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  • Why do democrats keep repeating The Big Lie, “Trump put kids in cages”, when everyone knows the pic of kids in cages was from OBAMA admin?

    The pic of kids in cages was taken during Obama’s time in office. Obama had kids in cages, not Trump 

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  • To the clown Asker on here, that tried to ask “are republicans proud of Trump supporters committing arson, riots, looting, etc” I say this:?

    That’s literally everything the Democrats are doing. You don’t really expect the American independent voters to be that stupid to believe your bullshit, do you? Lying just undermines your credibility further

    Republicans have no reason to be angry or riot. We are glad Trump is president, we’re glad 2 conservative Supreme Court justices have been put on the court, and we want his presidency to go smoothly and want the 3rd Supreme Court judge nominated (Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative devout christian). All of that benefits us.

    The only people that rioting, looting, and arson benefit, is the Democrats who think they can blame the destruction and chaos on Trump. 

    But is sort of like when a spoiled child throws a tantrum and kicks stuff over in the grocery store, because you don’t let them get any candy so they wanna destroy stuff since they didn’t get their way. When your child is acting like this, the correct course of action is not to cave in and give them candy… The correct course of action is to take them home, spank them soundly on the butt, ground them for a couple days, and don’t reward them at all for that kind of behavior.

    The Democrats are being like the spoiled child in the grocery store, and they are about to get their butt kicked soundly in November.

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  • Why do Virgin men always insist on blurting it out to the entire world that they’re a Virgin, even tho they know it’s unattractive to women?

    This is a fascinating topic. I keep seeing this reoccurring theme, where virgin men ALWAYS ask this, after they’ve been rejected a few times due to their virginity. 

    And the funny thing is, they ALWAYS have this obsession/fixation with openly admitting their virginity. As if it’s a badge of honor. As if they feel required to blurt it out to the world.It’s like even though they KNOW that women view a guy being a Virgin as a negative thing, these guys STILL want to proclaim to every last human on earth “HEY EVERYONE I AM A VIRGIN!!!! VIIIIIRGGGINNNNN!!! That’s right folks! V-I-R-G-I-N!”I know this might seem like a crazy idea, but have you ever considered the common-sense idea of NOT telling girls that you’re a Virgin? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I mean, what you don’t tell them won’t hurt them. If they ask, just casually say you’re not a Virgin! And watch some pornos so you know how it’s done 

    And anyway, I’m not saying that Virgin guys need to be ashamed or anything. Just like if a guy has no friends or something, he doesn’t need to be ashamed. But like, neither of those things are something that you should blurt out before a girl has sex with you! Otherwise she won’t want to! Lol. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  • If masks work (and I believe they do), then why are some dem governors releasing convicted murderers/rapists? Why not just give them masks?

    There was a guy that was convicted of rape, and he was released in California just a couple days ago “because of the risk of COVID”. When he was released, he immediately went and violently murdered his accuser. 

    This guy was not old, he was an in-shape athletic guys that was in his 20s. The virus was not even a big risk to him, because it’s extremely mild for people in his age group. And masks are supposed to work, right? 

    There was also a guy that had murdered several people, that was just released. He was serving an 84 year life sentence. He went and committed 3 more crimes.

    I try to stay neutral politically, but this really doesn’t make any sense to me and it’s kind of pissing me off. They tell us that masks work. They make us wear them. But then they release dangerous murderers and rapists out onto the streets instead of giving them masks. Why? Why do criminals get more privileges and rights than we do?

    And I want to reiterate, this was not just some criminals that were in there for smoking weed or getting drunk or peeing in public or cheating on taxes, or something that is generally not that dangerous. I mean these are hardened, dangerous felons that violently abused, raped or murdered people. Why are they out roaming free?

    Aren't most democrats bothered by this? 

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  • Attachment image

    Did you know that the BLM “clenched fist” has been used in Communist Countries/Communist movements for decades since the Bolsheviks in 1917?

    The clenched fist in Black Lives Matter is nothing new. It is a Marxist/Communist symbol that has been used for communist movements, communist flags, and propaganda posters in communist countries for decades. 

