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  • Why does the wind outside blow my indoor air towards the outside when the wind blows?

    Ok, so my window is open. Sometimes I get a breeze blowing from the windows blowing cold refreshing air into my room. Sometimes though, I hear the sound of the wind but instead, it is sucking my inside air to the outside when I see the curtains move next to the window towards the outside direction sort of like a vacuum effect. My thermometer on the outside portion of the window reflects this since in a span of 1 hour the temperature increased from 39 degrees to 52 degrees outside even though it is still 39 degrees out and this happened after midnight. My room temperature is 76 degrees so that means the wind outside was taking my warm indoor air and was blowing it towards the outside. You also notice when you see the tree moving to the wind and you are directly in front of the window but don't feel the air hitting you but instead in the opposite direction. What exactly causes this vacuum-like effect?

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  • How to you lost a belly that is 5-6 inches more than the length of your upper body?

    In other words, you can say I mean Skinny Fat. Overall you are slim but you have a belly. You use a tape measure and circle it around the slim part of your upper body. For example, your upper body is 35 inches. Then you measure your belly. The tape measure says 40-41. I know someone who is 5 foot 8 and weights 149 pounds but has a belly 6 inches longer than his upper body. What would be the best way to even it out or even make the belly less longer than the upper body? Can it be done in a week or 7 days at the quickest. How about 3 weeks? Would situps help or speed walking or even a leisurely walk?

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  • In summer, does putting a fan in an air-conditioned room make the room colder?

    I am looking to either get a floor fan that you can pivot towards the ceiling or a fan that stands about 5 feet high. I have a 14,000 BTU air conditioner that is running to cool down an apartment that totals 750 square feet. The ceiling everywhere is 9 feet high. The room that the air conditioner is in is around 320 square feet. It can keep that room at 70-73 in summer while the more distant areas are around 78-80. Would a fan be a solution or am I better off adding 1 or 2 more air conditioners? Perhaps multiple fans? I think one fan in the air-conditioned room would still make a huge difference. If the air conditioner is keeping that room at 70, the fan I think would make 70 feel more like 65 or so. Probably the rooms near 80 would drop into the mid-70s or perhaps lower.

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    Does putting a fan under a window circulate outdoor air quicker into a room?

    I am looking for a fan like this. One that you put on the floor right next to or below a window since cooler air sinks to the ground. As an apartment resident with no control of the radiator, my room can get as warm as 85 degrees. I open my window and my room still struggles to drop below 79 degrees. I put the thermometer on the floor where the temperature is at a refreshing 68-72 degrees (that is quite warm for a floor temperature with an open window when it is 49 degrees out, then again the radiator is overheating the place). So it looks like this fan can easily cool the room down since it will easily impact the heat load. This is a Ken Brown fan rated at 2850 CFM:

    If I open my window 10-12 inches and turn on this fan on high for 5 hours and point the fan towards the ceiling, there should be no issue cooling the room down to 75 or below right? By the way, the room is 300 square feet with 9 feet high ceiling. NYC is behind the times using radiators that tenants cannot control. Would be nice to have electric heat with a thermostat. Unless the outside temp is below 20, I would never crank my heat above 77.

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  • What is CFM?

    Is CFM the speed of a fan? Sometimes I see that an AC is rated with a certain CFM and so is a fan. I have seen a cold AC rated between 250-500 CFM while I see fans that are rated as high as 2900 CFM. How do you convert CFM to MPH? Is CFM a good way to determine how much air a fan can move around in a room. Does the CFM rating of an air conditioner affect its BTU? 

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  • How to deal with a girl who constantly changes her number?

    Hello, so I have a girl who I am no longer interested in being friends with or even dating. Apparently, she has been dating another guy for the past 2 years and unfortunately for her, it is not going well. So this year she has been sending me a lot of text messages telling me to contact her boyfriend to tell him to unblock her. This is probably the 11th time that he has blocked her for some reason so she gave me his number to reach out to him to tell him to unblock her. I told her to stop but instead she continued to ask me which I refused to do. 2 months have gone by and she is trying to text me from a different number. She mentioned that she is using an app called Google Voice to change her number to get in touch with me and her boyfriend until he blocks her again and when she changes her number again. The cycle unfortunately never stops. I have also blocked her as well and my phone blocks calls that are not in my contact list. How do I get to the bottom of this and stop the whole cycle?

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  • Does anyone miss in-person learning? Or would you prefer remote learning?

    COVID19 has changed everything. For some people, commuting is no longer necessary anymore. It's amazing how far technology has come. I don't miss much of in-person learning. Remote learning means relaxing and learning in your own home. I wonder how the teachers and college professors feel about remote learning. Do you teachers or professors miss in-person learning? 

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  • How do you take a clear picture of a computer screen with a phone?

    I'd like to know how I can take a clear picture of a laptop screen. When I use my phone to take a picture of the screen, sometimes it is a good photo and sometimes I see strange lines on the picture I took while my own eyes don't detect that on the LCD of the laptop. What are those lines and how to get rid of or prevent them from disrupting the image quality on my phone?

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  • How to track the location of a sent email?

    The other day someone sent me a prank email saying that I would lose my car insurance due to nonpayment. That makes no sense since I do not have a car. The email stated that they were a car company based down in Florida. I am wondering how can I find out the location of whoever sent this email? Would I be able to know the name of this specific person? I hear that emails are very hard to track.

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  • Do professors care about their students?

    Do professors care about you? Or do they just lecture and treat you more like a customer than they do a student or a fellow worker? I've heard that when professors fail students, they don't care whether the student will have to retake a course or have a later graduation.

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  • Is 77 degrees a comfortable room temperature?

