block you if you don't allow IMs or Email.

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