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  • Pencil Mfrs / technogies fast $?.?

       So with everything portable technology being touchscreen now, & still needing to occasionally writesomething down during a call ...

       I've seen hundreds of pen / styluscombos, but why haven't any of the people who make the pencil-topper erasers & even rehular #2 pencil erasers - touchscreen stylus compliant?.

       I had theidea to go to Dollar tree & gota 40pk of the slip-on erasers & a 24pk of pencils - cut in half to golf-pencil size ... $2 should've made 40 stylus pencils for Me to use at work.  No good.


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  • So, thought on SSD designs ...?

      So, since an SSD is basically a large chunk of system RAM placed onto a harddrive interface, is it theoretically possible to install a secondary-controller SSD of 1Tb & set it as a swapdrive - essentially upgrading My system RAM to 1Tb? ... although it's slower because of the SATA connector limitations.

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  • Tamron Hall research accuracy?


      So, Tamron Hall show today showed "First palindrome day in 909 years", but ...

      The first one that pops into mind against that reference for Me is 10/02/2001 ... Obviously NOT 909 years ago. I'm pretty sure there are at least a few more.

       Is the fact checking team She uses that bad, or did they just use a source?.


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  • Artist/Drawing/Painter question ...?

    So, watching the AFVideos on channel 5 before I order dinner and get ready for the overnight shift. Saw a kid pushing a toy inside a homemade cardboard box fort/castle, and moving the castle too.

    Question is : About how long would it take a decent artists, or even a high-school poster painter, to turn an empty bix into a playhouse - say the box is roughly the size of a washer/dryer, or another box for something like a fridge if the kid's older? ...

    Fair payment would be for say 4 hours work at about $9.00 - $12.00 per hour depending how much I like their particular style/design(s)?. [I'd supply the materials of course].

    I'm guessing I'd just post an ad on Craigslist that I'm looking for someone to do it, and request some pics of what they could do ...


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  • Fileserver question - Dedicated / Part sizes ...?

    Hi, Linux gurus especially plz ...

    I'm the guy who's always trying a workaround (mentally if not in physical practice) for the expensive stuff these days. My latest project idea moving up to the forefront of necessity is a large-size set of storage drives all accessible at the same time - an NAS/fileserver for about 6Gbs from the last 20 yrs of repairs/etc..

    I have about 15-20 different Linux distro Live CD/DVDs, and want to build a fileserver from a simple case, ps, cpu, etc ... or from a pre-made barebones from the local Microcenter (Boston, MA).

    I'm having trouble accessing multiple larger drives on the SATA/IDE combined HP pavilion a6119h desktop I've been using for about 3 years for repairs, copyings, and recovering/wiping all my old harddrives. Currently has a 1.5 Tb w/4 partitions running Slacko Puppy that won't use other drives on SATA2. (Likely an issue with Slacko / nbr of partitions, but COULD be HP hardware/Vista designed system).

    So, I'd *like to* throw the cash at a RAID-capable barebones fileserver with say both the 1.5 and 2 Tb drives, and 1 or 2 more refurbs I might pick up later. In the meantime I could use another DVD burner (maybe a Bluray) or a couple 250Gb drives, or one of each, etc. ... It would be a 10-bay tower case with a 750-watt power supply btw, and a current CPU/Mboard bundle.

    QUESTION(s) : 1) Anybody know where to find a free tutorial / diagram set to do this already, 2) Are most Linux distros CAPABLE of these configs/RAID-ed drive capacities?, 3) When connecting to the fileserver's RAID-ed drives will Windows have a problem with the drivesizes of the RAID system or is it "handled" by the RAID subsystem before mounting over the network?. I'd be connecting with a variety of XP, Vista, and 7, as well as some Linux.


    25+ Winyears, 2 scattered linux yrs.

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  • Ubuntu Studio / ArtistX 1.4?

    Hi all ...

    I'm NOT a creative enough individual to use them myself - more mechanically talented than able to convert artistic side into music/art ...

    I have afew friends who ARE talented in that way though ... and have a few extra systems "laying around" collecting dust. They're all P4 class desktops in various sizes and connector types. I have a local Boys and Girls Club just down the street that I wouldn't mind donating a couple systems too also.

