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I Like to read, teach or compute. Am interested in Mathematics.

  • codeignitor folder missing. where to request or ask?

    CodeIgnitor 3.1.11 documentation says.

    "Create the header at application/views/templates/header.php and add the following code:..."

    Unfortunately this folder application/views/templates does not exist. What should I do?

  • Why are candidates for president so old?

    do the political parties forbid young candidates from applying

    4 AnswersPolitics2 months ago
  • how to find a good digital marketer in delhi?

    I tried to find a good pro. but they do not give any proof of their results. They are willing to talk for hours praising themselves. When I ask for proof, they stop replying to my emails. I need some one to get me more customers using my website.

  • Can I teach for free online for entrance tests for education or jobs?

    I have some spare time and I want to teach online for entrance tests for colleges or jobs, e.g. SAT, ACT, IIT. Is there any website(s) from where I can get online students easily, to teach them for free? I got high scores in such tests, starting in 1963. I first got a scholarship 56 years ago

    Teaching6 months ago
  • Will this reduce long term unemployment?

    Some people do NOT believe "You will eat food by the sweat of your brow". We taught our children good lessons since they were infants. Suppose some child is taught by his parents rules like, "Only fools work hard", "Every one is a thief", and so on. You can guess the outcome. There is a way to reform lazy, which has never failed with me yet. I forced lazy children to do a lot of boring and dull work for a few days. They improved so quickly and their scores jumped so high that even their mothers were surprised. Some people have been unemployed most of their lives or even generations. Some lazy women keep on popping children to get more money  and some people fake disability. The scientist Stephen Hawking could not use his hands or feet due to a disease. He managed to type several books by moving his head. It is cheaper to keep a man in college than to keep him in prison. The unemployed may not be all highly intelligent. Still work can be found according to their abilities which they can do at home. For example call center or learning Chinese and later translating it. This work will give at least some benefits to society. Even some one who has not done honest work for seven generations may become eager to find employment if he knows the alternative is to do monotonous work for free. Several criminals, living on welfare money or disability, will also reform. What are the harms in this solution? Why did the governments not adopt this till now?

    1 AnswerPolitics8 months ago
  • Why not punish the boot lickers in navy for infecting 500 sailors?

    I do not mind firing the captain of Theodore Roosvelt at once, for acting on his conscience. But there is no sign of punishment for lazy officers above him, who caused 500 sailors to get corona. No one explains why they delayed and did not act. It is always the lowly soldier who suffers discomfort and risks life. The high officers enjoy money and luxuries no matter how incompetent they are. Should they not be accountable?

    2 AnswersMilitary8 months ago
  • Why not get good and cheap qualified doctors?

    Many students from my country learned Medicine in foreign countries because it is cheaper than in my country. They are not allowed to practice in my country due to opposition from rich licensed doctors. it is like a club. Some of them qualified even tough American exams. If they are tested and allowed to work in USA it will be better than sitting unemployed in my country. I suspect there are more such unemployed doctors available in other third world countries. It may even prod their government to allow them to work. What do you think of this?

    1 AnswerPolitics8 months ago
  • Do maternity benefits harm female employees?

    Maternity benefits do not harm big companies with hundreds of employees. But a small business with 1 - 3 employees may be already in a weak condition. If it has to give maternity leave and money to a woman in a crucial role, it may become bankrupt. So when the business has to hire and train an employee for a crucial role, what is it likely to decide? Will such decisions help or harm employment of women? An alternative in my openion is to calculate what percentage of total wages of a business are given to women. The businesses giving low percentage to women should be taxed extra and the money obtained can be given to women giving birth and also to businesses that have to give maternity leave to women for the loss in production they suffer. This seems more fair and also encourages employment of women. Some people believe if you can not attack an argument, attack the person. Please do not do that with me. What are the potential problems and benefits with my ideas?

    5 AnswersGender Studies8 months ago
  • Why do the Americans dislike Russian communists so much?

    Inspite of reading a lot, I could not find any harm the communists did to the USA. How am I wrong? Rather they gave several benefits. After the communist revolution, all capitalist countries improved conditions of their workers for fear of revolutions in their own countries. Remember may day started because American police fired on peaceful workers. After the great depression, they started the welfare state seeing how better off the russian workers were. In the second world war, the russians at great sacrifice, crushed Hitlar after he had defeated the English in Europe. But there must be some reasons the Americans dislike them. What are these reasons?

    4 AnswersPolitics8 months ago
  • Do police in the USA employ honest but uneducated people at low salaries to reduce crime?

    People complain that some localities have more crime. At my place government employes honest but uneducated people at low salaries to help police. This reduces lawlessness. in some slums government does not employ such people. There it is like big fish eat small fish. No law enforced at all. Do governments in the USA employ such people at low salaries in localities with disadvantaged ppeople like minorities or immigrants? Does it reduce crimes?

    1 AnswerPolitics8 months ago
  • If there are consequences in school, for problem students and problem parents, will it benefit the society.?

    I am a teacher. most experienced teachers can predict how a problem student will behave at 18 or after. Such students harm the education of other students in the class. Also motivation of a devoted teacher also becomes low. it does not affect teachers who only care for money. The parents either do not care, or blame the teacher because their angel can never do wrong. In my experience, if such students are forced to do a lot of extra home work, they reform in just 3 days. This will reduce the number of welfare drones and criminals. I believe there should be consequences that are more painful than studying and behaving decently, for both problem children and problem parents . For children less than 12 years of age, we may ignore but after that every year their work and behavior should improve. This will also improve children from uneducated families. what are the harms in this approach?

    Teaching8 months ago
  • can I make android apps on a 7 year old pc with windows 7, to earn money? Or should I install Linux? I am a newbe.?

    I want to learn android and ios to earn money in my spare time. is windows okay or should I get linux. I know C++ and Java.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design1 year ago
  • will it reduce immigration fraud? pay as much as they would earn in native country.?

    people enter rich countries to earn more and tell all sorts of lies. governments should let them earn only as little as for same work in their old country. remaining money should be taken by the governments. this seems a quick and cheap solution. is there any law against this?

    4 AnswersGovernment1 year ago
  • Does copper sulfate make you fat?

    My neighbor uses glue made of starch and a tiny amount of copper sulfate. She makes envelops from paper using this, by hand, and sells the envelops. She is very fat? Her children are very slim. BTW she is illiterate.

    Is she fat because of copper sulfate. if she avoids touching copper sulfate, will she become slim?, After how much time? Is my suspicion well founded or not?

    5 AnswersChemistry2 years ago
  • I downloaded flash and now McAfee antivirus starts against my wish. How can I get rid of McAfee?

    My Flash was always complaining that it was out of date. by mistake I downloaded flash but it installed McAfee without asking me. McAfee bothers me every time I start the computer. Each time I have to close it. I want to get rid of this unwanted guest. How can I?

    3 AnswersSecurity3 years ago
  • Search Engine Optimization, should I make my website responsive for better ranks in SEO? is it a lot better? It is just 9 pages.?

    I know some HTML and PHP. If responsive-ness is good, I will make the website responsive myself. It is a very "raw" website, namely If you have a little time, please suggest improvements. Thanks for reading.

    1 AnswerSearch Engine Optimization4 years ago