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  • How do I go to a specific place on my tumblr dashboard?

    Is there a way to go to a specific page on the dashboard of one of my blogs without endlessly scrolling? Is there something I can type after the url that will take me to a specific location in my blog’s dashboard?

  • Why does my secondlife avatar have black lips?

    I use an older avatar because it looks just like me and I love it and I spent years on it even though as I understand it avatars changed somehow in recent years. Problem is, no matter what I turn the skin sliders to (I’m aware that there actually is an option to have black or dark lips but I have the options set all the way to pink and light color) my avatar’s lips are always the same shade of black. They don’t look black when I look at my avatar during editing sequences but in the world other people have said my avatar is black and they took pictures and showed me and I also saw that my avatar had black lips while she was riding a carousel. I’m not goth and this isn’t the look I’m going for. Aside from that there appears to be no glitches. What is causing this and how can I fix it?

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  • Old Secondlife gone?

    I just got a boost on my internet so I’m thinking about getting back into secondlife. Problem is, it seems as though they changed the avatar system and my old avatar that I spent years on and that looked just like me doesn’t seem to be in the system anymore. Upon googling I found that other old users also lost their avatars. Is there a way to get it back, or at least get the items that were used like the hairstyle back?

  • How to edit HTML on my tumblr blog?

    It seems as though they’ve changed things a bit. I want to add a wikplayer music player to my tumblr page but I can’t find the right place to put the HTML. Where do I go to edit the HTML of my blog? Is there a new place I’m supposed to insert the HTML for the wikplayer?

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  • How can I back up my NSFW tumblr blog?

    When I try backing it up the normal way in Settings I end up with a tiny file that contains none of my content. Is there a website or program I can use to get the proper file from my blog?

    Other - Internet2 months ago
  • “Your Apple ID or password is incorrect”?

    I just verified something in settings using my Apple ID and password and it worked so I know I’m putting in the correct password, but when I try to download an app or update an app I get prompted to sign in with my password and it fails and I get the error message “Your Apple ID or password is incorrect.” How can I resolve this issue?

  • What device plays usb files?

    I want something that’s smaller than a laptop and more like a tablet, but that will play video files off a usb and maybe other files as well. I want to be able to plug a usb in either directly into the device or using a connecter and I want to use the files that are in the usb on the device. What device works like this? It seems like iPhone, iPad, and most tablets don’t do this.

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks5 months ago
  • When watching amazon video on my iPhone, do I see hd or sd?

    I want to know if it’s worth paying extra for an hd movie rental on amazon video if they’re just going to give me sd anyway because I’m watching it on my iPhone. Amazon video DOES not provide hd on SOME devices.

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  • Problem with iTunes?

    Have three devices. I have my iphone, my iTouch, and my laptop. For some reason several of the songs I bought from iTunes can be played on my iPhone and iTouch but they can’t be played on my laptop. On my laptop I click on those particular songs and it prompts me to log in in order to validate my device, and then it takes a moment and informs me of the number of devices I have my tunes spread across, and I hit OK. But when I click on the same songs again, I get prompted to login and validate my computer all over again. The problem repeats and I can’t get access to these songs. And yet most of the songs I have bought using the same account play for me. I know I’m using the correct email and pass. I checked my email and devices for some semblance of a problem that I could fix to use those songs but there is nothing. What is going on? I can’t rebuy the songs because I already own them but they don’t play.

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  • On Playmoss, how do I know when someone has liked one of my playlists?

    Is there a place where I can see my number of likes and do I get some kind of notification or email when I get a like?

    Other - Internet12 months ago
  • How do I get rid of a beetle larva infestation?

    It’s in my bedroom and I’m chemically sensitive so I don’t want to use any pesticides.

    I’ve had the linen washed and the floor cleaned many times. There should be no crumbs.

    They just keep coming back and I find them on my bed at night.

    I know this started because of food on the ground but I’ve since cleaned it up.

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  • Why won’t 8tracks upload my songs?

    When I click and drag my songs to the edit page of my playlist now the file gets a red crossed out circle over the corner of it and doesn’t upload to my tracklist. It usually works and I’m positive these songs are legal aac files and DRM-free. How can I get 8tracks to let the song files get accepted and upload? None of my playlists are currently letting me add my songs.

  • How can I transport my blankets and sheets to my new apartment without them getting dirty?

    How can I wrap them up so that they don’t get anything on them? I’ll be going from a car to a parking lot and then through hallways until I get to my residence.

    I’m chemically sensititive so it’s important that my linen don’t get touched by dirty air or brush against anything that’s been cleaned or else I’ll be in pain when I go to sleep. Of course I could wash them at my new appartmrmt but I want minimal damage.

    4 AnswersOther - Health2 years ago
  • Where can I watch the Nicolas Lopez movie No Filter?

    I only watched half of this before it expired from Netflix streaming. I couldn’t find it on Netflix dvd or Amazon. Can someone help me find a way to finish this movie? I actually liked it— but life got in the way and I didn’t finish it in time. It’s no longer streaming on Netflix and I can’t find it when I google the movie. I’ll even pay and buy the movie but I can’t seem to find a copy online?

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  • What was the name of this strange cartoon that I saw on tv many years ago?

    Once in the middle of the night on some obscure channel when I was a tween (so late 90’s early 00’s), there was this cartoon that played on tv. The animation was simplistic and choppy like American comic strips; it wasn’t anime. It started with a man waking in the middle of surgery and then promptly bursting into tears and wailing in anguish. That scene is all I remember.

    It might’ve been an episode of a series but the excessive amount of credits at the beginning sequence and the mood of the cartoon made me think it was a movie or short film.

    What is this cartoon? I always wanted to see what happened next.

    1 AnswerComics & Animation2 years ago