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  • How old do you think the video is?

    I've re-discovered a tune "This Time" sung by Troy Shondell. Information says that he was born in 1939, & passed away in 2016 at the age of 77.The video shows him performing the song, & people are dancing to it. In the video,Shondell certainly doesn't look THAT old,& the people who are dancing are wearing clothing that wouldn't be all that old either.This information but together has made me wonder just how old the video is. What do you think?

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  • Do you think Liam overstepped boundaries?

    I was appalled at the way "Liam" was asking "Finn" about Steffy. Finn told Liam

    a number of times that he couldn't discuss his patient with him, yet Liam kept on.

    I'm surprised Finn didn't get stronger about it, especially when Liam asked if he was interested in Steffy beyond the Dr/patient relationship. In real life, this conversation would never have gotten this far. I think Liam needs to mind his own business. Do you think he overstepped boundaries?

    Ohh...also, I think Liam is getting rather 'chunky' looking too.

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  • Is it appropriate??

    I'm going to see my son in the next few weeks. His partner will be celebrating a birthday at that time. No, they are not married although they have two children.

    One of the birthday cards I bought says "Daughter-in-law". I've always been aware that when people are not married to each other, they do not have in-laws. 

    Is it appropriate for me to give my son's partner a "daughter-in-law" card? 

    I've heard my son say.."the in-laws are coming for a visit" (referring to his partner's parents). I know he doesn't have 'in-laws'. 

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  • How can I alleviate this pain??

    I know I have degenerative discs in my neck, & now I have muscle spasms as well.

    For the past 2 nights, I have awakened with a VERY sore neck muscle on the back left side. If I press on it gently, it feels bruised.That's the best way I can describe it. Also, the back of my head aches like crazy. I sleep with just one pillow that I bought from a company that specializes in mattresses, pillows, etc. I can't sleep on my left side because of left-shoulder surgery weeks ago. I can sleep on my back, or right side. It seems now the new pillow is not helping. The new pillow aligns my neck & back properly, but I'm still awakened by extreme soreness & headache.

    I'm seeing my Dr. next week., & she suggested a week or so ago she may refer me for intervention injections. In the meantime what position do you suggest I sleep in? A wedge doesn't work either. Thanks!!

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  • What do you think of this?

    A friend says she's scared..she doesn't know how she'll manage when it comes to retirement. She's 65. Twice she had a meltdown over it, then I suggested she move into my apartment (I have a large 2-bedroom) & we'd share the expenses which is what has happened. Already twice this year, she's flown out to Saskatchewan, which involves an overnight stay at a hotel, plus there's spending money. She's very frequently buying things through Amazon. Supposedly, she's putting her CPP & OAS into her investment company. Seems to me she's not nor was in the scary position she said she'd be in, OR is/has she been using me?

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  • Is she deliberately trying to stop me?

    I have a small RRIF with the bank. I also have a RRIF account with my investment company. I want to transfer the RRIF from the bank to the investment company., but the rep at the bank said I MUST draw from the RRIF. I'm very well aware of this.

    All I'm doing is transferring the RRIF from one place to another. I did not instruct the bank to reinvest the RRIF amount., but they've done it anyway. My plan originally was to draw the entire amount, & close the RRIF account. I don't like doing business with the bank when it comes to this sort of thing. I get the feeling that the rep at the bank just doesn't want me moving the funds out of the bank.

    My investment rep told me last week, to tell the bank rep to put the monies into a cash position., & if the bank says 'no', then to put instructions on file not to renew. It seems to me the bank rep doesn't want this. I'm angry. What can I do?

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  • Do you think Canadian provinces should stop unnecessary travel between provinces?

    This is rather personal, as my sister is going to visit her son & family in another province.She's flying from Ontario to Saskatchewan. This is the 2nd visit in 3 months. The son is not ill, nor is his partner or children. I've never been to my nephew's new home. I don't know who he's been in contact with, or his partner. 

    I hate to think my nephew & his partner & children have become part of my 'bubble' when I can't even go visit certain relatives across the lake from where I live.

    We can control the outbreaks even better if we stop unecessary travel. 

    Upon her return from the last visit, she only waited 2-3 days then went for a test,which came back "negative". I mentioned to her that she should wait longer before going for a test, but obviously she chose to ignore me. 

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  • How could this happen?

    By now most people will be aware of the recent hacking of the CRA online accounts. I don't understand how it could happen, but not only does the CRA ask for a username, &password, there are security questions to be answered. If one were to type in an incorrect username, or p/ doesn't work. The same goes if the security question answer is incorrect. Apparently a lot of people use the same username & password for multiple accounts, which isn't safe. I think using a repeat username but a completely different password could stop an unauthorized person from accessing an account. 