    So, here's the question (Took You long enough!!) - combination Linux geeks and Musicians ... I've been able to dload and burn 3 seperate distros from an article about Multimedia distros, they are "dyne:bolic", "ArtistX V1.4", and "Ubuntu Studio V13.04".

    I'm experimenting with these three in multi-boot setups on some old hrddrvs, and will be setting up to a 250Gb IDE drive with 3 partitions at 80Gbs each. But I've seen that both ArtistX and UStudio are based on different versions of Ubuntu Studio (the multiboot menu lists ArtistX as Studio 12.10).

    My main question is that fir the setup to work in the BnGClub environment I would need full multi-user support, across all 3 boot OS's ... Is there a way to create a list of users and their permissions files in a single location that can be accessed by all 3 of these OS's to avoid all the kids and the SU being done in triplicate?. Especially since the partitions will prob'ly fill quickly due to the nature of these files in general.

    I'd also like to know if it's possible/simpler to trim down to a single UStudio/ArtistX install that can install/config the amount of programs in ArtistX and the stability of V13.04 UStudio (basically cross-install all the software from ArtistX into the new UStudio's core) without re-dloading and installing them individually, creating an updated ArtistX basically.

    Thanks!!, JW

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  • Compilers needed for laptops / (Racy-)Puppy linux and "Teach Yourself" ebooks.?

    I JUST started setting up multiple laptops from Craigslist with Puppy Linux (Racy-Puppy) V5.3, and need to find one or two free C/C++ compilers that are very compact and will run under those distros.

    I basically pull the Hrddrvs from the laptops, boot from the Puppy USB flashdrvs, and read the dloaded ebooks on another laptop (or netbook/home system).

    My main concerns (right now, while learning Linux more deeply) are that I can fit everything smoothly onto my 7Gbs free space on the 8Gb flashdrive, or a 16Gb when the time comes. Although I CAN add an internal hrddrv now, I'd prefer to save it for a full installation when I'm more comfortable with Linux and upgrade to a complete distro of Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc ...

    I'm ALSO very interested in any larger freeware repositories for stuff like this, so I can learn install procedures, filetype specifics when compiling, software-related eccenriciities, etc. (Please and Thank You!)

    Linux Newb, Winstaller/Refurber/donater for 20+ years.

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  • On the note of homes with multiple kids ...?

    As a virus removal guru for years, I'm attempting to (theorize at least) "create/design" a simplified user login for home computers that would allow Younger kids around say from 5 up to 11 to go online to their playing games websites, and older kids to do what they do online (dload music, webchats, facebooks/etc) without being able to damage an admin user's operating system.

    Cpl choices so far ;

    1) INSTANTANEOUS boot to a "virtual machine environment" with the win.ini and group security settings, etc adjustments. So far this is looking like the best possible option from most angles, including ease of setting up the same basic bootfile set and just creating the correct links to the right virtmachine settings file for each Win version. (Kids = CE + kiosk mode IExplorer to theiorown links (homemade)HTMLFile, older teens = XP Home with a Nanny program or some other such monitor software **if they request it**.

    2) A multi-bootable OS selected from the main startup menus, as we did in the old days. Multiple OS'es installed on a single machine under 2 different folders or partitions. The kids would share a single XP setup and user logins would be monitored on it with an Admin account occassionally, while the adult(s) maintained their own partition-installed OS. (Too much to maintain!!).

    3) A switchable hard drive power supply from a physical switch on the system case. Another project I never finished but wish I did. Each hard drive has it's own users set up and flipping the drive switch before the power switch selects which hard drive the system uses.

    4) Last and most difficult for me personally due to lack of experience with the particulars of the OS (never had admin rights on a version to play around with) would be setting up a "Windows Server" type of situation with multiple user profiles that are used on bootup by each login ID. (do-able by XP I bet, but no luck researching it either yet).

    Need some opinion from experienced users/admins/geeks on the best method for novice users to control, and to limit when I'd have to be called in for a cleanup and recovery/rebuild of the kids' OS.

