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  • Hey Guys ... just looking for an idea on the resale value of an old gaming rig.?

    i5 2400 Quad core

    8GB DDRIII Ram

    nVidia 9800GTX Factory Overclocked GPU

    700w PSU

    1TB HDD

    Blu-Ray DVD ROM


    W7 Pro

    It's all housed in a nicely cooled case with adequate fans very quiet (approx 20db) under full load

    Windows7 scores of Processor 7.5 - Ram 7.8 - Desktop Graphics 7.2 - Gaming Graphics 7.2

    All freshly re-installed and genuinely activated with latest updates and drivers

    It's been a spare machine for a while and I find I don't have much use for it anymore ... so looking to flog it off and invest in another card to run Dual GTX 780's ... or bite the bullet altogether and upgrade to a GTX Titan Black.

    I know what I'd like for it but I'm probably being overly optimistic as it's been a faithful machine so any opinions on what you think it's worth resale would be appreciated

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  • Why is every second question being deleted?

    and some I've gone to answer probably needed deleting ... lol ... but only 1 or 2 ... I've gone to answer about 30 or ?? in here over the past hour (why? ... because I need to get out more) but at least half of them are getting canned for no reason .... why Yahoo .... damn you WHY???

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