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  • How to avoid being scared of people?

    I know nobody cares about details so this is straight to the point. 21 y/o male. Ive been cheated on in all 3 relationships ive had. The most recent one ended 8 months ago. I was badly tore up for a long time. Met this new chick. Been texting her for almost 2 months, ive taken her out to dinner twice now. I know shes into me and waiting for me to make a move but i just cant bring myself to do it. Im really quiet around her, i try to just keep her talking. She seems really cool and i could see myself dating her i just cannot bring myself to take that step. I dont want to get attached in any way at all. I talked to my therapist about it and she was no help. Im just so scared of getting hurt again ive even cut out some of my friends since my last breakup. I dont want to be a loner. I need help.

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  • How to fix my hunchback?

    21 year old male. Used to be overweight but ive slimmed down to only about 20 pounds overweight now. I grew up with a lot of back pain, when i drive i have the seat leaned way back to take pressure off my lower spine but then i had to lean forward to see out the windows, unfortunatley that posture stayed when i got out of the car. Now its painful to stand straight upright. I go to the chiropractor every couple months to get adjusted but he says my hunchback is muscular and theres nothing he can do about it. Just looking for any advise i csn use to help fix my posture.

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  • Where is "morgan street" from the turnpike troubadours song?

    the turnpike troubadours also have a song called easton and main, which is about a bar on the corner of easton and main in tulsa oklahoma. I was really curious where morgan street is, it sounds like a street with a lot of bars on it.

    Country4 months ago
  • Where is "morgan street" from the turnpike troubadours song?

    the turnpike troubadours also have a song called easton and main, which is about a bar on the corner of easton and main in tulsa oklahoma. I was really curious where morgan street is, it sounds like a street with a lot of bars on it.

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  • What is proper bar eddiquite?

    turned 21 a few months back and i want to go hang out at a bar tonight. Just on my own though as no friends want to go. Ive never been to a bar before. Other than common sense, any major do's and dont's?

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  • How to be comfortable being alone?

    just went through a breakup and having trouble with friends and my best friend said i just am so afraid of being lonely i will date/ be friends with anyone and when that fails i just get more hurt than i already am

    Friends5 months ago
  • How to be comfortable being alone?

    just went through a breakup and having trouble with friends and my best friend said i just am so afraid of being lonely i will date/ be friends with anyone and when that fails i just get more hurt than i already am

    Friends5 months ago
  • Why do i have such violent mood swings?

    only 2 people have ever told me i do this, and now that i have been told, i see it in myself. My girlfriend and my bestfriend tell me i have extreme mood swings all day every day. I have a 10 minute cycle of content, happy, excited, sad, super depressed, then blood boiling angry. It has caused me to say and do tbings that i regret and is getting so bad now it affects my work and my relationship with my girlfriend. I have nothing to be stressed about. I live with my parents, i have a low stress job, and i have no bills. I started going to therapy. Im 3 sessions in, but my therapist said she is scratching her head trying to figure out what csn cause it because my life is better than most. If anyone has any advice on how to control this or any idea on what can cause it id appreciste your help.

    Psychology6 months ago
  • My girlfriend doesnt like where i find happiness?

    to start, my girlfriend is very much a homebody snd im very not. I like to go out and do stuff. Im only home for a maximum of 5 to 6 hours at a time.( i have health issues that limit my sleep to 2 hours a night no matter how long i am in bed) and i like to drive around with nowhere to go. Im a firm believer in a person needs to be happy with themselves before they get a S/O and i find my happiness in the throttle. I always have, since i began driving atv's as a small child. My gf says i need to learn to stay at home and enjoy my family, but thats not where i find happiness. Should i limit my time outdoors to make my gf more happy with me or should i keep doing what im doing and let her deal with that? I try to just keep that in the middle and stay home with her on the weekends but i csnt help but ask to go somewhere and be away from the house.

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  • What was the one movie where the dead soldier foes time travel stuff?

    I remember a movie from several years ago, this soldier got seriously injured and lives in an incubator hooked up to a computer, and he is sent back in time to figure out who caused an explosion. Thats all i remember.

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  • Ive had 3 thunderclap headaches in 26 days is that bad?

    I have a lot of health problems, but every time i go to the doctor or ER they say everything is fine why are you here. My normal amount is 2-3 per year but now that ive had 3 in 26 days im starting to get concerned. Id go to the doctor but i just got dropped from my health insurance 2 weeks ago and cant afford my own

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  • Why does my left hand not feel shock?

    Few days ago i woke up and, exactly split in half, the entire left side of my body ached. I blamed it on my sleeping position. I ached for about 3 days. Today, i was messing with a shock collar for a dog. Held it in my left hand and let my girlfriend continuously turn up the power untill i felt it. She started to get scared because the power was at 80% or so and i still felt nothing. Switched to my right hand just force of habit and the shock collar shocked the **** out of me. Put it back in my left hand and i couldnt feel anything. Now im suspecting a pinched nerve in my neck. For months now i occasionally have a single finger go numb for a few days, i dont know if its related.

