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  • Should I dye my hair even tho it's damaged?

    I've always had light hair which of course requires a lot of bleach the thing is that in the summer I dyed my hair sooooo much and it felt my hair feeling dry and having so many split ends. I dyed my hair one last time close to my "natural hair color" which is like a dark brown. Everyone says to dye it back light because it looks better but my hair is sooo dry and I want glossy shiny healthy hair. What should I do.

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  • My boyfriend never has time for me?

    My boyfriend works Monday-Sunday he's 17 I'm 18. He works at his uncles I understand he has to make his money and I don't want to take that away from him but we never have time for each other. I work Saturday and Sunday's and we do see each other sometimes because we're both too tired all we do is go out to eat and go home sometimes we hangout Fridays but it's rare. I feel selfish but I honestly feel like he doesn't make time we literally don't hang out, to go out to the movies or go somewhere it's rare maybe like once a month. I've talked to him about it and he told me his mom told him the same thing a while ago but he doesn't understand. Am I wrong for feeling this way?

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  • My boyfriend doesn't want me to drink?

    I been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now, he's younger than me he's 17 and I'm about to turn 18 in a couple of days. Before you think any he's very mature for his age and he's really smart. The problem is my parents let me drink for my 18 birthday with my friends at a hotel which is literally three girls not planning on having guys over. Every time I bring up this topic to him he gets so mad saying he doesn't like seeing me drunk or he doesn't like girls who drink, what should I do?

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  • Do I have a drinking problem?

    I'm 17 years old, I know you might think wow you're too young but you see I feel so depressed so down on myself for certain parts of my life. They are all going down hill, I don't know who the hell I am anymore. Sometimes at night for example like today when I find myself crying I feel like feelings kind of like this feeling I used to have when I was young (when I used to cut but stopped) that I need something to make that feeling go away and once I taste that beer I feel so much better I feel grounded. I know myself getting addicted to it, I don't want to since it looks bad on a girl. I have ways on getting it and I will literally do anything to get it. Well not anything as in sell myself but you get me.

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  • I'm scared I'm going to get used for sex?

    So my ex boyfriend we dated for a year I really fell deep for him, let me just say that relationship was so horrible and so toxic. Anyways, skip to the part every time he would break up with me he would tell me I don't care I already got what I wanted anyways meaning the sex obviously (I'm 18). Now I moved on but I'm so afraid I had dated two guys who were long term relationships the first one left me for his ex and this one that I'm talking about cheated on me three times and didn't tell me until I was already leaving him because of bruises. I told myself not all guys are the same but this last relationship really destroyed me when I feel myself getting attached I feel afraid like I want to back out I told this guy I didn't want sex and said he respected my word but it's so hard trusting again what do I do?

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  • My BF cheated on me, I kissed a guy. I need help?

    Me and my boyfriend are 10 months (we're 18) we had broken up a week ago because he "wanted a break" and I said no so he said just to break up and that happened two days later I went with my friends to the beach and there was people from my school everyone was high and drunk including myself. We were in a circle and this guy (same grade) we were all talking about things and we kissed we like kind of made out, after that I only saw him about three times and we kissed again but that was it. My ex was texting me the whole time how he wanted me back and everything we had talked and he said when he left to Mexico for vacation he cheated on me and pretended he didn't have a girlfriend then in school when we argued and he kissed his old kick in the forehead. I feel so dumb now that I got back with him that's all I think about, and that one guy he hasn't been in a relationship in a while but I don't know I can't stop talking to him even though I know it's out of respect for my boyfriend what should I do? He tells me he regrets everything deeply and he really wants to make an effort to try because he wants a future but he's done to many especially before he would flirt with his "best friend" when we were together

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  • I watch lesbian porn but have a boyfriend should I feel guilty?

    I always had this thing for lesbian porn, I get turned on soooo much. I have questioned my sexuality before. I'm 18, and I been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. The thing is that when me and him have sex I do enjoy it but I feel that I would rather enjoy it better with a female. I feel so horrible and such a bad girlfriend, I sometimes masturbate when I watch it (I'm not a pervert or disgusting) should I feel bad about it? The thing is I don't know if I like male or female. I have a really strong connection with him and it would hurt if I lose him but I'm very confused on my sexuality never done anything with a girl but I know I'd always had theses thoughts since I was in 7th grade. Should I tell him? Please help 😣

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  • Is their feminine lesbians that like other feminine lesbians? Should I tell my boyfriend I'm bisexual?

    There's two questions in one.

    It might sound ignorant, but I'm bisexual

    I never really had a thing with a girl but I know I wouldn't mind having a girlfriend.

    The thing is I'm very girly, and I'm attracted to that I don't want to sound mean or like come out as offensive but I'm scared that I won't find me someone that way. You get me? Or how I know? I'm 17 years old btw. I have a boyfriend we been dating for 7 months now, I don't think he knows since only one of my close friends know, and it seems wrong but I'm not looking for a girlfriend I'm just very curious. What do you think of this?

  • Is this abuse or what is this?

