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  • How to avoid being jealous when my girlfriend gets a lot of attention?

    I’m usually not a jealous person, in fact i try my best not to show it even when I do because I don’t like jealous people.

    However, when it comes to my girlfriend, i can’t help it sometimes no matter how much I try not to. My girlfriend gets a lot of attention from guys; she’s always telling me stories how guys are always trying to buy her drinks etc. (she’s not telling me to try make me jealous, i know) and it just makes me lowkey mad. I never show it because i don’t want to be THAT toxic boyfriend but i can’t help it.

    I trust her 100% but it still makes me kinda mad. I’d like to believe that i’m not insecure but maybe deep down i am. Is there any way to get over this kind of jealousy?

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  • If English wasn’t my first language but is my best language is it considered my first language?

    I was born and live in an english speaking country however i learnt my native language from my parents first and still speak it to this day at home. Now, obviously, my english is a lot better than my native language but if someone asks me “Is english your first language?” What should i say?

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  • Can I transfer all my ios apps to a new iphone?

    I currently have an iphone 6s. I know you’re able to transfer all the apps over to another iphone, but i have an app like playtube that downloads youtube videos on my current phone. However the app isnt on the app store anymore. Would the app and all the data on it still transfer to my new phone even if the app isnt available on the app store anymore?

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  • Are you still considered funny if people laugh at you rather than with you?

    Let’s say there’s a person who, when people are with him, he always seems to make them laugh. However, more often than not, he’s just making himself look silly or something to make people laugh so they’re laughing AT him rather than WITH him. Would you still consider him a “funny person”?

    Polls & Surveys6 months ago
  • If I’m not ill after two weeks of quarantine, why should I stay in quarantine?

    If it takes up to two weeks to show symptoms for coronavirus, why does everyone else have to suffer by staying in quarantine if they’re not ill. If, after 2 weeks of quarantine, you show symptoms of coronavirus, STAY HOME. If not, you hould be able to go out like normal right?

    I just cant stay like this for months, i’m losing my mind

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  • Will coronavirus affect my europe trip?

    I’m planning on going to europe in july and going to a few festivals/events etc. Do you guys think coronavirus will escalate and cause cancellations on festivals like ultra europe and/or flights?

    12 AnswersAir Travel7 months ago
  • Black spot under skin?

    So about a two weeks ago I was at the gym and went to lift something up and something pinched me on the finger. It was a little sharp but i didn't bleed or anything and it didn't hurt but i noticed a black spot on my finger. It looks like someone got a sharpie pen and dabbed a spot on my finger. At first i thought it was from the outside and i went to wash it off but nothing came off. I assumed maybe it was bleeding from under the skin but the spot has looked exactly the same for 2 weeks. It doesn't bother me or hurt or anything but i'm just curious as to what it is and when it will go away

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions7 months ago
  • I'm scared to get into a relationship?

    I'm a 21 year old male and by this age i'm getting pretty desperate for a relationship however every time the opportunity arises and things start to get a little serious with a girl, I get scared and back off. I used to think that the girls just weren't good enough which is why I back off but i realised that I'm just making excuses.

    I have no problem talking/flirting with girls when it's no strings attached but as soon as a girl mentions a proper date or something like that i just get scared. I hate the whole idea of meeting the parents and all that, it's just a lot of pressure.

    Any advice or motivation would be appreciated, 


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  • Why do girls leave you on read?

    I just want to have a quick rant about this because I don’t understand their thought process. I was just left on read after DMing a girl on insta, and i don’t take it personal or anything, but i just dont understand how someone doesnt have the respect or decency to at least reply.

    We have a lot of mutual friends and we know of each other so it’s not like im some random guy and i’m pretty good looking (not trying to sound up myself). Like fair enough if she doesn’t like my looks or whatever but at least have some respect and reply. It can be a dry reply, i can take a hint.

    I’d never raise my daughter like that. Treat the janitor the same way you’d treat the ceo

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  • How to deal with being skinny fat?

    I'm 20 years old. As long as i can remember i've always been skinny fat. I look skinny (or normal) with clothes on but i have a bit of a belly (specifically lower belly and around the waist). I've always been active by playing sports and i've been going gym regularly for the past 3 years. I've acquired quite a bit of muscle and my arms are pretty toned however i still have belly fat lurking. I've had periods where reduced my calories significantly and eaten cleanly but it seemed like i was losing fat everywhere EXCEPT my belly.

    I need help, i want to lose my belly fat so i can have a toned stomach for the first time in my life 😩

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness10 months ago
  • How tall should you be to dunk a basketball?

    Obviously it depends on your vertical jump, but what i mean by this is how tall do you have to be to have no excuse NOT to be able to dunk?

    I'm 194cm and it surprises a lot of people when i tell them i can't dunk. I don't play basketball competitively but i play enough casually that i feel like i should be able to dunk by now. I've always been pretty athletic, i've played football (soccer) competitively my whole life and i'm generally good at most sports but i still can't dunk. I don't really work on my vertical jump but i still feel like i should be able to dunk anyway. 

