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  • Need HELP! Deciding on New PC Gaming Headset?

    Good Afternoon all :D,

    I was wondering if anybody out there would help me with this decision I have to make, I recently broke my pair of beautiful Cooler Master MasterPulse MH750s and was heartbroken as spent alot on them back in the day!Now in need of buying a new pair but on a slight budget of not spending anymore than £50 and pref ordering from say Amazon or a supplier that can deliver quickly and safely. I cannot decide whether to buy myself the same pair as seen in the Link below it has dropped expedentially since I bought them and they are amazing only small flaws such as Mic sensitivity etc but the sound quality is amazing.

    But then my friend is using these:

    Turtle Beach ones around the same price and i CANNOT DECIDE the ones I like or a New pair that would also be great! But unsure if the sound quality is as amazing as that of my old ones! OPINIONS PLEASE :D Feel free to link alternatives