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  • Should I keep apologizing to my brother?

    I invited him along with my friends to a theme park. A week before the theme park he asked me what are we doing for food and who s driving? I said we will meet at my friend s house and go from there and we usually eat at the theme park. He can be a picky eater but will eat anyway. So he got frustrated with that answer and called my friends really bad names because they were indecisive. I didn t like that he called them that so I said maybe you shouldn t go with us. He said he already got his ticket and it was non refundable. I told him not to buy it now cause we will get it at the gate like we always do. So he was mad he had no one to go with and tried to guilt trip me into going with him and basically F my friends. I said no I m not going and he got so mad. He blew up my phone and called me all sorts of nasty names. I didn t respond. He said he is no longer a part of the family and to leave him alone forever. I told my friends and they said they didn t want him to come out with them ever again. So 2 weeks later now he is still mad at me, but not as much. He keeps demanding I apologize for stranding him but he won t admit that he messed up for buying the ticket or insulting my friends. I apologized twice but he still wants more from me.

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  • Is my dad being fair or abusive with his use of "you owe me"?

    So I had a car problem and dad immediately offered to help. "Don t take it to a shop. I ll fix it." So I said ok. Now that he s working on it he says to me "you need to mow my lawn and clean my house in return for me fixing your car! You owe me ya know!" Is dad being fair here or asking too much?

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  • How to handle coworker who blew up at me?

    I was looking over her work the other day like I usually do and for some reason she lost it, yelling at me saying I wasn t the manager and I m wasting time by fixing it (manager does the exact same looking over our work). This came out of nowhere. She then said we had to make extra stuff to be ahead tomorrow. I said I appreciate you thinking ahead, but there are more important things to work on at the moment. She said she was going to text the manager in her break to see what he thought. Well he sided with me. I texted my boss about the situation and he hasn t said anything yet.

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  • If he texts me every day and we've been on 2 dates?

    Does he like me or is he treating me like a friend? We've been talking for 2 months now and been on 2 dates. He's not very adamant about asking me out regularly. I've asked him out twice now. We haven't seen each other in over a month but he texts me every single day.

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  • Why do my coworkers think they are in charge?

    When my boss isn't there, I'm usually in charge. I'm not technically a supervisor so we are all equally ranked, but I have 1 year more experience than my coworkers. I'm not bossy at all so they just think they can dictate that I should do something. I don't want to be the ***** who runs to the boss every time my coworkers gotta take charge. It's good that they take initiative but they seriously ask me to do things and I think they just wanna be in charge some days.

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  • Why did my dad punch me in the face?

    I was asking him why he wouldn t stand up to my emotionally abusive mother and he kept saying it s all my fault, that I like to provoke her. I tried to tell him that I don t provoke her, she just lashes out randomly. I told him he needs to put an end to her behavior and he just punched me in the face instead.

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  • Do people who slow down when you approach their car in traffic make you mad?

    They assume you're tailgating so they go slow to make you mad. Isn't going under the speed limit (this applies to good weather conditions, no snow or rain or anything) illegal?

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  • Why do some people wait til last minute to signal a turn?

    For example, you re following a car and then it changes lanes into a left turn lane and signals AS it s about to turn. Shouldn t the car signal when it first changes lanes to the left turn lane?

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  • Guy called to apologize, then nothing after?

    So a guy set up a date with me. The day of he called me personally to cancel cause it seemed more appropriate to him. So we didn t reschedule right away but I haven t heard from him since so I m thinking he s moved on. Either embarrassed he had to call and cancel or something came up. Any ideas? He hasn t responded to a voicemail or text.

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  • 4 dates and he still insists on splitting the bill?

    I've been on 4 dates with this guy. He likes me and keeps asking when can he see me again. I like his company, but each time we go out he insists on splitting the bill (i pay mine, he pays his). I don't wanna rock the boat on this issue too early.

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  • Should I really tell this guy off who blew me off after a first date?

    I thought we had a good time. After we parted ways I didn t hear from him but I saw him online on the dating site. I sent him a message about a joke we shared on our date. He didn t respond but it showed that he read my message. I feel like telling him off by saying "it s pretty douchey to not clearly communicate if you don t wanna see someone again"

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  • Do I consider this woman my friend's mother-in-law?

    My friend's sister is married and has a mother-in-law, but how does my friend address her? A mother-in-law or extended family or what?

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  • should I call the interviewer before she calls me?

    I got a call for a possible job interview by a recruiter and was told to expect a call for a phone interview by a woman. The recruiter gave me the phone interview lady's number and said if she doesn't call by the end of the week that I should call. Would it be bad to call her right away to set up an interview? Should I just wait?

