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  • my mom took away my homestuck *** tributes, what do?????

    okay so basically i was reading a dave x karkat fanficiton and and and and my mom came intot eh room and she was like: "god darn it trenton when will you go to school its been 2 days" and i was like: "shut up mom u suck stinky . " so thenn i stillw atch but then,......she takes away my *** TRIBUTES OF KAQRKAT LIKE then i got so angry. she left and i dont know what to do. what do i do please help guys

    1 AnswerMarriage & Divorce11 months ago
  • somebody hack my fortnite fanfiction accountg HELP!!!!! URGENT!?

    I am being 100 percent serious with this i need help getting my fortn ite account back. i was just making a fanficition of skull trooper and pink girl with pink hair and my internet shut off!!!! it was shut off by the hackers at reddit. so i need help please my mom is going to be so mad help

    Other - Internet11 months ago