    Last option, (many people still trying to get it right) = a bootable system flashdrive held by each of the family members and setting the BIOS to boot from USB first. NOT viable for today's generic parents, and not a secure environment to store parents' flashdrives.

    Thanks all ... and Good Luck!

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  • In the videogame "Space Bunnies Must Die" (YES, a classic!) ...?

    I need to know as many of the song names from tne game as possible, starting with the main song She dances to in level 1 after the truck crashes and You climb the mountain to get the 1st 10 carrots.

    My copy of the game (3rd copy, acquired from Amazon used) won't pass the 2nd or 3rd level btw. Havent played in a long time though so might try a re-tweak soon.

    But the music I want to search for online, and the frst song is the best thing I've heard in a LONG time.


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  • advice from past/present owners of 1984 KZ750s?

    Hi, Someone at work is selling a 1984 Kawasaki KZ750 for a GREAT price, that hasnlt been on the road for 3 years. I'm in Massachusetts and can probably register it as an antique if I buy it under the 25 years old laws. I would be buying it as a project to store at an out of state friend's house until I want to upgrae from a brand new 1560cc scooter I just registered.

    Any past / present owners have some good tips for performance tweaks / model-specific problems to watch for / or any special treats this bike may feature?. I've admired the KZ550 version as a used drool-over since I was 16 so many years ago.


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  • Looking or 2 things - 1 online, and 1 offline ...?

    Hi all ...

    I'm looking for 2 seperate things, for 2 different people.

    1st is an offline downloadable game (freeware preferred) of Skeeball, which if You don't recognize the name is basically like the one at this link called Carniball. I need it play easily with a mouse, and I know about the bowling games already out there, but want a Skeeball instead.

    I was hoping to email the idea to the Elf Bowling people for theur next release, but haven't yet.

    The 2nd thing I'm looking for is a free webcam site that is completely cam-based, not adult, and covers lots of various topics. I know I'm asking for a room full of people scraming over each other to be pumped through my speakers, but that's what the guy wants apparently.

    The guy I need the cam site for is dyslexic, and just bought a cam so he could use his computer without having to watch chat rooms scroll by, and possibly meet a few people to have topic-specific conversations with.

    Thanks for any decent help, and please don't post spamming messages with adult sites that are useless to us.

    Good Luck!.

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  • Anybody agree with THIS money question? Taxes, new, old, all.?

    I just heard on one of those forum-type conversational shows (from an all-woman panel every week) One of the women use the statement that "I think the american taxpayers' money should be used to benefit the American public".

    My question is this ;

    Shouldn't the American Taxpayers' money be used to benefit the American TAXPAYERS, and any profits from the rest of government be used to benefit "the rest of" the American public?!?.

    Is it not the American Taxpayers that keep the money of the country flowing in multiple directions and keep the economy in flux and operating?, and don't the people doing those jobs continually generate government income from penalties, fines, tariffs, production and licensing fees, gas taxes, renewals of licenses and registrations for vehicles, medical insurances, treasury bonds, etc, etc, etc ?...

    Shouldn't the Taxpayer be creating a route to better income from the money it costs to actually HAVE a job these days, and be promoting an actual worklife that CAN lead to a better worklife?.

    And wouldn't this money be put to GREAT use to provide a fair pay for same work law in all companies by job-class structure, legitimate tax deductions for people who really benefit the country with their products, or a cost-of-living increase that actually relates to the genuine cost of living yearly?.

    People who drive would get related increases when gas goes up, people who ride the trains and public transportation would get a traffic decreasing benefit refund - that actually pays for more than a couple train tickets for the year, etc.

    And at the other end, companies who cause actual damage to the cost-of-living, produce non-assisting items that don't run or operate as "green" as they could would get bigger penalties until they DO operate properly for the future benefit of the employees and customers, and any business that provides services to non-employed people who are of emplyment age would be getting subsidies from sources OTHER THAN taxpayer dollars, meaning the actual Government income from all other sources.

    And the people who run the government would get their salaries from those other sources as well.

    Now I need to decide where in Y! Answers this would be categorized.

    Good luck!.

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  • Hhhmm, Always see PC people saying Ubuntu/Linux ...?