    Is it a matter of bad form or what?

    3 AnswersBasketball10 months ago
  • Iphone 6s home button stopped working?

    My home button suddenly stopped working. Legit one second it was working, then the next second it stopped. I tried restarting my phone a few times to see if it was a software issue but it still doesnt work.

    I honestly don't feel like it's a hardware issue, i've had my home button stop working on old phones before and usually it gradually gets less sensitive over time until it finally stops working. Whereas it was perfectly fine for one second then just stopped working out of no where. Plus i havent dropped my phone or anything like that. Are there any other possible fixes?

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans11 months ago
  • Cold sore isn't healing?

    I've had a cold sore on the side of my lip for like a month now but i don't think cold sores are meant to last this long. At this point i don't even think it's a cold sore anymore, my lips have like 2 cuts/splits in them so when i open my mouth they open up and it hurts. When i wake up in the morning ill have a scab on it which suggests it's healing but whenever i have to open my mouth to eat or whatever the scap just rips apart and it feels like it's a never ending cycle.

    What do i do?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions11 months ago
  • How to treat my cold sore?

    I've had a cold sore on the side of my lip for probably like 3 weeks now. I've never had a cold sore last this long before. About a week ago i purchased a cream for cold sores about a week ago and i have been applying it but i dont know how much it's helping. A few days ago it got to a point where it didnt really even look like a cold sore, but more like cuts from biting my lip or something. I couldnt really open my mouth wide otherwise the cuts would open and it would start hurting. I started putting vaseline instead of the cream to heal the cuts and it has worked a bit but i still cant fully open my mouth comfortably without a bit of stinging. What should i do? Should i continue applying the cold sore cream or put vaseline?

    2 AnswersInjuries11 months ago
  • How much harm can occasional smoking do?

    I'm 20 years old and in my lifetime i've probably smoked about 8-15 cigarettes (in total).That might not seem like much but i'm sure every cigarette does substantial damage to your body.

    I've only smoked when i was drinking and someone offered it to me but i'd feel extremely guilty the next day so i've decided to put a stop to it. I'm just wondering could it have done a lot of damage to my body already? I've always been a fit guy, i play sports often and go gym but i understand that it doesn't make up for the damage it does to my body

    5 AnswersOther - General Health Care12 months ago
  • Why don't male designer cloths cater to tall people?

    I'm a 194cm average weight male and i always have trouble finding decent fitting t-shirts and jumpers for more high end brands like armani exchange, hugo boss, givenchy, tommy hilfiger etc. Rarely do these brands have shirts above size XL and even if they do it's always too short for me. I'm quite skinny as well so it's not like my belly makes the shirt smaller, but every time i try on the largest size they have, it's always way too short.

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 year ago
  • Why do i feel like everything is against me?

    For the record, i'm not depressed or anything like that. I'm quite strong minded and i really do enjoy my life but why do i feel like life is designed to to against me. I can't really provide specifics but i just feel like everything i do and accomplish, i have to do it the hard way. It's like i never get luck for anything like other people do.

    If god is real then why does he just make some things so hard for someone? If it was someone else i feel like they'd crumble and maybe take their life, i dont know.

    I know this isnt really a question that people can answer but i just needed to get this off my chest somewhere

    3 AnswersPsychology1 year ago
  • What's the best way to improve speaking a language?

    So I grew up in a spanish-speaking household so i know it pretty well, to the point where if i had a general conversation with someone in spain they'd probably think i'm from there. However i'd like to improve my spanish because i still get instances where i might forget how to say a certain word so i'd have to work around it.

    What's the best way to get more fluent at speaking and increase my vocabulary? Through watching movies, reading a dictionary?

    1 AnswerLanguages1 year ago
  • Why am i so much better talking to girls when i'm drunk compared to sober?

    I didn't really know what to name this question or whether you can even answer it properly but here it goes.

    So when i'm tipsy or drunk, my "game" with the women makes me question the next day where i even got it from. It's like i turn into the smoothest mf out of nowhere, like some of the stuff that i come up with i would never be able to come up with sober so it just makes me wonder why is it so different when you're sober?

    Obviously, being drunk improves your confidence but apart from that, i'm a pretty confident guy in general. I can talk to women sober but when i'm tipsy i'm just so much better. So i'm wondering are there any tips that you can give me to (i know this sounds stupid) act like i'm tipsy when i'm sober?

    10 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits1 year ago
  • Why can't i lose belly fat?

    I'm a 20 year old 6'4" male (if that matters) and for all my life i've never had a flat stomach or abs although i've always been considered quite skinny and in shape. With clothes on you'd think that i'm skinny or fit but when i take my shirt off you can see a bit of belly fat. My upper belly is fine it's just that my lower belly around the waist is like a bump of fat that i can't get rid of.

    I work out regularly and do cardio. I've been on a diet for the past few months and have lost quite a lot of weight, people even notice it in my face etc. but my belly fat is still there, it looks the same as it did before.

    I feel that if i keep losing weight i won't be able to lose my belly fat anyway so i'll just start losing all my muscle. What do i do?

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 years ago