    I think there's more to this than what has been reported. One woman got notification that her email address had been changed. So, how could the hacker get into the Govt online account, & change the password.

    How could this happen???  CANADA  only.

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  • Is it appropriate?

    I learned something not long ago about what my wife is allowing. The father of one of her co-workers is a retied mechanic, & has been 'fixing' certain things on my wife's car..for free. She refers to this guy &his wife as 'friends'. They have her cellphone number too. The wife's co-worker is a 24yr old woman. I find out about 'repairs' after the fact. To be honest, this whole thing makes me very uncomfortable especially when I know the guy has my wife's cellphone number. 

    Again, this whole thing makes me uncomfortable knowing a strange man is being permitted to fix the wife's car. Is this appropriate for him to do so? Why so many repairs free of charge? 

    Also, the wife took her car to a mechanic about 2 months ago...but her so-called 'friend' didn't know about. it. I'm not jealous...just don't like how this feels. 

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  • Is it usual to inject Heparin?

    I'm having surgery very soon. Im on Eliquis 5mg 2xdaily. The anaesthesiologist told me to finish the Eliquis on Sunday night, which means no tablets Monday or Tuesday, as surgery is on Wednesday. THAT would make it 3 days without the medicine. Would the surgeon inject me with a milder anticoagulant so as to help avoid a blood clot? Thanks

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  • Are patients given heparin?

    I'm having surgery next week, & at the pre-surgery clinic an Anaesthetist (not the one who will be in attendance at my surgery) told me that I should stop my Eliquis as of Sunday (surgery is Wednesday). As for resuming, I should check with the surgeon. I'm a little worried about this as 5 days is a long time to be off the 'thinner'.

    Will I be given Heparin during the surgery or just after? Perhaps I should call the Surgeon's office? Thanks!!

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  • What qualifications must someone have to move to Britain?

    A friend wants to move to Britain. A few years ago, she tried but failed to obtain a copy of her grandparents' marriage certificate. She felt this would entitle her to enter Britain. I received information that a person must prove they wouldn't be a burden on the NHS, regardless of how much money they brought into the country with them.She also is not employed, but would have money from the sale of her house. 

    I'd appreciate any info offered. I think there's more to this, but not sure.

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  • How are these people managing to board airplanes?

    There have been a number of domestic flights within Canada whereby some passengers obviously were infected with Covid-19. Warnings have been put out by the affected airlines advising those sitting in seats, i.e. 5-12 may have been infected. I'm concerned because my sister flew to Regina July 11, & returns July 18. I can't find any information regarding possible concerns re the dates I just mentioned. I'd sure like to know how all those flights managed to have infected persons on board. It's possible the passengers lied about their health status.

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  • I get scared & don't know what to do.?

    I've had a cough for a long time now. I've been tested for GERD., & I had a CT scan of my lungs back in March. It was fine.

    My cough is dry, but I don't cough all day long, nor does the coughing make me feel breathless in any way.

    I find that today, my throat is a little scratchy,& my chest is warm. You're guess is right..I'm worried about Covid-19., but I don't have any other symptoms, not that I'm saying what I have is a symptom.

    What do you suggest? I'm getting scared.

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  • Who should I contact to question this?

    As in most places because of the Covid-19 pandemic, non-urgent surgeries have been postponed, with the exception of urgent, or emergency.

    I became aware that someone I know had carpel-tunnel surgery just last week or so, & is scheduled to have her other wrist done in the next week. I have a real problem with this! There are others out there who have been waiting for hip-replacement, knee replacement etc. I had my shoulder replacement cancelled in March., & it has taken me over 18 months to finally get surgery arranged. I'm very disappointed in the local hospital for going forth with this person's carpel tunnel procedures. Who at the hospital should I question regarding this situation??

    This is a location N. of Toronto in the province of Ontario.

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  • Would it have shown on the CT scan?

    I had a chest xray at the hospital July/2019. It mentioned mild hyperflation of the lungs.. My doctor ordered a CT scan of the chest on March 5/2020. The results were mention of hyperinflation at all. Could the mild hyperinflation in July have been "just one of those things, not related to lung disease"? I'm thinking the CT scan would have shown the hyperinflation if it were there. Thanks!

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  • Could my nervousness be the reason?

    I have had elevated bp for sometime, but since Feb. the numbers have reduced a lot. I've been monitoring my bp at least 2-3 times/week & I'm getting very good readings; mostly 124/76.

    This morning I went for Covid-testing & I was feeling nervous/anxious & the nurse who took my bp said it was 149/83. I was so flabbergasted. Could the reason/cause be my nervousness?? Thanks!!

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  • Wll she have to isolate?

    A co-worker is leaving Ontario to drive to B.C. because her son has a medical problem. When she returns to Ontario, will she have to self-isolate? She is after all, crossing several provincial borders.


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