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  • How to make money online?

    How can I make $1 an hour? I have few bucks in my credit card...where can I invest?

    Credit2 months ago
  • Never had sex!?

    I am 27 years old single straight. But never had chance to have sex with woman. If a man never have sex, what will happen to him? will he get cancer or smth. I mostly rely on masterbating to relieve my stress hormones. GIrls are really hard to catch they dont like being touch and if they think you are annoying they block you, I suck at that part!! :(. And pls tell me how can I make girls have attention on me :)

    21 AnswersMen's Health3 months ago
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    Hardware Diagnosis after high voltage shock. Help!?

    This morning, high voltage shock was entered into our house and main switch light bulb was completely exploded and all the breakers were down. At that time i was using my computer. The voltage was so high that sound of explosion was really loud that I can hear it from my room which was fully covered with doors and brick wall. It got repaired and then i turn my computer back on to see if it is ok. Thank god! my computer booted and my monitor show no signs of damage color ects. But i want to make sure all of my pc components are 100% fully ok. I want to run hardware diagnosis. Which software should i use. I use desktop computer. As u can see the middle light indicator was completely exploded and I saw smoke coming out. NOONE was injured!

    3 AnswersEngineering8 months ago
  • Am I wrong?

    Most viruses that come from birds mainly attack respiratory system. This virus come from bat(corona virus) is more dangerous. I do not understand why these bird viruses mess with human respiratory system...people uses chicken, duck and other bird species as their food sources. Why are these flu viruses can only be discovered on species which most people used as their food and why not on other animals that people do not eat?? Interesting fact isn't it? You are hungry and you eat bat chicken duck and you are infected with flu viruses. All human beings on earth eat chicken and everyone knows it!!!!!! right?! I think flu viruses are perfect specimens that can be implemented inside bird's body...I may be wrong just my noob theory....hope this crisis is over soon!

    2 AnswersBiology8 months ago
  • Being single keeps torturing me!!!?

    I am 26 male still girl to hang out...being alone and got depressed I dont drink alcohol. All these time, video games and movie/ tv show accompany me.I used to be thinner and good looking but when that time  I was not interested in relationship. But now I became so fat and not good looking anymore and want relationship but cant get any because of my changes in appearance. WTF sould I do!!? plus i am really good at playing DOTA 2 and solving puzzles in video games.

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating11 months ago
  • My pc!!?

    My pc crashes while i was playing dota 2. All of the components except cpu and ram are few months old. I kept using my old cpu and ram which are i5 4460 3.2 ghz and 2x4gb kingston ddr3 1600mhz. My mobo is msi h81m-p33 my gpu is asrock rx 570 8gb phantom gaming psu is thermaltake lite 650w. I installed 2hdd and 2 ssd. My pc was running perfectly throughout these months.Today suddently my pc started to crash while playing dota 2. it crashes randomly. when i unplugged and turn my pc back on the system boots normally to desktop. the windows is windows 10 home premium 64 bits and all the drivers were updated to latest version. IDK what is causing this problem. I rebooted and here let the system stay at idle and it kept running without crashing for too long. I have not tested other games yet. but while playing dota  it crashed!! help!

    3 AnswersDesktops11 months ago
  • can I use 2x8gb ram on this motherboard msi p33 h81m?

    I am going to upgrade system memory to 16gb. I found this 2x8gb on amazon. can i use it on my motherboard? my mobo has 2xdimm slot. help!

    5 AnswersDesktops11 months ago
  • dota 2 south east asia server?

    why are players on sea dota 2 server so toxic and cancerous. dont play as role like hard support picking sniper PA ect and not being coorprative in batttle. when the team is losing then blame on carry who are farm dependent and could not even farm properly because of harassment in early and mid game by gankers.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 year ago
  • PS4 in 1999?

    If i go back in time to early 1999 and show ps4 to people in that time, how would they react to that gaming console. I will show them games like resident evil2 remake, god of war 2018, uncharted 4, day gone ect. 

    2 AnswersPlayStation1 year ago
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    Please help!! it really annoying when i open my month.?

    I never had this kind of infection on my month. Never ever. But I had it in last week. It;s beem=n over a week and it will not healed over time. What is that and how do i make it disappear?

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases6 years ago
  • Best gpu match for my current cpu?

    core 2 quad Q8300 2.5ghz is my current one. Not too outdated gpu but current decent one which can be matched with my cpu. gtx 750 or hd 7750 or r9 260x??? suggest me pls. I cant upgrade to any decent cpu cuz i alrady bought new lga 775 board so It will be waste if i go for new cpu and motherboard.

    1 AnswerOther - Hardware6 years ago
  • Is drinking salt water kills virus?

    If u are infected with a virus and then you drink lot of water with salts and vitamin C making yourself dehydrate. Does that help your immune system in fighting against infections?

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases6 years ago
  • can someone get viral infection like sickness from psychological disorders?

    Say you have mental problems like over worries and sort of things like that. Is it possible to get sickness like you feel those symptoms of something looks like viral infections. I mean can our body trigger illusion of mind which u can actually suffer those symptoms. LIke weight loss, loss of apetide and flu like illness and many many others?

    1 AnswerInfectious Diseases6 years ago
  • Using ac/dc adapter original is 9volts 0.85amps. I replaced it with 9volts max 2amps one???

    The device is adsl modem whose original adapter is rated at 9volts 0.85 amps(tp link). Last night it got electrical shock and I replaced adapter with universal one whose voltage is same as original and it can apply maximum of 2 amps. Will it be ok if i use with it??? Will there be any serious damange to modem modem is cost about 50usd so i dont want to waste.

    3 AnswersEngineering6 years ago
  • Is this pc build good for 1080P gaming(medium to high setting)??

    cpu- core 2 quad q8300

    gpu- R9 270x 2gb oc msi

    ram- 6gb ddr3

    motherboard- biostar MATX g41d3+

    os- windows 7 64 bit

    hdd-500gb 7200rpm

    psu-720watts gigabyte

    2 AnswersDesktops6 years ago
  • Bone density increase due to gravity?

    Two planets planet A and B. Planet A is 10 times bigger than planet B which means gravit is 10 times stronger. Person living on planet A reaches to planet B. Both planets have human.

    Since planet B has weaker gravity than planet A how would that person feel like landing on planet B and how would he be called by people of panet B. Superman?

    I think he can break objects which people on planet B think too hard?

    1 AnswerPhysics6 years ago
  • Does all virus replicate like hiv?

    does all virus(influenza, B,C, etc) replicate by entering host cells and use it as factory to replicate trillion of copies?

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases6 years ago
  • I am having pale skin colour symptom?

    It happens when your RBC count decrease so what causes decrease in RBC counts?

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions6 years ago
  • Hunger pain at solar plexus?

    after I eat something i feel hunger pain right at solar plexus for 1 or 2 minutes and other symptoms like joint pain and weight loss. So what the hell is going on with me? Please help!!!!

    1 AnswerDiabetes6 years ago