    I know someone who loves to set their air conditioner to cool a room down to 81 degrees. Personally I feel that it is still to warm. Once you go below 79 it begins to feel comfortable. At least for me once I see it go from 78 to 77 the room feels cool and refreshing and it stays that way until about 73 or 72 which then starts feeling chilly. Though in winter, a temperature as warm as 75 or 76 even can feel chilly sometimes. My comfort is usually from 73-77. I would say 77 is perhaps my highest comfortable temperature. What about you guys? I know some consider 77 as a warm room temperature.

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  • Pixel 4 vs Pixel 5?

    Is the new Pixel 5 android phone by Google better than the Pixel 4 from 2019 last year? I have the Pixel 4 and it is a great phone. I think I would want to keep for another 4 to 5 years before upgrading. I also heard that the Pixel 4a came out not too long ago. The Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 to me look like a continuation of the Pixel 4. What are the differences between the 3 phones? I think one significant difference is that my Pixel 4 does not have 5G while the other 2 have it.

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  • Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord?

    Hey, I'm looking at cars as a first-time driver. Well ok, not necessarily the first time but perhaps the 20th time as I'm in the process of driving with an adult next to me as I aim to get a license. I think you need 40-50 hours before qualifying for a license. Anyway, I really like how the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord looks since they got their upgrade in appearance in 2018. Which car is nicer? I feel that the Honda Accord is probably the nicer of the two. While the Camry never caught my eye, the redesign in 2018 certainly caught my eyes. I think that the Honda Accord has more of a Mercedes feel. It certainly has an expensive look and feel to it. The Camry on the other hand looks kind of like a Lexus. 

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  • Can someone with a $60,000 annual income be able to afford a million-dollar house?

    It seems like the real estate market these days is getting pretty expensive though the Coronavirus pandemic has caused a slight drop. A family friend of mine is looking to buy houses in the suburbs of New Jersey right outside of Manhattan. Think Tenafly, Ridgewood, Demarest, Old Tappan. Those are gorgeous towns for sure. He is a window cleaner in Midtown Manhattan. Most homes in the suburbs easily cost $750,000 and range up to $1.5 million. He is looking for a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house with a 2 car parking garage, a front lawn and a spacious beautiful backyard. He has now been working for 5 years and is in his early 30s. I think most people get these precious homes when they are in their mid-40s. Coming from a person in their late teens who have not experienced life yet :-)

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  • Is music from the 70s more mellow than the 80s?

    With the exeption of disco and rock, 70s seems like a decade of easy listening pop music with nice lyrics. However, I hear a lot of louder songs in the 80s especially from the mid 80s onwards. The early 80s seems like a continuation of the 70s.

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  • How well can a 5,000 BTU air conditioner cool a 300 square foot room?

    Know a cousin of mine who is shopping for a window air conditioner in Roanoke Virginia. He is choosing a window air conditioner that is rated at 5,000 BTUs to cool down his 300 square foot bedroom since that has the lowest price compared to higher BTUs after his air conditioner broke down and was using R22. I would think that 5,000 is probably slightly small for that room. What do you guys think and recommend?

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  • Classic Steam Heat Radiator vs Modern Central Heating?

    Would you guys prefer to use a radiator to heat up your homes as they did before the 1940s or would you rather use electric central heating instead? Which type is better? As someone who is a Manhattan resident in a pre-war structure, these radiators heat up a home a bit too much sometimes but when it is 10 degrees out my radiator keeps me from freezing. I personally have witnessed homes that when the outside temperature is 5 degrees out, the room temperature is struggling to get warmer than 67 degrees inside with central heating. My radiator at 5 degrees out will easily heat my living space to 73-75 degrees before struggling to get any warmer than that (assuming all windows are closed of course and very little to no cold drafts). Many New Yorkers open their windows in winter since these radiators can warm a room to 85-90 which is very warm for most people and also a bit too warm for sleeping.

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    What is the purpose of an air valve on a steam radiator?

    Does this part of the radiator detect the room temperature? Also what causes the hissing sound? Mine is a one pipe radiator system. I have heard that there are some devices that either I can install or I can have the super install them for me on the air valve for better control of my room temperature. What are those devices?

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    How do I screw in this part into the radiator?

    So based on some recommendations to turn off the radiator when the room gets too warm, I was turning in the direction the cap said to close. It felt really smooth for some reason. Then I lift it up only to find out that it is not screwed into the radiator so obviously I cannot close the radiator now. My question is how do I properly screw this into the radiator valve? And no not the air valve where it hisses but the part that connects the radiator to the entire heating system. Also known as the supply valve. It's a one pipe steam radiator system and this apartment was built before 1900. If you're wondering why I decided to close is because the radiator is off at the moment since the outside temperature is above 55 degrees.

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    Do steam radiators heat a home more than the radiator pipes?

    Hey living in a prewar structure so my heating method is of a steam heat radiator system with boiling hot water running inside the radiator. My question is what often heats up a room quickly and how big of a room can it heat up. In my 300 square foot room, there is one radiator on the side of the room which is keeping the room at 81 degrees while it is 50 degrees out. There are other radiators in the other rooms but they are not an actual radiator instead it is a long 9-foot long pipe from ceiling to floor. It's a pole that gets really warm and hot sometimes. It keeps a 150 square foot room as warm as 82 degrees on a 45-degree day. For that 300 square foot room, would putting a radiator cover make the room look aesthetically nicer and cooler temperature-wise? Also, why do supers turn on the radiator heating system when it is 50 degrees out. There is nothing wrong with letting a room cool down to 70-72 degrees. Also, supers should not be allowed to heat a room more than 78 degrees unless it is below 10 degrees out. 81 is a bit too warm for me, lol feel like turning the ac back on. I'd rather wear a sweater in my home rather than be cooking as if it's July. 

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