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  • is an iPad 6 okay for school use and will it be okay for like 3 years?

    the ipad 7 is literally the same as the ipad 6. I'm just concerned that the model is older so it might not last long

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  • I need an iPad for school but do not know which one to get?

    I am an engineering student so I have to take a lot of notes for a lot of classes . I was thinking about getting an iPad so I can save all of my notes on one space and I can save a lot of paper. My budget is about $580 so I need to be careful with what I get.

    First I've been really liking the iPad air 3 but its kind of pricy for the 254 GB storage. Like above my budget lol. I have several options to choose from such as the iPad 6 because it is cheaper than the 7 but still has the same capabilities. The thing I'm concerned about for that one is the longevity. I dont want it to die on me since it is an older version. Another option is the iPad mini 5 however the screen is just too small so I'm not sure if I'll have an easy time taking notes on it. The one I'm looking at the most is the iPad 3 because it has cool features but its a bit pricy. which ones would be better to choose from? or will i be okay with just the 64 GB ipad 3?

    I also need to budget for apple care and a case. I am also looking into an apple pencil. Please give me things you hate about the apple pencil or any concerns about any of the iPads. I just need some guidance lol.

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  • Hi I need urgent university physics electricity and magnetism help )-:?

    "A current of I=8.0A is flowing in a typical extension cord of length L=3.00m. The cord is made of copper wire with diameter d=1.5mm.

    The charge of the electron is e=1.6×10^−19 C. The mass of the electron is m=9.1×10^−31 kg. The resisitivity of copper is ρ=1.7×10^−8 Ω⋅m. The concentration of free electrons in copper is n=8.5×10^28 m^−3."

    So I got the drift velocity as 3.3*10^-4 m/s

    and I got the volume of the wire as 5.3*10^-6 m^3.

    The actual question I need help on is

    "The population of the Earth is roughly eight billion people. If all free electrons contained in this extension cord are evenly split among the humans, how many free electrons (Ne) would each person get?"

    Please help me and please SHOW YOUR WORK )-: i just wanna know how to get it. Thank you.

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  • I m trying to understand electricity and magnetism. Mastering physics help please!?


    What is the force F on the 1 nC charge at the bottom? (Figure 1)

    Write your answer as two vector components, separated by a comma. Express each component numerically, in newtons, to two significant figures.

    Figure 1:

    The answer: 0, 1.1×10−5 N

    I don t understand how this is the answer though.... Can someone please thoroughly show me the steps to solve this? It took me the whole day and I couldn t understand it. Thank you!

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  • Double majoring in dance and engineering ?

    I am a dancer and I am also in high school taking higher level AP classes such as Physics calculus based and BC calculus. I love dance so much and I don't want to let it go since I've been dancing since a young age, but I also want to be an engineer. I at least want to major with engineering and have some sort of connections to dance in college. I have some financial issues so I can't go to colleges over 35k. I'm still unsure if double majoring is okay because of time management. I know both majoring in engineering and dance will take a lot of my time. I know I'm not a terrible dancer, so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get a scholarship if I double major and I'll probably be able to go to college for under 35k. There aren't many colleges that offer scholarships for dance minors. So the only choices to get are to double major, possibly get a scholarship but have time management issues; or major in engineering and minor in dance and have better time management and more financial issues.

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    what type of keyboard hinge is this? How do I put it back on?

    I have been trying to get this key on my laptop for the longest time and its very annoying.I have been trying to search up the type of hinge this is but I have found nothing and I don't know how to put it on because of it. I even tried ones that are similar and it didnt work. I'm not even sure if anything is broken or missing this is what I have that popped off. This is a Dell laptop.

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