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as you know, im a diehard avid lfc fan and I couldn't possibly imagine life without lfc - football without lfc, would be - empty. to me, if a club like lfc didn't exist I don't think I'd follow the so called 'beautiful game'. in fact, without LFC it would just be known as ' the game' ! ^_^ we make it beautiful baby ;-) lol Lastly - some quotes, that i'd just like to share with the masses on here ^_^ " appreciate those who love you help those who need you forgive those who hurt you forget those who leave you " “Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” ― Albert Camus “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” ― Bob Marley “The first duty of a man is to think for himself” ― José Martí

  • What happened to us last night - Atalanta bossed us and won in convincing fashion ?

    Liverpool 0 - 2 Atalanta

    They were so strong physically and were not in the mood to take any s*** from us clearly from the get go,  I respect any team who brings that sort of attitude and game plan to Anfield.

    Moreover, their build up play for both goals was excellent but our defending was a little below standard I felt.

    Their keeper had feck all to day If I remember correctly, I don't think we even registered a single shot on target throughout the 90 minutes which was worrying to say the least.

    I did predict Atalanta to qualify from this group btw.  What I didn't predict was a team that got annihilated 5-0 at home to come to our patch and dish it back a bit, credit where its due to Atalanta I guess.

    With 2 games remaining and still top of our group on 9 points,  the 2nd and 3rd teams have 7 points and it means we need to make sure we do enough to qualify out of this group now!

    Take a look at the standings in the Group Stages so far folks,  few teams have already booked their passage into the last 16:

    thoughts ?

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  • So KDB has hit out at the fixture pile-up and handball law then ?

    “I’ve been playing professional football for 12 years. In the first nine years there were no rule changes and in the last three years there’ve been a lot of rule changes. I don’t why, football is such a nice game. The people who make the rules should be people in the game. I don’t know who makes them.” ~ Kevin De Bruyne

    Personally I agree with some of what hes saying, mainly the handball rules. 

    what do you lot make of his 'damning attack' on football authorities ?

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  • Now you're gonna believe us now you're gonna believe us now you're gonna believe us ?

    # we're gonna win the league #

    # we're gonna win the league #



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  • 6 Key players were missing yesterday against Leicester City and still very dominant ?

    No Mohammed Salah

    No Virgil Van Dijk

    No Thiago Alcântara

    No Trent Alexander Arnold

    No Jordan Henderson

    No Joe Gomez

    No problem! ^_^ lol

    still DID THE Job.

    brilliant ^_^


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  • So Jose Mourinho's Tottenham Hotspur want to 'challenge' Jurgen Klopps Champions for the title ?

    come and take it if you can lol

    staying on Merseyside for another season :-D


  • Well,  what a win yesterday - strong solid performance as always, Liverpool seldom disappointment ?

    great headers all of them, well deserved win. 

    I still think its far too early to say who will finish where but after each matchweek it ought not to surprise anybody we are where we are because we are the defending premier league champions.

    thats why we're 2nd in the league with the same number of points as Spurs.

    Jose Mourinho has a really good squad there and I will be interested to see how they fare over the course of the epl season.

    I predicted before the start of this season that we'd defend our EPL Crown and I am quietly confident this amazing manager Jurgen Klopp is going to make sure this amazing Liverpool team will 'do enough' to get over that final hurdle and emerge as Champions of England once again ^_^

    thoughts ?

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  • # Liverpool - Li - ver - pool - LIVERPOOL - LIVERPOOL! #  ?


    we're the best of that there is no doubt ^_^




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  • Fellow Reds - it should be a home win today, its Leicester City - but I'm confident our boys will get the job done ?

    3 points on the board and hopefully 20 points 2nd only to Spurs on GD.

    Okay some MATCH FACTS:

    Team newsJordan Henderson is out, but Liverpool will monitor Fabinho and Thiago Alcantara.Leicester City report no fresh injury concerns following the international break.Wesley Fofana (knee) has returned to training along with Ricardo Pereira (ACL), Wilfred Ndidi and Çaglar Soyuncu (both adductor) plus Timothy Castagne (hamstring).

    Did you know?Liverpool have conceded first in their last three Premier League home matches but have come back to win each time. No side have ever done this in four consecutive PL home matches.Diogo Jota has scored in all three of his home league appearances for Liverpool. No player in the club's history has scored in each of their first four top-flight home outings.Liverpool are unbeaten in their last 63 PL home matches, their joint-longest such run in the top flight. Their previous run between February 1978 and December 1980 was eventually ended with defeat by Leicester.Leicester's Jamie Vardy has scored seven goals in 11 PL appearances against Liverpool, with only Andy Cole (11) and Thierry Henry (eight) netting more against the Reds in the competition.

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  • What did I tell you all, Spurs were going to beat Man City - though I predicted 2-1 to Spurs ?