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  • How to get someone to open up about their issues?

    Been dating this new chick for a few weeks now, and she is in a very simmilar mental position now as i was a few years ago. Im trying to get her to use the same tecniques i used to improve my mental health, but she just cant get ahold of it. Im being pacient and letting her set her own pace with it all but seems like theres zero progress. I also dont want to push too hard and upset her. She is going to therapy weekly but i dont see any improvement week to week. I guess what im asking is how to convince her that if she wants to feel better she needs to be willing to help herself before anyone else can help her? I remember when i was in her position and i didnt want any help from anyone. Luckily i was able to do everything on my own, but she doesnt seem to be strong minded enough for her to get better without help. She knows she has issues and she wants to fix them but she doesnt want to work for it.

    2 AnswersMental Health9 months ago
  • Am i getting sick?

    Yesterday, abouy 10:25 at night i was hit with a sudden stomach ache and feeling of tiredness. This is nothing new as i have been working with doctors lately on a digestive problem i have. It ususally goes away in a matter of hours. This morning i woke up with it, went to work and it never went away. I have to force myself to eat food as digesting food is painful, again we are working on that. Ive lost 9 lbs this last 7 days, ususlly its 2-3 pounds in a 7 day period caused 100% by my lack of appetite. Again, working on that. But today the stomach ache just wont go away, and now i have a killer migraine. 

    Not sure if its related at all but my sex drive has plummetted over the last 3 weeks. I have absolutley 0 desire.

    I already have a diagnostic surgery happening in 3 days and i have a follow up doctors appointment scheduled for 2 months from now.  I just wanted to ask the internet about my brand new symptoms in case i got something else happening.

    Coronavirus has not hit the central coast of California where i live yet but i am a diesel mechanic and work with truck drivers a lot so its possible i guess 🤷‍♂️ 

    Is this something i should see the er for? Or should i wait it out forna couple of weeks? I havent had a migraine this bad in months.

    Just got my flu shot 6 weeks ago.

    Thanks for any help

  • What can cause sudden hair loss?

    For about a month now ive noticed a lot of hair in the bottom of the shower. I havent changed my diet or daily activities, or hygene products in several years. I feel just fine. 20 y/o male.

    I already have a doctors appointment later this week and ill be sure to mention this.

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  • Im a mechanic, how do i avoid blackheads?

    I get blackheads really bad on the back of my neck, on top of my shoulders and all across my arms. I work in a service truck and rarely have the luxury of a clean shop to work in, so im always rolling around in the dirt. Ive tried all kinds of hygene products and hand cleaners availible but nothing seems to work. I even use a stiff nylon brush while cleaning up at work, and as soon as i get home i immediately shower then again in the morning before work. I wear clean clothes every day and i keep a change of clothes in my service truck in the case i get plastered early in the day. It never really bothered me much in the past but now its getting annoying, im embarassed to get a haircut because of the blackheads on my neck. They all come out after a few days but new ones always come back. 20 y/o male if it makes a difference. Thanks in advance.

    1 AnswerOther - General Health Care11 months ago
  • Do helicopters work on paper?

    I had an aviation friend tell me this. If you pencil out all the math on a helicopter,  it doesnt work. He didnt go into any detail, but its an interesting thought. Is this true?

    11 AnswersAircraft11 months ago
  • Need help identifying a movie?

    All i remember is dude 1 hired by gang to track down dude 2 through the wilderness. When dude 1 finds dude 2 dude 1 realizes dude 2 is innocent and dude one cuts off his own finger to turn it in to the gang to prove dude 2's death. It was an interesting movie and i want to watch it again but none of my family can remember the name. Thanks

    Movies11 months ago
  • How can i learn to trust people?

    Ive recently discovered i have major trust issues. All of my friends say i am way too self reliant, and i see it now that they mention it. I know what caused it, my only 2 relationships i got cheated on, ive been screwed by all of my employers, my father left when i was 9 and i havent herd from him at all. My friends think the reason im having trouble getting/keeping a girlfriend now is because everyone can tell i dont trust them the slightest bit. How can i start to reverse this?

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  • Can a psychiatrist help with my mood swings?

    Ive always considered myself a very neutral person, not showing much emotion. I scrolled through my music history today and noticed its all over the place. I asked some long time friends and they all said yeah my mood changes all the time and really fast. I think this is why ive had trouble making friends over the past couple years. Just trying to figure out how to improve this. Would like to do it myself if i can, so i dont miss work.

    3 AnswersPsychology1 year ago