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  • How well does a free VPN protect you while streaming?

    A friend of mine came over, we were watching some stuff on Hulu with my Amazon Fire TV Stick and he messed with the settings because he can't leave anything alone.  He jailbroke it and sideloaded both HBO Max and Peacock on it.  He also put some other stuff on it he said I needed and he put some stuff on it for live tv because he wanted to watch something and I don't have cable.  He told me just to chill because he put a VPN on it and the FBI wouldn't be coming to the door.

    He said he bought a FreeStream box last year at the State Fair for $300, he streams movies and tv shows all the time and the cops have never been to his door.

    I've been avoiding HBO Max because I know it isn't allowed on the Fire TV Stick.  I also noticed he signed up for a free VPN which I don't think is a smart idea.  How long before the cops come to the door?  

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  • Would it be worth it to purchase a Roku express for the free Roku channel?

    Money is tight, so I'm trying to get by with just internet.  I figure I can at least try to pick up some online gigs where cable tv is just an entertainment expense.  

    With an outdoor antenna, I can get 2 high-vhf stations and one low-vhf station.  It's a small town in the middle of nowhere and that's what we get.  I was given a Fire TV stick, the 4k version.  I was thinking maybe Hulu (just the basic version with ads) because it's cheap and a couple free channels.  

    I don't want to pay $50 per month for 150 channels when I'm only going to watch 2 or 3, which is the reason cable had to go.  

    Basically my question is if I can legally get the same content without a Roku or if it would be worth $24 for the Roku express to get a couple free channels.

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  • How is black mold handled in the medicaid recovery sale of an estate?

    I'm supposed to be executor of my Grandma's Estate and she left me her house according to her will.  We received a letter from Medicaid Recovery that the estate owes them over $100,000 for both grandparent's care.

    Today massive amounts of black mold were found in the house (Nobody has spent much time in the house since Grandma passed).  The choices are to get an expensive professional crew or burn the house to the ground.  Fair market value is estimated at $30,000 and the lot the house sits on is estimated to be worth $10,000.  

    The City will not allow the Fire Dept. to burn down a house unless the owner signs an agreement to have the debris removed within a reasonable amount of time. 

    The house is on a small lot and there's not enough room to build a house of decent size, it might be possible to build something with 1,500 square feet, but it would be long, narrow and there wouldn't be much room for a yard.  

    The estate is almost out of money and all that's left is the house and contents.  I can't get help with the contents until the house has been declared "safe".  COVID-19 has had the whole process slowed because the county court house was closed and we were finally able to get an appointment to get in.

    My dad wanted to buy the house, but I've put a stop to that.  I would prefer that the house be sold, but who's going to buy it?


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  • How bad does a vacant run-down shack next door hurt the value of the adjacent property?

    Nobody has lived in the house for at least 7 years.  Windows are broken. shingles are in bad shape, siding needs replaced and the whole yard is overgrown with weeds.  Several complaints have been made to the city, then finally somebody shows up to mow it, but if you don't complain, they won't mow it.  It's a shack,  about 1,000 square feet, 1 bedroom and 1 bath built in 1900 and the last sale price is listed at $22,600.

    The house next door, the property I'm asking about, has a tax value of about $20,000.  Real estate agent feels a fair market value would be $30,000.  We need to figure out the lowest amount the home can be purchased for and still be considered fair market value.  I think $30,000 is too much with the vacant property next door.

    My dad wants to help me purchase my Grandma's house for Medicaid Recovery, but they never put a lien on the deed.   I don't think it's a good deal to pay any money for the house but you'll never tell my dad anything......he's always right and I'm always wrong.  I should have inherited the house in my Grandma's will, but that's not how they see it.   

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  • Who would be responsible for cleaning out my Aunt's house when she moves out?

    It turns out my Uncle took out a reverse mortgage 30 years ago but my Aunt's memory is bad, she doesn't recall my Uncle doing this or what happened to the money.  Nobody has heard from my Cousin in over 3 years, last we knew, he was in California but his phone was disconnected and mail is being returned.  We know if she moves to a nursing home or passes away the finance company will foreclose and seize the house.  The family expects me to look after my Aunt while she's in her home, because we determined it would be unsafe for her to be in her home by herself.  According to the finance company we would have one year after the time she moves out before they foreclose.  It's just another house that needs repairs, it needs new shingles and the basement walls are in really bad shape.If we did get my Aunt into nursing care, she would likely be on Medicaid and the house would go to the finance company, so who would be stuck with the responsibility of cleaning out the house?  I just want to take a few personal items and go then leave the rest to somebody else.

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  • Do you think it's unreasonable for an employment agency to expect someone to drive 50 miles to work for $12/hr.?

