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Shi Tao Jailed because of Yahoo!

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  • How much $ does PayPal process in Federal Campaign Contributions?

    PayPal is a conduit for vast sums of Political Contribution Cash.

    How can I find out the amount of Federal Campaign Contributions is processes by PayPal during an Election Year?

    I'm afraid wasn't very helpful.



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  • for Born Again Christians: Are there any Faiths or Religions you would Advocate the Destruction of?


    If you name a Faith(s) or Religion (s), that is a declaration that you openly advocate it's destruction. Period.

    If you do not openly advocate it's destruction, please don't name it. Likewise, please don't reword my question and try to answer that instead.

    If you wish a different question, then, please, Ask You own Question.

    If you do not name any Faith or Religion, but have a whole bunch of other stuff to say, then your answer is "No".

    In that case, just respond "No".

    Your principals should be strong enough to stand on their own.

    With that, any lengthy explanations would seem to be an attempt at conversion, disguised as expounding.

    Finally: My gratitude for your answers.

    Oh yea. Atheists? The last 4 billion atheistic posts have informed us where you stand on people of faith. We get it. Consider us informed. Thanks.


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  • List of FTC / Gov against RIAA Music Companies for Price Fixing, Payola, Collusion, etc.?

    Is there a site that has a comprehensive list of Government actions against the RIAA member Music companies? Such as FTC fines for price fixing, Attorney General actions for payola...

    That sort of thing. Some where we can see a running history of Big Music corruption and where they have been caught. Overseas results are good too.

    Thanks Everyone!


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  • Jesus's Earthly Father Arrested.?

    If the story of Jesus's birth were held today, would Joseph be arrested and tried as a Sex Offender? With Mary being 13 and Pregnant and Joseph in his '20s, law enforcement would never believe Joseph's explanation.

    I don't know if a DNA test would show Christ carrying Joseph's DNA.

    Even though Joseph "never knew" Mary prior to her conception I am assuming he intended to consummate the marriage at some point and that he wasn't counting the days until her 18th birthday.

    If that is so, then he would certainly be a Sex Offender, would be tried and found guilty, and after he served his sentence, he would have to register with the national Sex Offender Database and be posted on the law enforcement SO websites.

    Joseph would be shunned by society and mercilessly treated for the rest of his Earthly days.

    So is having sex with an underage girl evil, if you are in your twenties, or does evil depend of the culture of the day?


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