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  • Defrauded in car loan, now I have to pay?

    Long story short, my car was repo, and because I allegedly tampered with GPS, dealer wouldn't reinstate loan, told me to pay of whole thing, which I couldn't. Car went to auction, and sale went towards the bill, which I wasn't going to pay because I don't have the car anymore. Dealer sued, and judge or somebody gave them a judgement, and that I have to set up a payment plan or they garnish my wages? I don't have the car any more! I thought that by them taking the car we were even, I didn't even get my downpayment back! Also they say I owe way more than what the car sold at auction for, because even though the car was running, they ran the car as not running just because they had no key. They blame me for not giving them the key. They sent a notice asking for the key, but they took my car and gave me nothing, so I said I ain't giving them nothing either, so I didn't give them the key. They could of gotten a key and sold it as running, and sold it for more. This is fraud and misrepresentation. How do I sue?

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  • Dealer Broke Contract, what can I sue for?

    Repost, sorry, other question didn't post with details. Long story short, my car got repo'd, I went to reinstate the contract by paying what I'm behind, but the dealer doesn't want to reinstate the contract. Instead he told me to pay off EVERYTHING, in ten days, or I lose the car. No way I can get that much money. The contract says I have 10 days bring the loan current and reinstate the loan, but it also says that the dealer can demand all the money if I impair future payment. He claims I impaired future payment by removing the GPS, and I thought I did remove it, but I didn't. Later I took the GPS apart, and it was just an empty box with wires hanging out, and a GPS label on it. What I took off was a fake GPS! The real one was somewhere else on the car, that's how he found it and repo'd it. By not taking off the real GPS, that means I did not impair future payments. That means that he has to reinstate the loan, right? If he doesn't, he's breaching the contract right? What can I sue for?

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  • Legality of a Hit and Run?

    Local paper a few days ago some hunting dogs got ran over and the owner is suing for 3M (750K for mental anguish X 2, plus 750K for punitive damages X 2). Years back when I was a child my dad ran over a hunting dog, next thing I knew my dad floored it, when I looked back the hunter had his rifle pointed at us (he didn't shoot, maybe he was using the scope to get our plates, but I didn't like looking down the business end of a rifle). We didn't call the cops because the hunter would likely be gone by the time we got to a phone (no cell back then, rural america towns are miles apart).

    I know that if you hit someone's pet the right thing to do is to pull over and try to make things right as best as possible. But sometimes it doesn't pay to do the right thing. I've made up my mind that if I plow over Lasie I'm flooring the gas pedal. But my question is, how legal is that?

    P.S. I've never hit a person, but if I do I'll stop. If I get out of the car or stay in the car with the engine running depends on how safe I feel.

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  • Engine dies with throttle?

    I know that this question doesn't belong in the "Cars & Transportation", but since many here are mechanically inclined, I thought I'd post the question here.

    I have a weed eater, 2 stroke. It starts just fine, and it idles perfect at half choke and at no choke. But at either choke, if I give it any throttle, it dies. If I move the choke between the half and full (I geuss that would be 3/4 choke) it does run, but at reduced power, and excessive smoke.

    The spark plug is new, gas has proper gas/oil mix, engine is definately warmed up as it's been running for about half hour give or take, what am I missing? 3/4 choke doesn't let the engine run as it should and sometimes it pops out of 3/4 as the dedent spring sets it at full and at half choke.

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  • How illegal to drive thru toll without paying?

    A while back I went to another city, more than 180 miles away to buy a car. My dad drove me there. We never been there before. I got the car from an individual, so I didn't get any paper tags. The state does not require registration for 7 business days, but it does require insurance. I did get insurance before driving.

    Anyways, we apparently took an unmanned toll road because my dad got a bill in the mail with a picture of his plates. The car I drove had no plates, not even paper ones so I got nothing. I don't plan on doing this again, I didn't know we took a toll road. But my question is, how illegal was it for us to take an unmanned "photographical" toll road without any plates?

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  • Can Heat Make DNA Unrecoverable?

    Hypothetical question. Suppose a metallic object (such as a handgun) were to be baked at 450 F for several hours, assuming that the only DNA containing material was very thin like fingerprint oils, dead skin cells, sweat, etc - and not hard tissue or having a thick core such as bone - how likely would forensic DNA be recoverable? Also, if it could be damaged by this kind of heat, how long would someone have to save it and have a good chance of having typeable DNA?

    Before anyone asks, no, I'm not planning a crime spree. I'm in college studying programming (we're using Microsoft XNA game studio) and my group was hoping to get a decent grade with a story that, aside from time travel, could be half way plausible.

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