    Stupid small town lawyer told me I should apply for unemployment since I had to leave my job and move to a different town to take care of my Aunt.  Due to her failing health, she can't be left alone.  I tried but they are expecting me to apply for 5 jobs per week while they are processing my claim.  

    I was supposed to register with an employment agency and they are referring me to a job 50 miles from here that pays $12/hr.  I'm supposed to go to an interview tomorrow.  If I wanted to do that, I could just drive a few more miles and ask for my old job back, but my family thinks I would spend more on gas and car expenses than I would make.  Also, I would have to borrow money from family to buy gas to get to work until I get a paycheck.  I was hoping that a few weeks of unemployment checks would get me some needed car repairs but that doesn't look likely.  

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  • What are the legal implications of moving in to care for an elderly relative? ?

    My Aunt is 95 years old and needs to be in a nursing home but she doesn't want to go and nobody in the family will listen to me.  I tried looking after her and I had to move in because she is at the point where she can't be left alone.  She often gets confused, couldn't remember how to turn on the AC and somehow turned on the heat and had the house over 90 degrees F.  She had the Fire Department, Police and everybody there when I returned.

    I had to leave my job and move 50 miles away to where my Aunt lives.  I was only making $12/hr. so nobody felt it was worth the trip which would cost me a few hundred a month for gas and other car expenses.  I also can't leave her alone while I'm gone all day.

    I now have no income and no health insurance.  My savings is almost gone.  I feel like it's wrong for me to be here since I can't pay rent, but there's no home health care agency available in this little town.  SS is her only income, then I know she is Medicaid eligible, she gets heating and cooling assistance, food stamps and the local food bank delivers her a box twice a month.  

    I've had to help her with her paperwork because her eyesight is getting bad and she doesn't understand things so well.  She's been diagnosed with a narrowing aortic valve and macular degeneration, she gets dizzy spells and she's fallen several times. 

    She wants to put my name on her house but I have no money and can't pay a lawyer for legal advice.

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  • Are cheap televisions worth buying?

    The cheap 32" televisions they have at WalMart.  Usually $100 US or less.  Cable is just too expensive and due to the local stations being 35 to 50 miles away, I would need an expensive antenna on the roof in order to receive channels 11 & 13 (high-VHF) and I would need a VHF-low antenna for channel 5.  At this point I would be able to receive 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4, 5.1 and 5.2.  There are also 3 PBS channels on UHF.

    I thought about just streaming from Netflix and maybe HULU and possibly local news.  I would really like for an antenna to work for local news.

    There is another set of stations in the opposite direction but they are all duplicate programming as channel 10 has the same programming as channel 11.

    I want to get by as cheap as I can.  

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  • Can an employer give you a bad reference if you apply for unemployment?

    I got dirt pay working for this crap job which I stayed with for over 6 years.  You work hoping to get a reference to a better job because that's the most you will get out of this place.  I was off for several weeks due to COVID-19, I didn't get sick, but my supervisor sent everyone home as a precaution.  I ended up moving 50 miles away to look after an elderly relative.  We have since realized that this person can't be left alone for extended amounts of time.  Fast forward, I applied for a job that is closer so I told my supervisor that I wouldn't be coming back as I've since completely moved.  The job I was supposed to get was also affected by COVID-19 and is currently in limbo.  (I never actually worked my first day)

    I was told by my supervisor that the company considered me to have quit since I informed them that I had a different job and he specifically told me not to apply for unemployment.  

    It's been a couple of months, but I was just told that I should go ahead and apply anyhow since I'm caring for an elderly relative and unable to return to work.  I figure if I apply it will get denied because I should have applied for FMLA instead of trying to find a different job.  I just don't want to get denied then get a bad reference on top of it because I applied.

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  • If I had to defend myself with a firearm while on rental property, would the property owner/manager have any liability?

    When I was living in an apartment and working for a security company as an armed guard, the apartment manager told me that I was not allowed to carry my sidearm onto their property even while in uniform.  What he told me was in the unlikely event that say someone were to point a gun at me and threaten my life, the apartment could be sued if I were to shoot them.  

    The security company made me purchase my own weapon and I was licensed by the state to carry it open or concealed on or off duty.  The apartment had such stupid rules, you had to read them several times then take them to a lawyer to have them explained and some were just not clearly written, period.  It did have a clause that these rules did not apply to public service officials, but I was told that a security guard was NOT a public service official.  

    I just returned for a few minutes while in uniform to get a couple spare flashlights and the neighbors were freaking out because I was carrying my sidearm.  Several tattle tails had to go and report me.

    I'm just curious, if I did have to defend my life or the life of somebody else with a firearm while on rental property if the owner or manager of the property would have any liability.

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  • Can I buy my own DSL modem or does the phone company need to supply theirs and set it up?

    Windstream doesn't seem to want to send anyone out to set up my internet, so I was wondering if I could just go someplace like Walmart and buy a $40 router, set it up and it would work?   I don't really need WiFi, that would just be a bonus.  

