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  • Have you checked your WoW mail today?

    For WoW players who come here, there is a 'gift' from Blizzard on their fourth anniversary. Check your mail, and then answer this question: is it a good gift, a bad gift, or something you want to keep, give away, or you wish they didn't do this. I think it's 'extra cool' ...

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  • Help with 'style' in clothing?

    I want a new hoodie that is mostly purple and comes with a scarf. It's really great, but I didn't buy it yesterday because it has skulls on it. I actually like skulls, but since I'm 58 years old (female), I'm afraid the 'kids' would think I'm trying to imitate them. My husband says to get it, if I like it, and I can certainly afford it ... but if I wear it outside, would you think I was weird, tasteless, or really cool? Yes, if I was younger, I'd be a goth, and I am an old hippie ... plus I really want this hoodie!

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  • In an empty apartment for 12 days until our stuff comes. What will we need to get by until then?

    We're moving from state to state, and the moving company won't get our stuff to us until the 12th ... we get our new apartment on the 1st. We know we'll need a bed and two chairs, but what else will we need to survive? We have clothes, a picnic basket with plastic dishes and serving ware.

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  • How big (square feet, square acres) is a hectare?

    I'm reading a book, and they use the measurement with no reference point to the size ... I'm 57 and no longer have the math books to figure it out by myself. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Black Tiger Oscar is very 'pale grey' and sick ...?

    He's pale grey except when I put food into the tank, but he doesn't eat any of the food, not the flakes nor the 'gumdrops' (brine shrimp, bloodworms). He has his mouth open all the time and seems to be 'gasping.' Is there ANYTHING I can do to make him well again, or at least more comfortable until he dies? I really LOVE this fish, and am heartbroken.

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  • Do Oscars (fish) have nostrils?

    I have two tiger Oscars, one black, the other albino and they both have these little 'circles' right above their mouths where nostrils would be ... but these are fish, they have gills, so I don't know if they can also breathe air if they jump out of the tank or what those little circles are for. It doesn't really matter, but I am very curious about what those are, if anyone knows.

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  • 'Healthy' Subway now serves single pizzas ... what is up with that?

    The TV ads used to say how 'healthy' it was to eat at Subway ... now they are showing ads for 'single pizzas' that are available at their stores, and I don't every see the ads with the guy who 'lost weight living on Subway sandwiches.' With all of the new 'healthy choices' available, this seems to be 'retrogressive' ... so WHY is this happening now?

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  • Ellen broke down, death threats made on both sides ... HUNH?

    Is there something wrong with the world. When Ellen broke down on TV and said she had been wrong, it was a 'real' moment. Now there have been 'death threats' sent to both the rescue organization (one woman, really) and the family Ellen gave the dog to. Evidently lawyers are now involved and suits may be filed ... against ELLEN because she's a celebrity. What happened to SANITY in this world?

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  • What sort of 'breeding tank' do I need for my red-eye tetras?

    I have a school of ten red-eyes and two plecos in a twenty gallon tank. I have an empty two gallon 'goldfish bowl' that I could use as a 'breeding tank' but I don't want to 'move the fish' (or even know which ones to 'move' and then put back after the eggs are laid) or whether they need an air hose and a filter or not. HELP ... my females look 'ready to burst' but they aren't 'scattering' their eggs, because they have 'fake plants' ... I have a good 'feathery' plant for them, but what else do I NEED?

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  • Are these baby Goldfish?

    I have two 7" Comets (one male, one female) living in a 45 gallon tank, with a 'small scat' ... but yesterday the scat died, and my husband thought that the tank was 'too cloudy' so he took the goldfish out and put them in another tank ... but he didn't empty the 45 gallon tank. This morning, we looked, and there are about 100 'teeny tiny' fish swimming at the top of the tank. Both goldfish were acting 'strange' and we did wonder if Phish (the female) was 'going broody' ... now they are both 'playing happily' in the smaller tank, but we aren't sure whether we should just 'clean the 45 gallon tank' (and kill those tiny fish, or wash them down the drain) or try to 'scoop them into a 'cage' and let them 'grow' until they are 'big enough' to be put into the 45 gallon tank. HELP!!! We're doing 'nothing' until we KNOW what those 'baby fish' are!

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  • What do you do ... favorite hobby, career ... and what time of day?

    do you eat particular foods? This is a 'poll' taken because of a question by another about eating breakfast foods for lunch or dinner, and lunch or dinner foods for breakfast. I'm curious to see if there is a 'direct correlation' between our jobs or what we like to do most and the 'way' we eat.

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  • How big can a discus grow?

    My pleco, Ralph, now lives alone in his 20 gallon long tank. My husband wants me to get more fish for the tank, and he says get 5-6 discus. I know discus grow, but when my goldfish grow too large for their tank, I can move everyone 'up one' so the discus will live in a 45 gallon tank. Can they grow larger if I get them a larger than 45 gallon tank?

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  • What size tank would be best for two LARGE (6" and growing) goldfish?

    They may be just common comets, but I love them and want them to grow as large as possible, but I have had different sizes from the 'fish experts' at the store, so if you know how big these 'carp' will get, I'd like to know that, too. I need an answer by 11p.m. Sunday PDT.

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  • I will have one pleco in a 20 gallon long tank...?

    Want Ralph to have 'companionship' ... what should I get him? I am thinking either another pleco (if it's close to Ralph in size) or an angel fish ... but would like 'suggestions' since this is a 'settled tank' and I am taking out two LARGE goldfish ... if that makes and difference. I need an answer by Sunday at 11 p.m. PST.

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  • What language was the first Bible written in?

    I know the answer, and I will give it to you as a 'new question' in three days ... this is a 'poll' to see how many people actually KNOW the correct answer. Hint ... it was NOT written in ONLY ONE language ...

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  • I have two 'very large goldfish' and they're BORED ... I need HELP?

    My goldfish were 1.5" when I got them, they're now each 6" long. I have them in a 20 gallon long tank. One 'fish expert' told me they'd get to 8-10" long and needed at the largest a 29 gallon tank. Another 'fish person' said they need AT LEAST a 40-50 gallon tank now, and possibly a larger one ... and said they can grow to be 1.5 FEET or larger. I love my two fish, and want them to grow as large as possible ... but we live in a third story apartment that is 'small' ... I need help deciding 'what to get' to make my fish 'really happy' in our apartment.

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  • What do milk products do to people who take thyroid supplements?

    I have 'low thyroid' ... I recently read on-line that dairy products can have an affect on the supplements I take, but I couldn't find out more. I know I could do a search, but want to hear from others like me as to their experiences with dairy and supplements, too.

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