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  • mild sleep paralysis?

    i’ve had very bad sleep paralysis over a year ago from a medication i was taking and it was one of the symptoms. i haven’t had anything since. recently tho i’ve been having i guess sleep paralysis? i’ll be asleep n i will wake up and not be able to move too much but just a little bit. i can hear my heartbeat in my ears super loud but that’s it. i will open my eyes for a few seconds n then close them because i’m so tired and it’ll happen a few times for abt 10 seconds. i don’t see any demons or hear anyone. so i was wondering if it was mild sleep paralysis or maybe something different ? 

    1 AnswerOther - General Health Care9 months ago
  • why does my heart feel weird?

    i went for my yearly heart check up today and told him all my problems i was having lately w my heart and got an EKG and the jelly stuff on it and they can’t find any new problems. i still have a leak in one of the valves and a murmur but that’s all. i have a heart monitor on for 24 hours so they can see if there’s any problems. i’m confused why i’ve been having this weird feeling in my heart or as if it’s not beating correctly. maybe it’s just anxiety or something but idk what else can i do since i did go to the doctor.

    3 AnswersHeart Diseases9 months ago
  • how to deal w DDD (degenerative disc disease)?

    hello im 16 years old and have DDD (degenerative disc disease). at first when i hurt my back 5 months ago doctors saw it as a lumbar sprain, then broken back. i’ve had an MRI, 9 different medicines, epidural/cortisone shot, many xrays and doctor visits and no one knows why my back is still in bad shape. doctors won’t give me surgery because they think i’m too young. i just got blood taken yesterday so they can look more into this problem. i have trouble walking because my legs are numb and i start school in 13 days and i cant sit there with a bad back like this. please help me what can i do ?

    1 AnswerInjuries1 year ago