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  • Pulled over, warning, bs reason?

    I was just driving home from work and got pulled over. I wasn't speeding or anything so I was confused. The officer came up to my window and asked me why do I think I got pulled over. I said I had no idea. He said he saw me texting 'cause there was a glow coming from my car. I told him I wasn't, and that my phone was in the bottom of my zipped up bag. I even showed him, unzipping my bag and pulling out my phone from the bottom of it. He said I could have just thrown it in there and quickly zipped it up. I said ok well I'm sorry. He took my license and came back with a printed out warning saying I was texting and driving. I couldn't believe it. He said drive safe have a good night.

    Was he bored? I was NOT texting and driving! I was gonna show him the time stamps from all my texts were not of the current time but he'd probably still say I was texting. What bs is this what the world is coming to?

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police6 years ago
  • Is my cat schitzo? From noon to midnight she freaks out?

    In the morning she is her lovey dovey self rubbing against me and letting me pet her. Around noon she runs off and hides and if I ever find her she hisses at me and runs to get away from me. This happens from noon til about midnight. After midnight she is her normal loving self again. I m not trying to bother her but if I accidentally get near her she freaks out during the noon to midnight period.

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  • What does this Satanic dream mean?

    It didn't start off that way but i pushed a wagon down a hill and this guy who chased it almost got hurt and because of that, I needed to be punished. So my punishment was cleaning a Rothschild house. I used a strange vacuum cleaner and was able to pick up loose change along the way. Finally this Satanic-looking guy led me to this room where it was black. It was a black cliff and a bottom-less pit. On the left was a guy sitting by a fire. A ghost popped up from the floor a little bit and asked the man by the fire directions to a star. The sitting man mumbled something about a death star and the ghost disappeared. The guy who led me in the room walked ahead of me over the bottom-less pit. He waved his hand at me to say I should follow him. There was a chalkboard by him and it had the inverted star of David in yellow and some other markings. I was afraid of falling. The guy mumbled some Satanic mumbo jumbo and I felt my body tense up as I was able to walk on air. I heard something about I was the subject for Satan. I continued walking toward the man. Things got dark and I woke up.

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  • Why did my boss do a total 180?

    I found another job and gave my boss my 2 week notice, but also said I can help out if someone calls in sick, etc... so I'm not totally quitting, just cutting my hours. She was sad, said I was a great employee, wished I didn't have to cut my hours and all. She also said if the new job doesn't work out that I am welcome back anytime.

    2 months later she needed some help and so I replied to her online posting saying I'd love to come work for her. A few days later she replied saying I no longer fit the requirements/job description and best of luck. I asked what requirements specifically, she said I should have done more customer service, cleaning and just stepping up in general while I was there.

    Why would she say I'm a great employee and put on that act only to say I pretty much suck?

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  • I typed in my friend's phone number on Facebook search and someone else's profile came up?

    How does this happen? Do phone numbers get recycled?

    5 AnswersFacebook6 years ago
  • This guy ignored me in high school, and now is talking to me, why?

    He found me on a dating site and I recognized him. He seems friendly and eager to get to know me. I m not sure if he knows we were in high school together. I remember him as being a popular guy. I wasn t so popular but thought he was cute (and still is) but he wouldn t give me the time of day. I haven t changed physically since high school (8 years ago). Any insight as to why he d be interested now?

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  • Why was the cop acting so weird?

    So I was driving home from work and the roads were slightly icy and I was being careful but all of a sudden this car was right on my tail, so I signaled and changed lanes. Well the car did the same and stayed on my tail. So I signaled and changed lanes again and the car followed me. I was starting to freak out so I tried to mess him/her up by changing without a signal rapidly so they wouldn't have time to get behind me. Well somehow they did. Then they turned their police lights on. So I pulled over right away. The cop asked me if I had been drinking (no), was on any meds or illegal drugs (no, just ask my boss as I was just at work and doing fine). He said "so you're normal?" I said "yeah". He said "cause you're acting really weird now". I said "uhh...". He asked why I was changing lanes erratically and not using my signal. I answered "cause you were tailgating and making me nervous." He cut me off when I said tailgating and said he wasn't. I said "well I move over when people drive like that so they can be on their way" He denied the tailgating again and scolded me for not using my signal at all. I was so confused.

    He took my license, came back, checked my insurance and said "hey ok everything is good here, drive safe, use you signal (haha) and have a good night!"

    So what was that about? I thought about asking to see his dash cam to see that he was tailgating and that I was using my signal. I didn't get a ticket, I'm just confused what this whole thing was about?

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