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  • T-mobile trade in?

    I recently found out about the iPhone 11 on us deal and I was wondering if my iPhone 8 Plus would get accepted, it has tiny dents on the side from a minor fall but no cracks on the screen or water damage, it works perfectly fine, would I still be able to trade it in?

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans3 months ago
  • What is pao originals clothing?

    I’ve recently bought a really cute yellow raincoat jacket at the thrift store with the brand “pao originals”, I wanted to see what it was worth since I was curious, but couldn’t find any information of the brand nor when it was founded, it’s like it doesn’t exist, is it an expensive brand or what is it??

  • Is it possible for my Mexican parents to have a blue eyed baby?

    So my mom is currently pregnant and I’ve heard from my parents (they’re both mexican) that my moms great grandmother had blue eyes and that my dads grandpa had blue eyes, so is it genetically possible for my mom to give birth to a blue eyed baby? I’m also wondering if it’s possible for me to give birth to a blue eyed baby as well when I’m older since it seems really cool since I’ve never seen a Mexican person with blue eyes other than my dads grandpa from a photo haha.

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    How to regrow dogs hair?

    I recently groomed my dog and took off way too much of her fur than I was supposed to, is there any way to make her hair grow faster? She’s a Pomeranian/chihuahua Mix, 3 yrs old.

    5 AnswersDogs5 months ago
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    Can I use tape instead of connectors Or soldering to connect my led lights?

    So I bought some led light, but a part of the led lights doesn’t want to turn on so the only solution I found is to cut the led lights and connect them to the other led lights I bought, but I don’t have a solder nor do I have the connectors (well I do but since the lights aren’t working on the connectors side it doesn’t work so I can’t turn on the other lights) so I was wondering if I could use tape or something else to connect them.

    Thank you!

    2 AnswersOther - Electronics6 months ago