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  • I need the name of a song or Singer...?

    I remember listening to a Spanish song on YouTube and I wrote the name 

    down somewhere but can’t remember where, 

    I remember it was a Latino Male singer in a mental institution/ asylum/ or hospital and he was singing to this pretty lady nurse/ doctor & she was hesitant at first to be with him but she eventually fell for him & by the end of the video they jumped in the neighbor’s pool and the cops come. It was pretty funny. (Music video ends)If any of this songs familiar & you know singer, song title or both that will be greatly  appreciated. Google Translator Spanish: Recuerdo haber escuchado una canción en español en YouTube y escribí el nombre en alguna parte, pero no recuerdo dónde,

    Recuerdo que era un cantante de sexo masculino latino en una institución mental / asilo y le estaba cantando a esta bella enfermera / médico y ella dudaba al principio estar con él, pero finalmente se enamoró de él y al final del video saltaron en la piscina del vecino y vienen los policías.fue muy divertido (El video musical termina)

    Si alguna de estas canciones te resulta familiar y sabes cantante, título de la canción o ambas cosas, serán muy apreciadas.

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  • In the movie, “All Eyez on Me,” what was the deal with “Ronnie?”?

    So my husband was flipping through channels & had landed midway through the movie. It was on in the background and I was on phone when the part came on but I heard half of it & googled the entire script... 

    “How about a steak?

    I'm full, I'm full. I'm good.

    Now you full?

    I guess you're done taking from my plate, huh?

    You've been stealing from me for months. Why stop now? Tape costs.

    Studio time.


    This motherf*cker spent 250 grand on an artist that ain't even mine!

    You think I wouldn't find out?”

    1. What “250 grand artist” was he (Suge Knight) referring to?

    2. What led up to this moment in the film? 

    3. Did they kill Ronnie? If so, how? (I heard gagging from food so wasn’t sure he choked him or not?)

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  • How do you become a witch on sims 2?

    I need to know the specifics because people have said the relationship has to be high, then they say it has to be 75/25. It's starting get a tad bit irritating. I'm bff w/ the good which & the "new" pie menu is no where around!? Is it because the relationship TOO high to become one or the witch is an old lady? I'm not blind lol it's really not there.

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  • What's the name of this song!?

    For years ive been trying to find the lyrics and name of this song! Ive looked all over the internet typed in thoose lyrics & Nothing!*

    -I hear it so very rarely so im guessing it came out in the 90's/ early 2k's.

    -I only know this: "Give me one moment and I'll be alright, give me one moment and I'll be okay... chance to say i love you" It's a very upbeat techno or dance-like song.

    -It has a young male singing it with a rather, high pitched voice in some parts (making em sound like an all around woman. lol)

    Keep in mind that thoose may not be the correct lyrics, but they're close enough. So don't give me an anserw saying type that ina seach engine cuz that's more crap than a fat guy after constipation.*

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  • How much do Adult film stars usually make?

    Like me and my co-workers talk about the most random stuff & "adult films" came up, So we got into this argument...and well one thing lead to another and so i'm doing research to prove someone wrong about them. (He said they make 'pretty good' money ,but not anything to really brag about.)

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  • What does it mean to "Go find yourself"?

    Really & sencerly...what does that mean? Or what do YOU think it means? I honestly have to say i've heard that a-dime-more-than-a-dozen times and still don't get what it means?

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  • Where do you buy belts that you can change the buckles on?

    It's kinda a silly question because i know alot of people would know where to purchase them. ^^ but if you know let me know pleaz!

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  • Who do i go to about fixing an xbox?

    I really, really, really, REALLY don't want to take it apart and do it myself & actually break it. It jus went out on me, and i don't know what's wrong? Someone with game knowledge please help! <=[

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  • How do you become emancipated?

    I've always wanted to know that. Please don't anserw unless you know what your talking about!

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  • Pornography is freedom of speech...Agree or Disagree?

    Okay let's be serious guys. Could pornography be art or freedom of speech. Not a peverted question. Please be serious...

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  • Does your permenate record really follow you & when do you actually see it?

    I've done alot of crud in my life and im only 16.(You'd be very, very suprised of what ive accomplished stupid wise & illigel wise.) I was wondering would the little stunts ive pulled since grade school up untill now are still on record & how can i see it?

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  • I can't figure out how to get the new songs from iTunes onto my ipod nano?

    I downloaded some songs from somebody elses itunes list & now i finally have my own itunes list on my computer & i can't get the new songs on there? what happened?

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