    More recently, Communist movements have used this symbol in the USA under the false guise of “social liberation” and “racial equality”, because they know it’s easy to manipulate USA citizens with talk of race. BLM’s own chief speaker says she is “a trained Marxist”, and the policies they push for are not helpful to blacks- they are communist. 

    In reality, BLM cares nothing about black lives- they have repeatedly refused to say where donation money is going. They (BLM) can’t even say if the money is going to help black people. BLM encourages the burning and destroying of black businesses and they didn’t even give any words of sympathy for the dozens of black men, women and children shot to death during these riots. BLM’s goal isn’t racial equality, it’s violent revolution and a communist takeover. 

    Know your history, or you will repeat it

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  • Why do liberals keep calling us a “Democracy”, when we are in fact, a “Constitutional Republic”? ?

    We’re not a “democracy”. We are a “Constitutional Republic.”

    They’re similar, and both are better than communism or fascism or totalitarianism in general (which encompasses both fascism and communism) of course, but there’s a couple key differences between democracy and a republic:1) in a constitutional republic, we have elected representatives who promote positions they support. We vote for the representatives who best reflect our values. We don’t vote personally on every single small issue, as it would take too much time in a society this complex and large. 2) in a constitutional republic, the 51% cannot vote to enslave, harm, take guns away from, kill, or steal from the 49%. There’s laws, and a Constitution, and elected representatives must only enact policies within our existing framework of the Constitution. 3) In short; in a constitutional republic, you’re protected by a Constitution of inalienable rights which can’t be taken away by elected representatives and new laws can’t be made that infringe on your constitutional rights... At least in theory, as long as everybody respects and follows the Constitution

    My guess is that they call us a democracy because they want to take away our constitutional rights, using democracy/votes, and they think brainwashing people into thinking we’re a plain “democracy” is a great way to help accomplish that.


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  • Why are large corporations doing left-wing PR stunts, even when it will hurt their short and long term sales? ?

    For example:

    1) The mortgage company fired the mom of Garrett Rolfe, simply for being his mom, and then they publicly made excuses about “diversity and inclusion”. 

    Because of this, they are going to lose business and they may even face (and obviously lose) a multi-million dollar lawsuit. 

    2) Aunt Jemima, Uncle Bens, Land O Lakes, and similar brands are voluntarily removing their images and giving impassioned (but financially foolish) PC reasons for doing so.

    Because of this, they are going to lose a lot of money long-term because they are going to lose their familiar icon and they are going to get less sales at grocery stores. They’re also pissing off both conservatives, AND the blacks and Indians who might actually want their people to remain on the cover/label.

    3) Chick-Fil-A’s owner telling white people to “wash a black person’s feet if they ask” and saying “we are shameful until we apologize”. 76% of Americans are white, and around 85% of Chick-Fil-A’s customers are white. This latest stunt is undoubtedly going to hurt the brand. Being OK with gay marriage probably didn’t hurt Chick-fil-A, but having the audacity to try to shame all whites, is definitely going to hurt their business financially. 

    4)  There are a ton of other examples.

    Here’s what I don’t understand. Even if these companies were doing the morally right thing, (and arguably they aren’t), these companies have a long track record of making wise and intelligent decisions that will make them more money.

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  • I have noticed 10 key correlations between political movements that demonize an entire race of people?

    Liberals/blacks have banded together to demonize, dehumanize, and attack whites, in very much the same way Jews were dehumanized, demonized and attacked in the 1930’s. 

    You may ask: Why did Hitler say things about Jews that were clearly not true? Because his ultimate goal was not to seek truth, but to kill Jews. His goal was the killing of Jews, plain and simple. Anytime a political movement vilifies a race of people, you will find a few common threads:1) The people inside the movement are very angry and emotional, and they aren’t up for rational, calm debate.2) Their movement is largely predicated on false facts, which they will demonize you for if you call them out on the facts not being true. (Tell a German in the 30’s that you think Jews really aren’t that bad, and they’d send you to a concentration camp. We aren’t there... yet.) Similarly, wear a MAGA hat or say you’re pro life or pro-law enforcement and mobs of leftist ideologues will violently assault you, 10x more so if you’re white. 3) they commit violence against the group that they hate, and when they find out they can get away with that, the violence increases in intensity and vigor.4) they like to tell you that they are actually on the right side of history… Even when they’re not. (They never are. Demonizing a race of people is never the right answer. Hate hasn’t solved any problems.)

