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  • What would make prospective landlords act this way?

    They don't respond to someone requesting information about their rental especially if the person is moving from out of state. 

    Or they may lie and say that the unit that person wanted (say you specifically requested a first floor apartment) is unavailable. Or they make spelling and grammar errors on the lease.Or they put up temporary  fabric signs over the brick and mortar signs and pretend they've changed the name of the apartment complex?I can try to guess the reasons why rental properties act in the bizarre ways that they do but those would only be guesses. Do they have some underlying motive to cherry pick the tenants they want and lie to the others? Do they simply expect people to stay homeless and destitute?I'm confused about the bizarre behaviors of landlords.  Please give me some insight as to why they behave in strange ways. 

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  • My family has disowned me and I have no friends?

    I'm extremely lonely. How can I make  very close friendships?

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  • Question for fellow depressed people?

    Have any of you fought the depression battle for so long that eventually you just give in, you lay down,  close your eyes and wish for death?

    3 AnswersMental Health2 months ago
  • Depressed and Suicidal ?

    I don't want to live anymore. Can someone please help me?

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  • Is low to moderate consumption of corn chips positive or negative in the mediterranean diet?

    The mediterranean diet mostly consists of fresh produce and legumes while processed foods are kept to a minimum. Bread is also typically consumed at every meal.

    There are two components to my question because I'd like to know what the American opinion is regarding my question but I'd also like to know whether or not a traditional mediterranean native would eat corn chips in their meals.

    Are corn chips a valid inclusion to a mediterranean diet? Why or why not?

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness3 months ago
  • Is low to moderate consumption of corn chips positive or negative in the mediterranean diet?

    Eaten alongside healthy produce, are corn chips an acceptable carbohydrate to include in a mediterranean diet?

    2 AnswersEthnic Cuisine3 months ago
  • Am I being  unreasonable?

    I think landlords ought to be legally required to provide washers and dryers in their rental properties, in eachand every apartment.  I think washers and dryers are a necessary sanitation appliance rather than a luxury but a great many do not provide them.

    Do you agree or disagree that this should be a legal requirement for rental properties in each and every apartment?

    20 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 months ago
  • Ex boyfriend pretended to date me for 8 years then gave me a fake marriage proposal?

    I was asking for advice on another major site and the people there wanted to blame me by saying, "Sounds like you screwed up big time and you're leaving that part out of the story."

    Admittedly I did some things I ought not to have done but I try not to beat myself up over it.

    But these people want to say I deserved what happened and it's really my fault and so on. 

    I don't know how to move on from the continual pain I experience on a daily basis as a result of what has happened. 

    Like I said I have done things wrong but pretending to date someone for years is a really egregious thing to do and in fact I searched the definition of human trafficking and a false promise of romantic relationship can be a form of human trafficking. So I feel like my ex may have actually committed a very serious crime and gotten away with it.

    I'm not sure what to do. Can anyone offer advice?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating3 months ago
  • Depressed at the Evil in the Children's Movies ?

    I was thinking about some negative experiences in college and how I feel that my dreams were stolen away from me and ruined. 

    Then I thought of the opening song in Disney's Cinderella with lyrics,"A dream is a wish your heart makes." But then I remembered how Cinderella closed out that song by singing," Dumb dumb duh duh duh duh dumb dumb, la da da da da da dee!"

    It's just so depressing to me that a Disney movie that is influencing children and adults alike could be encouraging hypocrisy like that.

    In other words,  Cinderella as a movie acknowledges that people have dreams that often don't come true.  But I feel like finishing the song with "dumb dumb" is hypocritical as though Disney is encouraging people to ruin others' dreams. 

    So I feel like as a movie Cinderella is extremely dismal in that, not only does it  acknowledge dreams don't come true, but it goes even further by encouraging viewers that it's "dumb" to even have dreams at all or to have any hope at all of their fulfillment.

    It have this sense that perhaps companies like Disney use music, movies and media to suppress the lower classes of American society from believing that their dreams can come true. These movies encourage people to be complacent regarding their potential and sends them a message very early in life. The message is,"Dreams never really do come true and its hopeless to even  try."

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