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  • Where to find mens clothes that fit?

    I work a manual labor job and don't like spending a lot on shirts but I can't find shirts that fit me correctly. I'm pretty much extra large in chest shoulder and upper back but waist line medium shirts fit better in.

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories7 months ago
  •  finding myself as a Christian?

    For the first 30 years of my life I just lived. I'm 35 now and I'm having trouble in every aspect of who I am now. I'm married to a wonderful wife have a wonderful child and two wonderful step children but I having trouble finding friends that have much in common with me. So I've stuck myself trying to take control of the thing I can. Working on my car going to the gym and focusing on the food I eat. I just feel like I've lost all my personality as I'm trying to put things from how I used to be behind me.

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 months ago
  • Why is my wife constantly trying to sabotage my health goals?

    For 6 months now I've been back in the gym live lost 40 pounds and built or got back a lot of muscle. I'm trying to get just a little more cut and she's been buying pizza and snack cakes to put in front of me. I'm not under weight I'm 5'9 185 pounds 13 percent body fat.

    14 AnswersDiet & Fitness11 months ago
  • What happened to clothes?

    I tried on a large tank top I'm almost 200 pounds. Large used to fit perfect now the chest is to tight and the waist is gigantic.

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 year ago
  • Burning sensation during meditation?

    For the past four months I've been focusing on my health eating healthy , lifting weights , running and dropping almost every bad habit I had for years. I decided to start meditating to aid in stress relief to aid in my gains at the gym. For the past week everytime I meditate I feel like my skin is burning but it's pleasant like a hot shower. What's going on with this? I've never experienced this meditating before.

    4 AnswersAlternative Medicine3 years ago
  • Muscle memory in a calorie deficit . Does it kick in lie this.?

    I recently lost about 40 pound and I've been wanting to go to the gym but it's extremely expensive in my town. So my wife not knowing how much I can actually lift bought me 2 20 pound dumbbells. I didn't want to hurt her feelings because of how nice the ggesture was, so I've been lifting them every possible way to failure for the past two months.I used to lift extensively so I'm actually surprised how much I've gained. Is it muscle memory or actual gains.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness3 years ago
  • How healthy is my calorie counting?

    I've been counting calories mainly because I want to prove to my friends that low crab diets really aren't for people who lift weights extensively. Only cut my calories down to 2000 a day and I try to keep most of them coming from protein first then carbs and only essential fat. I went from 205 to 170 in about a month and a half. I've seemed to maintained muscle mass and have become considerably stronger. I've cut soy completely from my diet and I get tons of green vegetables. Only down side I've seen is I never get to go out to eat.

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness3 years ago
  • Why do people still believe low carb diets are healthy?

    I went from 205 to 172 pounds in under a month just counting my calories eating balanced meals exercising .I eat a lot of carbs. My carbs are mainly oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes and cream of wheat but still .

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness3 years ago
  • How to explain to my wife that she can't eat like me and lose weight?

    I went from 205 to 172 in about a month by counting calories, weighing my food and figuring out how many calories I'm getting from protein , carbohydrates and fat. I also work in a lumber yard lifting heavy stuff all day, I lift weights, do calisthenics and run about 8 miles a week. She thinks its just the food but I'm getting around 2000 calories a day.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness3 years ago
  • Why do people try to push food on you when they learn you trying to eat healthy?

    I m already in good shape but I ve been want to cut a lot of junk out of my diet .

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness3 years ago
  • Is it normal for to have increasing muscle mass at 32 without working out.?

    I've actually dropped fat percentage and I've gained about 20 pounds in a month. I do load lumber all day at work but I've done that for like 7 years. I haven't gain muscle like this even when I went to the gym everyday.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness3 years ago
  • When did everyone in society become such sissies?

    All I ever see on here is people complaining about things the average working person deals with all day everyday and just brushes it off. " My life sucks . I'm so depressed , why can't I get my way, Me me me me me."

    There are people in this world that deal with real problems and worry more about how they are going to feed their children , than what they can't have or how they look or if someone said something nasty to them today.

    Why can't people just gain some self respect and stop being selfish?

    5 AnswersPsychology6 years ago
  • why does almost everyone get so smug when they talk about their beliefs?

    Come on people in they vastness of the universe how can you be so sure of yourselves? And does it really matter in the grand scheme of things. Live and let live. Sure the idea or a god/gods/whatever seems silly to me too but I can see why someone would believe and if that make them happy so be it. If not believing seems to be the logical option for someone how does that hurt you?

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • As human beings how can we be so sure in anything?

    Don't get me wrong I love to watch the Christians and atheists debate. Having faith in something no one can prove makes me giggle and being so arrogant that to think that I actually can tell someone that I know better than they do makes me sick.

    In the grand scheme no one knows anything at all. Even knowing that I truthful don't know any better than anyone else, but that's what I believe.

    So tell me what makes you so sure of yourself?

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • A question for both the left and right?

    What is wrong with you people meet on some kind of middle ground here. To the right Obama isn't taking away your guns... Clinton didn' you said he would, Jimmy Carter didn't like you said he would. Wake up the poor needs help gays have rights and it's not your business if someone has an abortion.

    To the left. I'm sick of this idea that you have that being rich is a crime. Some people work for their money and shouldn't pay for people that make their OWN bad decisions. I live in a small town do you know how many people I know that cheats the goverment... more than the ones that actually need it that's for sure.

    10 AnswersPolitics8 years ago
  • Why are some people religious?

    I can't get religion i don't understand why people feel the need to be religious. I understand spirituality just not religion.

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • Women do you want some advise?

    Having trouble finding a good man? Every guy you get with sneaks around and does things you don't like? Think all men are pigs? Been called a man hater?

    There is one factor all these men have in common....You.

    How do you feel about the fact that you could be the problem?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • Do people become Christian so easy answer provided for them?

    Is something missing in their life missing and there trying to feel a void or is it a form of conforming to feel like they fit in? I could also ask the same of some atheist. I know many of the younger ones become atheist to rebel, yet conform with others that are ''rebeling''. Are most people's personal beliefs something they have so they can make themselves feel better?

    3 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago