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  • Im confused did Stephen Colbert die or is it some gag?

    I don't have television anymore but Rolling stone and some random internet page says he died.

    2 AnswersComedy6 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Why doesn't Beyoncé sing like this live?

    Youtube thumbnail


    its just sad she doesn't get this personal with her music

    2 AnswersSinging6 years ago
  • Why is dish removing channels?

    NOOOOOO cartoon network!!!

    why am I still paying them!

    4 AnswersTiVO & DVRs6 years ago
  • if what god does isnt magic, then what is it?

    what is then and how would you explain it, if magic is super natural and god is super natural doesn't it make sense they are the same thing.

    can you explain the creation of the universe without saying it was the will of god? but isn't magic will in the first place, how can he not be a wizard.

    when its claimed jesus did miracles would they not be more magic tricks? how isn't that a magic trick.

    how can you rule out magic when you cant even explain what it is, you cant even explain what god is!

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • How can i help my dad? schizophrenic?

    my mom and dad got a divorce so he lives by himself, due to the fact he quit taking his medication.

    a few weeks ago he said he took his pills and he look and talked normal.

    today I visited him and he admitted he quit taking them, that his demons keep talking bad about him, that they break into his house just to mess with him, that they are trying to get him fired.

    from what my mom has told me from before he took his pills. that usually means he's about to quit his job he is going to blame them for trying to fire him so he quits first. because hes done this a lot my mom knows hes not going to get another job.

    he looks so scared when he says it, it makes me hold back my tears. I cant speak reason into him he just agrees with everything I say but I know hes ignoring me.

    what can I do??!! I don't know who else to talk to ive spoken to his previous doctors, he quit going to them of course, the police, a lawyer, a judge, psychiatric councilor, they cant legally help me make him take his pills.

    his family doesn't care all of them pretended its not real and never supported my mom, my little brother is mad that they divorced and quit talking to my mom, infact he denies anything is wrong.

    what can I do? im scared it will be too late, he doesn't want help and family wont help, and the law cant help.

    3 AnswersPsychology6 years ago
  • Question regarding job application? do you currently work?

    If I put yes will that disqualify me? I know most jobs are looking for people with open schedules but I don't want to quit my current job until I have another job.

    I'm concerned if I tell them I'm going to quit if I get this job that they will assume I'm going to do it to every job as well.

    if they ask me why am I trying to quit that job how can I tell them without actually telling them all my drama? The last job that asked me that made me feel like I was exaggerating .

    I want to start out fresh I am still learning from the mistakes I make.

    4 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment6 years ago
  • Coworker steps on everybody and still has job? not personal fact, various opinions.?

    I have a problem with a certain worker in truth. she would call false job duties and claim managers told me to do certain jobs, everybody treated her like a manager because shes been there the longest so they trusted her.

    I wasn't the first to complain about her I was just the first to tell my manager, I thought she would be mad because they were friends, but she and many other people ended up seeing that I was telling the truth. regardless a lot of managers and workers had my back.

    my manager convinced me eventually to complain to the higher ups, manager even sat with me and made sure i told everything. i knew it was a bad idea because it wasn't going to work and she would know it was me, regardless nothing happened in the end, not even a we had a talk with her.

    we got a new store manager almost immediately noticed how my coworker did nothing, eventually she got her removed, 4 other managers and mine supported it. she cried like a child so loud i think people inside and outside heard her. she was told she could never comeback

    almost 2 months later she came back somehow on condition she would work, but my managers still say she still doesn't work, she always has an excuse of why nothing is ever done on weekends. But in truth even when they work with her.

    i remember her telling me how she once got accused of doing nothing all she had to do was talk louder and manager was silenced.

    how does she still have her job? im amazed.

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  • I have some questions about my rights as an employee? Can you please give me your take? Texas if it matters?

    I work in a place that Saturday night live makes fun off, infact most of America makes fun of us

    1- say i start my shift at 7 am and am supposed to go home at 4pm, if its already 4pm and two of my managers want me to take care of something that can take 20-30 mins overtime? do i have a right to refuse or can i still get in trouble?

    2- i decide to opt out in taking both my 15 min breaks due to the fact that a manager thinks i disappear,

    the last break i took was in early February to this day, so now that i dont take them my manager tries to force me to take them but when i do i get his looks. what can i do im tired of this.

    3- my managers have been struggling, infact all the managers have been struggling to get my whole dept to work when they aren't present, so they instead chose to not address them, they get them to do a simple task with unlimited amount of time, which is where they go wild at.. and they get me to do task after task, because they tell me im competent. what should i do about this, what can i do all managers have admitted this to my face but choose to ignore the problem in fear of problems, but they squeeze out of me as much as they can and i dont even feel appreciated, which makes me depressed going to work. what can i do.

    employee of the month, but it was meaningless to me, I love my job, i dont want to leave it, im not difficult, they get scared when they think im going to quit, admit they are going to fix things but they dont.

    thank you

    5 AnswersLaw & Legal6 years ago
  • The holy trinity.. what is that about? are the commandments guidelines?

    father the son and the holy spirit. isn't that all god? so why are we splitting him into 3 separate beings.

    if he was one being he would only be the father for example but he has 3 different names to 3 different beings.

    its like 1+1+1=1

    what's the point in making 3 if he is the same being.

    also don't people worship Jesus, but Jesus is the son of god, so it doesn't make sense the bible says to worship only god, yet people worship Jesus, isn't that a little wrong.

    kind of like the Catholics who worship the Mary, who is technically a saint, yet they treat her like a goddess, reverence, and even have churches in her dedication. yet church is for the glory of god, not the glory of humans, yet they are in her glory. that also goes to other saints, oh sure they are blessed and great examples but they were still just human, we worship god not humans.

    isn't this just a giant paradox.

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • How do i deal with this girl? would a cinderblock work?

    ok im a guy there is this girl i work with she doesn't really do anything and most people know it the problem is because she is so pretty they let her get away with it.

    secondly every guy i talk to when they talk about her, the refer to her as a good worker not because of her work, obviously, but because she is pretty.

    Man so and so is so lazy i never see him doing anything, oh but she is so pretty i like looking at her.

    so she started being a dick once she realized i didn't like her, you know disappears, never tells me when shes going to break or lunch, and pretty much hides when we need her and comeback when things settle to relieve me like shes doing me a favor.

    the thing is she is talking crap to my fellow coworkers about me, because i can tell they dislike me and refuse to work with me. some of them get really twofaced its starting to upset me because i don't know what shes telling them.

    i have never said anything bad to her, well other than "are you going to take your 15 min break? see you in an hour!"

    i mean its the truth.

    a new guy took her side in less than 2 weeks, its pathetic how they let their ***** control them, i mean ive been working there over a year and she barely has a few months and they prefer her.

    what can i do, asshole advice very much welcomed i think i hurt her ego a few times. but i really need help from people who get fueled from haters or maybe a Christian. any advice even if its comedic.


    5 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)6 years ago
  • how the fudge do i get rid of pop up websites? fb did it?

    all I did was join facebook and now everything I click almost certainly give me a pop up website. how do I fix this and can I delete my fb account thing of pure evil.

    2 AnswersFacebook6 years ago
  • Where Can i still purchase L'oreal revitalift deep wrinkle set cream?

    apparantly amazon ran out and the last one sells for 38 bucks instead of the usual 12.

    where next to pillage? please?

    1 AnswerMakeup7 years ago
  • Patti la belle and Aretha Franklin fans what song is this?

    I saw It on a parody clip in youtube from labelleoftheball2

    Im pretty sure it was Patti. she was singing into the mike screaming. it was in black and white clip suggesting it was before color television and at the end of the song she got off stage and hugged Aretha franklin or visa versa.

    nothing,nothing, nothing really loud

    or maybe

    nobody, nobody, nobody

    I need to get this song please, thank you!

    1 AnswerCountry7 years ago
  • why is the US getting involved in another war?

    but are we basically bailing out the economy so our government can keep warring?

    9/11 is starting to seem like a conspiracy because that was the start of it.

    with 9/11 most of America supported the war now its so old that nobody really cares anymore and the government just does whatever it wants now.

    I know the president can go to war because he deems so but isn't it like a breach in a treaty that major powers were not to get involved in oversea business. I think we even wrote that treaty?

    the us wants to remove nuclear power from the world yet we keep making more on our own homeland. I read that they are trying to make 2 more in florida.

    the media makes irans president seem like a bad guy but hes been really reasonable and honorable when he speaks at un conferences.

    what is going on with America

    4 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago
  • Why do folks wear weaves, grease and durags?

    now this got nothing to do with being black. I didn't say that but you did read it. so anyways why you wear that crap. if your head nappy to begin with why you gotta make it look like you attached a dead bird on or put that grease on is your hair that rusty, do you play with it like play-do, if I light a match does it keep going ? durags why the hell would you want to look like the ghetto we all trying to climb out of it and you wear it like its tight. please I know its tight that's why you wearing it you clearly not thinking right, all the blood being blocked by that.

    some people use the excuse well my race hair aint good its bad. I bet it is with the **** you put on it like if it was a Christmas tree, whats the grease for ?some lights?

    if you washed your hair you would notice it getting better not nappy like ya like to keep it. dang some you girls look like men why would a sane woman wear Velcro for head hair is it to attach the weave easier.

    then you walking down the hall and your weave falling off, pieces here and there. im starting to think you forgot to water that thing. damn that must be it.

    dudes tryin to look like ghostface man get real heros like superman or spongebob not some washed out rapper.

    I just don't understand lord have mercy

    2 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups7 years ago