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  • Why do liberals think it’s socially acceptable to say that blacks run/jump better, but don’t think it’s acceptable to say whites higher IQ? ?

    Whites have higher IQ*.

    Liberals also say things like “whites can’t dance”, “blacks have bigger d*cks than whites” (but of course if you point out that whites are bigger than Asians, it’s unacceptable).

    And according to liberals it’s OK to say that Asians are smart, but if you try to explain the crime or wealth disparity between blacks and whites by pointing out the whites are smarter according to science and IQ test and DNA testing, they say that you’re being racist or offensive.

    Why do liberals only want to accept science that agrees with them?

    As a white guy I have no issue accepting my place in society. 2nd biggest d*cks behind blacks, not as athletic as blacks, and don’t run as fast as blacks, but we are much more intelligent than blacks. We aren’t quite as smart as Asians but we are taller/bigger and more hung. 

    Why do liberals think it’s acceptable to bash whites using true stats but never ok to say whites are good at something using true stats?

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  • Should Jews confront their Jewish Privilege? ?

    Jews need to confront their own privilege. Jews earn an average of $140,000 per person. Whites only earn $68,000 per person average. Asians also earn more than whites (but not nearly as much as Jews). 

    Jews are arrested less than whites or Asians, get off easier than whites or Asians and are shot less than whites.

    When Jews sign contracts, they often find ways to lawyer or weasel out of it without paying full price. When Jews go to restaurants, they tip on average much worse than other races, even blacks who are the poorest tip better than Jews do. 

    Jews have helped keep blacks poor for 60 years with their credit, banking, predatory lending and of course perverted ideas like victim mentality, single motherhood, sexual promiscuity, feminism, and the welfare state. FDR was heavily influenced by Jews when he implemented the “Great Society” welfare state. 

     Jews have an enormous amount of privilege! And yet despite that, they like to claim victimhood and leech off of the white race’s societies. Jews constantly try to turn other races against each other. 

    I think it’s time Jews confront their Jewish privilege, and perhaps should even pay a Jew tax come tax-time. What do you think? 

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  • Why does nobody consider the possibility that the “average Black IQ” plays a central role in why they succeed less than other races?

    First, here’s a 30 year study on race and cognitive ability. It’s scientifically sound and followed all of the proper methodologies for getting an accurate study, done over tens of thousands of people over 30 years. 

    This study proves that: Average black IQ is 86, average white IQ is 100, average asian IQ is 103 and average Jewish IQ is 114. 

    ^ This goes hand-in-hand with violent crime rates, police shootings, and income; Asians and Jews earn more money than whites, get shot by police less per capita, and go to jail less per capita. Blacks do the worst in terms of earning poor incomes, failing out of school, committing crimes, and being shot by police, all most often per capita. 


    I’ve noticed a lot of debates tend to completely ignore this elephant in the room, and instead go like this: 

    LIBERAL- “Blacks are systematically oppressed. the system needs to change. Black lives matter!”

    CONSERVATIVE- “How are blacks oppressed though? Whites are shot by police more. There’s good and bad officers. We have completely equal laws on the books.”

    LIBERAL- “but blacks are shot by police more often *per capita*! The USA is 76% white!”

    CONSERVATIVE- “Well, blacks grow up in single mother households, they earn less money and they commit more crimes, so they encounter police more, which is why police are more likely to shoot them.”

    LIBERAL- “but why are blacks committing more crimes? It MUST be due to unfair policing practices of minority communities!”

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  • How come 3 democrat governors and their chief of health officers, ORDERED nursing homes to accept patients/customers infected with COVID-19?

    I’m confused. Democrats claim that the reason they’re 

    -destroying the economy

    -increasing the rate of suicides

    -increasing the rate of jobless people by tens of millions

    -and increasing the deaths of other medical causes,

    Is because they want to stop a deadly, horrific and fast spreading virus, and save people’s lives from Coronavirus.

    But I’m confused because, why would they force nursing homes to take sick patients who would then spread the Coronavirus to other healthy people? It’s almost like... it’s all political, and they wanted more people to die of Coronavirus. 