    This is just a temp fix because the stupid local cable company isn't doing any new installations until further notice.  If this works, I might upgrade 6 months to a year down the road.  I'm in a small town, so options are limited.  

    This is for a work from home thing, so they want my computer plugged into an ethernet cable.  The only reason to have Wifi would be to stream to the television from about 25'.  Not a requirement, but I might if I can.  

    They charge extra to rent the modem with WiFi, so if I bought my own there would be no rental charge?  

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  • Is 25 Mbps internet fast enough to do most jobs from home?

    I'm stuck living in a small town for now and that's the best internet I can get.  I was supposed to get a work from home job with Wayfare dealing with customer issues and processing returns but they withdrew the offer because I'm getting the run-around from Windsteam.  I ordered the internet and the installation was scheduled for last Friday.  They called and said a technician would not need to enter my home at this time and my internet would not be activated until after July 4.  What?  I ordered their 100 Mbps plan for $37.95 a month but then get an email that after further investigation, I only qualify for 25 Mbps.  

    Today I get an email that I need to phone the escalations department.  I haven't called them yet.  I need the router located in a specific place so I can plug my equipment directly into an ethernet port, wireless won't work.   I'm thinking their 25 Mbps DSL is a joke.  Don't they have to run a physical cable into the room that you want?  With my luck, they'll put the router in the garage or something.

    I'm not sure if I want to proceed or hunt for something different.  I didn't think it would take 6 weeks to get internet installed.  


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  • When a store clerk asks if I found everything okay, do they really want a list of everything I had trouble finding?

    Do they want my list of everything I had trouble finding in the store?  Especially with a different grocery store, I always have a few items on my list that I have trouble finding.  Do they really care that I had trouble finding the pickles?  Should I tell them about items I had trouble finding or stuff that I hunted for and gave up on because I just couldn't find it?

    I recently had a bad experience in a major store, not to mention any names but the name starts with a "W".  I found a mini fridge that I wanted, but it was on an upper shelf.  I asked a lady who works there and she said she would call an associate to assist me.  I waited and nobody came.  I found somebody else and they said they would call somebody, still nobody came.  I waited 20 minutes, then finally gave up and left.   I found it, but I gave up and left without it because I couldn't get assistance.  I told the lady at the checkout that I couldn't get assistance, waited 20 minutes but couldn't wait any longer.  She said the best way to do it would be to order it online and they would have it ready for pick-up.  I'm here now, it's on the shelf, why should I have to order it and come back tomorrow?

    It's like they are supposed to ask "did you find everything okay?" but they don't know how to respond if I say "no, I didn't". 

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  • Does anyone still use a outdoor television antenna?

    Nobody around here has an outdoor antenna and my next door neighbor thought it would look silly to put an antenna on the roof.  Both my Grandpa and my dad have had a habit of mounting antennas in the attic.  The problem is one antenna was mounted up there back in the 50's for a black and white television then the other was mounted in the early 70's, of course the advantage is both look brand new.

    I get weak reception so I do get a picture and a number of channels, but sometimes the picture goes out.  The trouble with cable or dish network is that I would have another bill to pay and it seems kind of expensive just to watch television.  

    A friend of mine thought I could improve my reception with a small antenna mounted on the roof.  According to the map, I have stations to the East of me and stations to the West and I would need to get at least 50 miles in both directions.  

    There is no such thing around here as professional installation, they just sell you an antenna and tell you "good luck".  I can get on the roof, I'm just afraid it will look "dorky" or lost in the 70's.  

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  • If I'm the executor of an estate, can I do anything about my dad talking to a Real Estate agent about selling the house?

    I was gone for a couple of days, came back and there's a "for sale" sign in the front yard put there by a real estate company.   It's my Grandma's house and I was made executor in her will AND I was to inherit the house.  My dad said he talked with the local small town Real Estate agent and THEY decided it was best to sell the house.  My dad told me the Real Estate agent needed to talk to me and I needed to stop in and sign some papers.

    I don't trust my lawyer, because I think my dad was talking to him and I was getting bad advice so I have an appointment to see a different lawyer.  The first lawyer wanted to sell everything and give 100% of the sale proceeds to Medicaid since their bill greatly exceeded the total amount of assets.  The second lawyer told me on the phone that it should be fairly simple to put the house in my name since Medicaid has not placed a lien on the house.  

    The big problem is, it's what my parents do, they think I don't know enough about what I am doing or can't speak for myself, so they step in and do my talking for me.  I'm 30 years old and sick of being treated like a little kid.  Can you imagine what it's like when my dad goes into the bank and says "My little boy wants to open a checking account"?  I don't like that bank and don't want an account there but my parents won't listen.   

    It's not about if I need to sell the house, but about my parents talking to people without me being there when I'm the executor.