    I'm 17 years old, and I been with my boyfriend for 7 months anyways we get into little fights and big ones about dumb reasons when he gets really mad he punches walls. Sometimes he grabs me by my neck not hard enough to make stop breathing but yeah if you know what I mean. He either pinches me so hard or grabs me really hard where it leaves really small bruises, there was once were we were playing around and he got mad I guess so he grabbed my hand and banged it against the floor but to him he was "playing around." A month ago, we got into a fight and he pushed my head so I can hit it against the table, his little brother saw and screamed at him that he didn't need to hit me and when we talked about he started crying saying he doesn't know why he does that and that he doesn't want to hurt me but he can't control himself. I have bad anxiety and panic attack I admit I can be a b*tch with my words and I want to leave him but I feel bad giving up on him when he never did on me I really want to leave but I can't this guy is my best friend but every time he gets mad in the past he had to invite a girl over or do something that involves flirting but he's the sweetest guy ever he's two people if you get me? He was going to get me a promise ring but now I don't even know if I want one I'm just so confused. Like I see him and I see someone who I have such deep connection with him I told him and he said it's not even abuse because he doesn't punch me or hit me hard and I'm just a p*ssy

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  • Could I be Pregnant?

    I'm two days late, after today will be 3 days late.

    My last day of my first period was January 4 I done research if I am I would be 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I have been feeling like I lost appetite, which is why I question it since most people gain it. I could be eating, during the meal I feel full and I'm not half way done right after I feel like throwing up. I have theses HUGE headaches where my head feels frozen and its pounding, my heart tends to race often not sure if because I keep thinking about this. I have lower stomach cramps but they feel like cramps inside for example, you know that feeling of holding your pee? It feels like that. I also been pooping so much! Sometimes I'm constipated. Is it to early for signs? How long should I test?

  • Should I get Birth Control? Please help?

    I'm 17 years old, before you say that's probably to young for sex or I should wait for marriage, I respect your opinion.

    Me and my boyfriend are sexually active we use protection (condom) but I wanted to give birth control a try, I just heard things about gaining weight, getting acne, and such things like that. Can I get them without a parent knowing? I'd appreciate to read about any experiences with birth control. Thank you!

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  • Should I take Birth Control? Need advice?

    I'm 17 years old, before you say that's probably to young for sex or I should wait for marriage, I respect your opinion.

    Me and my boyfriend are sexually active we use protection (condom) but I wanted to give birth control a try, I just heard things about gaining weight, getting acne, and such things like that. Can I get them without a parent knowing? I'd appreciate to read about any experiences with birth control. Thank you!

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  • My boyfriend is taking long to answer? Am I over reacting?

    So my boyfriend went to Mexico for winter break two weeks, I know he's not going to answer right away I know he's going to be having fun and be distracted. I know he gets signal because he updates story's on snapchat or is on Facebook, anyways he literally takes like 6 hours to respond. Our conversations are so dry! They're mostly like what are you doing we do tell each other we miss each other or that we love each other but it's like ugh. I don't know if this has nothing to do with it but when I used to be in a long distance for two years, and not having him with me especially seeing him everyday I HATE remembering that same feeling all over again, like I said I know it's just vacation but I feel so impatience. Am I over reacting? I do go out with my friends so I get distracted too

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  • I used to have an eating disorder, now I'm panicking because I'm gaining weight?! I can't stop crying?

    So freshmen summer (when I was entering my sophomore year) I begin eating up to only 800 calories a day and sometimes vomiting food I knew I shouldn't have ate, I did this for almost a full sophomore year I was really Insecure people told me I was losing a lot of weight and my collar bone was popping a lot but I was getting really sick I wasn't bony skinny but I did lose noticeable weight. Anyways after my break up my 11th year I feel like I been slowly gaining weight I see pictures of myself and I tell myself I was perfect in that weight but during those moment I saw myself so fat. Now I can't stop crying and in panicking really bad right now please help me I don't want to start this thing again but I'm stressing out.

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  • i feel like he won't like me back because of my nationality ?

    In in the 11th grade and I have a crush on this guy he s a senior in my high school.

    I m Hispanic/American but I m very light skinned, and he s African American and I find him so cute he has this sweet caring face. I m afraid he will reject me because of where I come from. Since a lot of people tend to go for what they usually are, I wouldn t mind because we all are the same.. today I walked in McDonald s since I was going with my friend he was there with his sister and we made strong eye contact lol what should I do? He added me on Facebook a couple weeks ago but I m not sure if he knows it s me since we re different grade levels.

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  • how long did it take you to get over a breakup?

    I was in one for almost 2 years long distance I was pretty young at that age.

    That relationship started around 2012

    it's now, 2015 and I can't seem to cry sometimes I mean I don't cry everyday but I regret leaving because of how far we were.

    It might sound very stupid, or crazy but why can't I seem to stop? we talk like ever 5 months now and then small conversations. He was my first boyfriend, but I never got to meet him.

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  • I'm scared of what's going to happen as I get older and have to live my own life?

    I'm going through so much confusion I'm 17 years old, and I only have one year of school left. I want to go to college I want my own apartment and such but I'm so scared of the world, I'm scared of growing up and handling everything on my own especially because right now I'm going through a heart break I know this shouldn't be on my mind but it is. I just keep thinking how I can wish to be little again, and my heart feels so much pain from everything I feel so hurt. I know I'm strong and I want to keep going but every time I feel like I let go of my past, my past won't let me. How can I get over this? Please help me.

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