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

    New York Times article covered this, along with Multiple other legitimate news sources. So don’t try to have cognitive dissonance, accept reality, accept that this happened. And ask yourself WHY.

    The states were New York, New Jersey and California- all very liberal dem states.

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  • Why do democrats seem to like China more than America? ?

    Are they actually loyal to America... or no? 

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  • Many women trick men into raising kids that aren’t his biologically. Would you support mandatory DNA testing, to avoid this issue? ?


    1) Would you support mandatory DNA testing, to avoid this issue? 

    2) If your husband asked to do a DNA test, would you be mad? Would you do it happily, do it but be annoyed about it, or try to hire a lawyer and refuse? Do you know that you can’t legally refuse? 

    3) Would you ever falsely trick a man into raising someone else’s baby, or do you know anyone who has done this?

    4) Did you know statistics show the number may be as high as 20-30%, regarding the number of men who unknowingly raise children that aren’t biologically his? 

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  • Why do some girls willingly allow themselves to get pregnant when they’re not married, or even in a committed public relationship?


    1) “Because they didn’t know they’d get pregnant” (ever heard of birth control?) 

    2) “Because they can’t afford birth control” (Yo it’s $20 a month. If you can’t afford $20 a month then you sure as hell cant afford a BABY which is a million times more expensive. And 100/100 times the guy you’re about to sleep with will happily pay for your birth control, if you ask, so that he doesn’t have to pay for a child.) 

    3) “Because it’s her life to live” (Yeah, but that doesnt change the fact it’s stupid and it doesn’t answer my question about why they’d willingly do it)

    4) “Because a relationship doesn’t matter” (Actually it does. Studies show that children who grow up with a mom AND a dad, do infinitely better in every single metric, compared to single parent kids. And this is true even when you compare statistics of only the same race.) 

    5) “because the guy lied and said he liked her and she believed him” (Why would they believe that? Get a committed, public relationship on Facebook, meet his friends and family and stay together for awhile or it doesn’t exist. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Period.) 

    Anyway help me out here? 

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  • Why do democrats want to believe Trump’s accusers but not Biden’s accuser?

    I’m a political moderate. The way I see it, is you can’t bash Trump without also bashing Biden. Similarly, you can’t bash Biden without also bashing Trump. At this point, BOTH have been accused of sexual assault by verbal accusations but no hard evidence of any kind. BOTH accusations sound bad, but they’re also suspect since they may be politically motivated. 

    Personally if I had to guess, I think that both politicians are innocent of sexual assault. I think Trump says some lewd/sexist comments and Biden is just flat out creepy. If anything, Biden touches little girls which is definitely a problem (he does that on TV). But at the end of the day, I don’t think either Biden or Trump were dumb enough to full-out sexually assault someone, especially when they can get consensual sex. I think it’s hypocritical that Dems bashed Trump for years but won’t talk about Biden.Lastly, I understand why Trump supporters are frustrated and want to talk about Biden’s sexual assault accusations. It’s unfair that Trump was lambasted for months, even years, but Biden’s sexual assault claim is just supposed to be swept under the rug. Why not give them equal treatment? Christine Blasey Ford lied about multiple things... her “fear of flying”, why/when she got the 2nd door (she got it as a rental investment for her home’s addition to make money, not bcuz she was “afraid”. She got it BEFORE the alleged incident.) Ford’s own best friend said she never went to a party with Kavanaugh. 

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  • Why do stupid men continue to date/marry single moms? Don’t they realize 99% of the time they’ll be cheated on or used?

    1) Women always put their kids first, which means you get put second. 

    2) since you aren’t the bio father, you will get treated even worse.. you’ll always be an “outsider”. She’ll always side with “her blood” in a fight. And if you and her kid argue, she’ll choose her kid. And if you and her argue, her kid/kids will act like you’re the bad guy.

    3) she’ll respect you even less, since you’re willing to date her, a single mom. By being willing to date a single mom, it makes you appear to be a cuck, and she’ll judge you accordingly.

    4) her first marriage probably wouldn’t have failed if she was a good and faithful wife. Think about that. It failed for a reason. 

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