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  • Question for Men in America?

    Anyone can answer this, but I'm sure I'd get a better perspective from the men, since this directly effects them. Our American societies have been heavily effected by the #metoo movement (whom have accused all men of being potential rapist)

     resulting in men in the business field being more afraid to conduct business meetings with their female colleagues, or even to coach them, because of the possibility of society misinterpreting their professional relationship as something more than appropriate. I'm a Medical Dispatcher, and I work around a lot of young easily offended women and I almost ran into this problem, all because I stopped giving money to one of my co-workers that I foolishly didn't realize was using me until it was too late. 

    My question is if you're a business man, have you ever had to handle a false sexual assault accusation and if so how did you handle it? 

    Thank you ^_^

    7 AnswersGender Studies9 months ago
  • Help With Buying New Car?

    Does anyone have any experience with a car that has great mileage?

     I'm getting a new or used one and I need to know what brand is best recommended.

    Thank you. 

    5 AnswersBuying & Selling10 months ago
  • Questions for Christians?

    Does anyone truly believe that people who don't believe in a god is subject to eternal torture? If so do they believe they deserve that punishment? Also, how evil are non believers to people of faith?

    14 AnswersReligion & Spirituality10 months ago
  • Question for Christians?

    How do you justify bible verses that you are tackled with from atheists that describes the condoning of the murder and rape of innocent people? And if you're answer implies that the people murder under god are not innocent, then my question is would you commit the same act that god has commanded if you where in his shoes?

    Thank you

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality11 months ago
  • Need Help With Nigerian Song!!!?

    There's this one song I hear from African family reunions that has one woman singing in the chorus and a group of men sing after her. I can't explain it because it's sung in a Nigerian language, but it sounds catchy ad playful. Can someone please help me guess what the song is? If anyone can answer correctly I'll ask 5 more random questions and automatically vote for their answer. Thank you ^_^

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  • best art agencies in charlotte?

    does anyone know the best art agencies in charlotte? the ones that pay the most

    1 AnswerOther - Arts & Humanities8 years ago
  • marvel vs capcom 3 help?

    does anyone know how to use chun li's continuous air, or ground combo?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • What's wrong with my brain?

    Every time i think about what to say before i say it, i will always mix up the words that comes out of my mouth. When i have so much to say, i end up accidentally leaving words out, it's like i'm trying to formulate a full sentence in my head and end up leaving some words out, or mixing them.

    Please help me :(

    3 AnswersPsychology9 years ago
  • What website to find courageous?

    What website can I find the 2011 courageous movie? Someone plz help, 10 points for best answer!!

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  • Course registration question?

    Do you have to take biology in order to take chemistry in high school? or do you have to take algebra 2 first?

    1 AnswerStandards & Testing9 years ago
  • it came upon a midnight clear?

    "It came upon a midnight clear"...there's a christian pop, or rock version but i dont know the artist..i heard on the radio from newlife 91.9..all i can say is at the end of the song, children were repeating 'hear the angels sing, hear the angels sing'...can someone tell me who is the artist? thank u ^_^

    1 AnswerOther - Music10 years ago
  • Any websites you can look for the title of a book?

    Does anyone know any website where they can look for a title of a book? this is really important...pleaze tell me...

    thank u ^ _ ^

    6 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • Hear the angels sing christmas song!!!?

    I dont knw what the songs called, but it has children singing during in end...they're all repeating 'Hear the angels sing, hear the angels sing, HEAR the angels sing, HEAR the angels sing'..can anyone help me out, i've been lookin for this answer for yrs!!!

    Christmas1 decade ago
  • What song played in Futurama?

    In one of the episodes of Futurama, Planet express ship fell in love with Bender, but before they reprogramed it into a female, it played a song...i dnt remember how it goes but i think some of the lyrics goes like this " don't you, want to come here baby?" lol...need help plz...whoever gets this answer first will get my best answer for the next two questions i ask...

    Thank you ^ _ ^

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  • Where can I download rosetta Stone for free?

    Where can I download the full free version of Rosetta Stone, spanish, all for free?

    Whoever answers this question will receive my best answer to all my questions for a month...

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  • Need help with a song?

    i cant explain it well caz i dnt completely remember how it goes...the chorus sounds like this "doot doot doot.......doot doot doot doooo, doot doot doot.....doot doot doot dooooo" i think it was one of the land before time 2 songs. dats all i can explain, can anyone tell me how the song goes? i really need it...i'll save their name and always mark their answer everytime i ask a question as best answer for the 1st to answer this serious!

    and im not talkin about freur

    3 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • The Truth about Barack Obama?

    If u read the Notradamus Prophecy, u will see that everything he decribes about the end of the world all consists of the cause of one man (anti-christ). I'm a huge fan of Barack Obama, but he fits the perfect category of the prophecy. Notradamus' prophecy say's that the anti-christ will be a near middle-aged man, dark skinned, with a barbarick name, and has a very high position of power. In other words, Barack Obama. If this story seems fishy to u, then explain why he removed former pres. Bush's daily prayer from his campaign, is it because he didnt want it to interfere with his politics, or is it because there's something strange about Notradamus' prophecy that seems to meet his prediction about Barack Obama? 2012 is the year of the event that the Mayans, Japanese, and other scholars and channelers's also the year of the 2nd presidential election for Obama. The U.S. is going through a recession as of now, so I'm worried about what 2012 (the next presidential election) can bring. Will people begin to hate Obama? Will the reign of Obama cause humans to go to war? If so, than that means Obama will be the cause of the next great depression in 2012, meaning he will win the next presidential election, causing humans to go to war in the U.S., giving terrorists an open opportunity to dominate, leading to the creation of World War III...

    but im just a simple college student, im just going by what i researched about what people think of obama, and the prophecy, and they both seem to connect with Obama..So can anyone answer this question..

    Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

    10 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Need help with where the wild things are book...?

    Does anyone know what website I can read the entire book of where the wild things are for my lil. sis? the movie was great, but it was to sad to reccomend for her so i decided to read it to her instead....thanks everyone!

    2 AnswersOther - Entertainment1 decade ago
  • What is for?

    I always like to help answer questions for anybody, but i'm confused about the yahoo thing and how it works, what does it mean to get yahoo points and are there any rewards for them?

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers1 decade ago