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  • Is there a way for work from home people to get a technician out faster to work on their home internet / landline?

    I'm wondering if I should have said that I'm trying to work from home???  I'm required to have a landline and 25 to 50 Mbps internet.  Thursday morning I didn't have a dial tone on my phone, the phone would ring sometimes only once and other times up to 3 times then stopped ringing.  I picked up several times after the first ring and nobody there.  Just complete silence.  I do hear some faint static when I should hear a dial tone.  Internet has slowed to around 5 Mbps but I should be getting 75 to 125 Mbps.  After they installed it, I did a speed test and was getting around 120 Mbps.  

    I called Windstream Thursday morning and their automated system said they would have it repaired by 7pm Tuesday June 17.  I called back hoping to speak with a live person but their automated system said they already had a ticket opened on my issue.  I got them on live chat this morning and they said a technician would be here by 7 pm Tuesday June 17.  

    I can't work from home without my internet and landline which are required for the job.  The company told me if it takes 4 to 5 days to get a technician every time I have an issue, this isn't going to work.  

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  • Would you mention writing for Textbrokers on a job application?

    Just starting out, you have to write all day every day to make any money.  When I was taking care of my Grandma in her home for about a year, I think I averaged about $3 per hour writing.  She was a constant distraction and I would have to check on her every hour or so until she got to the point where she needed to be in a nursing home.  I was able to make a little money, but I could have made far more money working at WalMart!  Driving 30 miles to a job was out of the question at that time because I couldn't leave her alone all day.  

    I'm currently looking at a work-from-home customer service job, but I don't think I'm qualified.  They require a verifiable work history with meaningful employment, 1 year customer service experience and 1 year experience working from home.

    My last year can be verified, but that's when I took a year off to look after my Grandma but then the 6 1/2 years before that with a single employer can be verified, but then we hit a snag because the place that I worked at before that went out of business.  I can't really say that my last job was real meaningful but I did have to constantly deal with angry customers.

    If not on my application, should I mention Textbrokers on my Resume?  Cover letter? or not at all?  With Textbrokers, you are an independent contractor and Ghostwriter so you get no credit for your work, just paid 1 cent per word!

  • Why do utility trucks set out orange cones when parked in a private area?

    The guy pulls into my private parking area and puts out 2 large orange cones by his truck.  The parking area is on my own private property and I'm the only person who uses it.  He did ask me first and it worked better for him to park his utility truck in that spot.  

    I'm just curious why he set out the orange cones when there's obviously no traffic in that area.  

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  • Would it be worth the expense to replace a window AC and floor furnace with a central heating/cooling unit?

    It's a small house, about 900 square feet with a fairly large window AC unit.  The AC is a few years old, but new enough that it shuts completely off when the house gets cool enough and back on to maintain the temp.  Usually low cool is enough and when I turned the temp up to 6, the house got down to 70 degrees F.  Unit is wired for 220 volts if that makes a difference.

    What I don't like is that my Dad told me that you can't leave a window AC running all the time, so I have to turn it off when I leave and back on when I get home.  I don't really like coming home to a hot house then having to cool it down.  I'm only supposed to run it for 6 to 8 hours during the heat of the day then shut it off at night.

    The house has 2 bedrooms but the doors have to be left open at all times for cooling to get in the the summer and heat in the winter.  Not much privacy in the house!  I wanted to set up a home office to work from home in one bedroom, but that doesn't seem like it will work very well.  Have to put my desk in the main living area of the house where the heat and AC is located.  

    Heating is with a gas floor furnace, single heat source for the whole house.  It seems to work okay except for heating the bedrooms which sometimes require portable space heaters during extremely cold tempetures.  

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  • Can I file a police report with no evidence?

    I was made executor of my Grandma's estate.  There was an antique chandelier in the living room.  Great Grandpa had it on the farm pre-electric days, it originally ran on oil but my Grandpa had it converted to electric when he put it in his house in town.  This morning I go in the house and there's a ceiling fan where the chandelier was and the chandelier is gone.  I started checking around and Grandma's silver flat ware was replaced with cheap table service.  I remember helping Grandma polish it so I know it was silver.  Grandma's Wagner cast iron skillets were replaced with a set of Lodge cast iron skillets.  Grandma loved her cast iron and hers were smooth as silk.  These didn't appear to even have been seasoned.  Grandma's had an old singer sewing machine that's gone, Grandpa's old Steven's double barrel shotgun is gone and there's now a bookshelf where the Grandfather clock once was.

    I'm supposed to have the only keys to the house.  Family tells me it's my imagination and there's no sign of forced entry.  I don't know when it would have happened, but they did a real nice job installing the ceiling fan with separate wall switches for the fan and light.

    How do I make a police report on what I remember used to be there?  Should I tell the police what my dad said my uncle said?  

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