    I wonder why we never see ANYONE telling a Mac user set of people to convert to Linux or Ubuntu, or Lindows. Basically the processor series and sub-set in a Mac is a 68000-series based chipset, which was the same as the original mainframes and Sun microsystems ran with.

    Wouldn't it make more sense for the limited hardware Macs to use an OS like Lindows or ubuntu?.

    Has it been tried ? - even as possible for dual-booting a Mac?.

    Good Luck!.

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  • MSWorks 8/8.5 relating to (V)is(B)asic_ for_(A)pplications?.?

    I'm interested in creating software and parts of software that will run within databases, and spreadsheets like a wizard, or for customized templates for them, and I prefer to use older systems like P3 or early P4s that I actually find for free and revitalize for friends.

    I already know that MSWorks has a database, spreadsheet, and (a rimmed-down) MSWord programs (The Non-Suite version 8/8.5 upgraded).

    My question is - exactly how scaled down is MSWorks from MSOffice, and does it mean that most, none or only particular software written with VBA will not work with Works?.

    If possible, please include which portions , modules, or DLLibraries are there/missing that will affect the functionalities of code under Works 8.5, and whether there's an add-on module (A VirtulaPC for VBA?) that will allow some to be used.

    Thanks, and Good luck!.

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  • Instructional / training recommendations for ...?

    G'Morning ...

    I have several projects I'm interested working on, and am interested in setting up several "stripped-down" systems designed specifically for the "purpose of the day". I'm also thinking of just creating several dedicated hard drives for my laptop that will be used the same way.

    I'm interested in anything some Pros can suggest for learning this :

    1) Creating and desining a TinyXP or TinyVista config from a full CD.

    2) Configging (and providing files for) a completely remote setup from a server, and multiple boot from server configs. I'd like to make each login remote with different user IDs *before* it loads the core instead of after starting Windows XP Pro. A DOS-based login that decides the TinyXP (or TinyVista) remote version to load.

    3) Kiosk mode. Any and everything I can be taught about it, including touch-screens and I/O methods as far on-screen keyboards, speech recognition, plug-in devices, etc..

    4) Full and complete from scratch re-designing older PDAs to fit my own personal software and OS requirements. I want to completely rebuild something like a Palm Treo, or other lightweight but capable WinCE-type device into a full TinyXP / TinyVista system, and add one of the newest USB flashdrives of around 32+Gigs, or even run an optional-by-login OS function(s) from the flashdrive itself.

    Thanks in Advance ...

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  • In search of the following : functional USB to SDCard-device-slot adapter.?

    I have an SDCard multifunction entertainment device that reads and uses up to a 4 Gig SDCard for pics, camera/vidcam, games, audio, and videos and ebooks.

    I WANT to be able to use a flashdrive (of any soze) on it with the usb cord connectoed as a storage device, so I can ransfer specific entertainment files to it from a single archived set without swapping SDCards or using more than 1 usb port on a desktop or laptop system.

    I want to run the flashdrive in the unit and open 2 folders from My Computer for both the built-in 1Gig, and the Flashdrive's say 32 Gigs.

    Thanks in advance!!.

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  • Software to do THIS - free ...?

    I'm in need of an extremely simple program to create extremely simple html form tests with. It only needs to ask me what each question is, and allow me to either provide multiple choice answers with one correct, or provide a true/false option, with seperate sections for each, and swappable by either method for answers for the same questions.

    Simply put, I have some people who need to get ready for the driver's exam for both learner's permits and licenses, at different levels of licenses. I'd like to take the info in the book, and convert it to a multiple choice exam they can take and randomize the question order for them to just keep repeating the test in an html page form, with a correct or not correct grading system and track the ones they get wrong each time.

    That's it, no more, no bells and whistles, simple yes or no, and which ones are wrong and right at the end of each test session.

    The only extra that might be desirable would be a "random whole number from 1 to ##" generated by the computer for some of the questions so the same 4 number choices aren't there each time.

    No PDA available as of yet, but may get a cheap used on in the future. So that's a possibility so i can just loan each of them the PDA.

    Thanks in advance!.

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  • why is marijuana called 420?

    Seen it in personal ads, not sure why it has the nickname. pot, weed, herb, smoke, etc. I know.

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