    Spurs fielded 2 English players ( Eric Dier and Harry Kane )


    Man City fielded 1 English player (Kyle Walker)

    Nationality of players who started in this fixture:

    France ( 4 )  - Spurs ( Hugo Lloris, Moussa Sissoko, Tanguy Ndombele ) City ( Aymeric Laporte )

    Portugal ( 3 ) - City ( Jaao Cancelo, Ruben Dias, Bernardo Silva )

    Spain ( 3 ) - Spurs ( Sergio Regulion )  City ( Ferran Torres, Rodrigo )

    Belgim ( 2 ) -  Spurs ( Toby Alderweireld ) City ( Kevin De Bruyne )

    Still too early to say much but BECAUSE Jose Mourinho is the manager of Spurs,  I will considre Spurs to be title challengers this season.  Only because they have one of the best managers in world football at the helm.  He'll make them believe and he'll make them a formidable outfit this season.

    thoughts ?

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  • Attachment image

    This is how the table will look like up until Christmas ?

    I used manchester evening news onlines score predictor , you keep predicting each fixture up until xmas and then it generates you the table.

    So mine looked like this after I picked all my predictions ( refer to photo )

    I'm sorry folks, we're very good and we're not going to just let anybody take the title from us THAT EASILY - we are Liverpool F.C ^_^

  • Premier League Match Week 9 - Fixtures & Predictions ?

    Saturday 21st November

    Newcastle - Chelsea (1-4)

    Aston Villa - Brighton (2-1)

    Spurs - Man City (2-1)

    Man Utd - West Brom (3-0)

    Sunday 22nd November

    Fulham - Everton (0-3)

    Sheffield United - West Ham (1-1)

    Leeds - Arsenal (0-1)

    Liverpool - Leicester (1-0)

    Monday 23rd November

    Burnley - Crystal Palace (2-2)

    Wolves - Southampton (2-3)

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  • Can Man United win the league by 2022-23 ?

    if they don't, you do realise they'll complete 10 years - thats a decade without winning the league ?   did anybody think they'd end up going that long without a league title in a post-SAF era ?

    i sure as hell didn't - but i'm glad its happening lol

    thoughts ?

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  • EPL Regs ,You better watch out You better not cry ?

    # You better not pout

    I'm telling you why

    Jurgen Reds FC is coming to town ^_^

    We're making a list,

    we're checking it twice,

    we're decide who to beat this season twice

    Jurgens Reds are coming to town  ^_^

    We can see your defence sleeping

    And we know when its awake

    We if you've been bad or good

    So be good for goodness sake

    You better watch out!

    You better not cry

    You better not pout, we're telling you why

    'Cause LIVERPOOL FC is coming to town!

    ho ho ho

    ho ho ho

    6 times ^_^

    TITLE 2020-21 - CHAMPIONS LFC :-D


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  • Imagine a football team so good, that it moves the ball forwards at will with ease, and displays perfect first touch ?

    a team so good that it makes a mockery of an opposition team even trying to take the ball off of them.

    imagine a team so good that when it has the ball, each player already knows the move from start to finish and knows the perfect way to recieve, control and release the ball swiftly and smoothly into the path or feet of the next player.

    what if i told you that team wasn't Peps Barcelona of the late noughties and early 2010s',  but in fact a team as good if not maybe even better existed two decades earlier.

    That team was the 1982 Brazil Team.

    Watch this and be fecking blown away ^_^

    Youtube thumbnail

    This team would beat Cruyfs 'total football' dutch teams of the mid-late 70s easily imo.

    thoughts ?

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  • Possible England line up vs Ireland tonight ?

    Jadon Sancho is playing.

    Just checked here

    Mason Mount as well.

    some good talent there.

    whether this 'good talent' is 'good enough' to play as a unit remains to be seen...

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  • Injury blow for us,  now Gomez is out injured too ?

    Leaving just one recognised full time center back option - Joel Matip.

    Van Dijk and Fabinho are also out, with the latter being a defensive midfielder who can operate part time as a center back if called upon to do so.

    Now we're in a bit of a pickle aren't we ? ^_^

    so if we can somehow weather the storm and grind out results without losing too many games up until the jan transfer window,  and we're still in title contention I'd say we've done well.

    We'll need to buy a center back in the window thats the for.

    Does make you wonder though, if this season our title challenge will be adversely affected due to injuries.

    fellow reds, your thoughts ?

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  • In America, If a cop flashes his lights on a highway while behind you ?

    do you:

    a) ignore this, and just keep driving to where ever you are trying to reach

    b) find a safe place to pull over immediately.

    c) change lanes constantly and safely, pretending not to notice and make his/her job more difficult in trying to pull you over.

    d) start speeding! ^_^


    which is the WORST thing you could in this situation ?

    what is the BEST thing you could do in this situation ?

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