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i am a 14 year old boy that is half russian and half mexican decent( i know it's kinda weird) and i am a game freak that plays gta and i am dealing with girl problems especially with my crush

  • Is a bloody stool normal or that serous?

    I for the last 2 years have from time to time like once in a blue mooon just have a bloody stool, at first i was scarred as i thoguht this was rectal cancer or something and my dear sweet old ma had breast cancer and thought i got something serious, but then the next time i went number 2 it was normal and did so until fast forward months later and it happened again.

    given that im not sick or anything and it only happens rarely is it just something odd or am wiping too hard

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    Can i still play this old game on my Windows ten PC?

    The game is the Godfather 2 ( i know it's awful but nostalgia makes it fun for me)

    but point is i played this game when i had an xbox 360 and now i have a pc (ill put my specs to see if the game is compatible) but point is in the game requirement says i need either windows XP, VISTA or SP2

    but i have windows ten system on my PC (am i stupid or is windows ten a part of those three) 

    so is there a way i can still play this game on my PC

    2 AnswersPC10 months ago
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    look idk a thing about PC gaming upgrades so i need help?

    2 years ago i bought a pre built pc which is taboo apparently but whatever it played some of my favorite PC games so its all good

    but i wanna upgrade my graphic card as i hear that helps run more detailed games like the new modern warfare whcih i can play it but it lags and i have to play it in low resolution(not sure if lag is caused by my shitty internet or computer)

    either way here are my specs

    and i hear your computer can only really run certain compatible graphic cards

    not sure if you can tell right away from my specs to see what's compatible or maybe there's a website for it

    i just need yalls help

    and your recommendations

    3 AnswersPC10 months ago
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    Help with my new PC?

    I accidentally typed some ramdom keys while messing about and now it lead to diffrent colors of my pc like the contrasting colors are black and yellow instead of blue and such in a normal PC

    any help to resort it back to normal

    3 AnswersPC11 months ago
  • What pants or lower apparel would match with my pancho and sombrero.?

    I'm gonna dress up as a vaquero for halloween and my grandma sent me a pancho from mexico already so thats good, but what goes with a pancho, i never really paid attention to that detail and now i cant seem to find it, was it just regular old blue jeans or something more.

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories12 months ago
  • How do i buy digitally the video game The Godfather 2 for PC?

    I know it's a **** game and all

    but i still loved it as a kid and wanna play it again for nostalgia and all

    thing is i had it for xbox 360 and now i have a PC and i know it's available for PC

    but i noticed it seems to be only issued as a CD game is this really the only way to get this game and if so please confirm it for me

    1 AnswerPC12 months ago
  • Would a ford focus 2012 with 80k miles last a long time given that i treat it right and only take it within the city from and to work?

    as long as the car would last me 5 years minimum

    but i dont know jack about cars so if i could have an expert give me a diagnosis i would gladly appreciate it

    3 AnswersFord1 year ago
  • What would be a good old car (2000-2007) to get that's reliable and would last a couple of years and has decent gas mileage?

    i have around 6k and am looking for a decent car that's reliable and good gas mileage nothing else matters to me tbh. so any specific brand or model of car that would be recommended would be appreciated.

    5 AnswersBuying & Selling1 year ago
  • Would a Chevy Impala 2007 for 2700 be good deal and how long would it last me or are impalas stamina based cards that would last a while?

    I have recently decided after 3 years to stop using my 2005 Chrysler that i bought for like 1500 dollars in 2016 from my cousin since the brakes dont work as well and its clocked in over 300k miles in it and am looking around to see what i can get and found an ad for this car and i don't know **** about cars and am hoping a car guy would advise me what kind of car to buy for some broke college student

    i have around 6k and am looking for a decent car that's reliable and good gas mileage nothing else matters to me tbh.

    1 AnswerBuying & Selling1 year ago
  • Jobs and tips for someone with an associates degree in accounting?

    i recently graduated with my associates degree in accounting and have been job hunting this summer and still nothing has come up

    don't get me wrong i applied to book keeper, accounting assistant, payroll, clergy work and administrative work

    not sure if it's because i'm new and inexperienced but i think i need something to do as i save money to soon get my bachelor's degree in the next years coming by.

    I haven't heard or found any internships about accounting or auditing and honestly i just need some good tips or even another job to take on that will improve my chances to get my foot to the right direction

    5 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment1 year ago
  • Tips on losing love handles and judge my exercise schedule?

    So for about a year and a half i been going to my local gym at my University and was the greatest decision i can do health wise as i'm no longer fat my midsection of my torso is flat and looks great i can even see the abs coming in nicely. my pecs look great no more man boobs so bench presses and dumbells were a great save.

    all that is left is love handles, now they have been decreased and dont seem as bad as i had them a year prior. but i just want to know a correct exercise habit to lose them im gonna describe in detail my habit to see if its the correct path to lose them please do tell me if i do something wrong.

    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and either saturday or sunday

    ill run for about 2 miles at my local high school track

    then for about 40 minutes ill do some bench press etc essentially exercises to work on my pecs ( i do these muscle bound exercises on monday and thursday only seeing as i wanna lose fat and not gain).

    then for my diet i only drink water as im mormon and tend to avoid greasy foods and take out whenever i can.

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness1 year ago
  • Any tips for a new Gun owner?

    So i live in Washington State and as an american

    i always wanted a gun just for the sake of it and of course to defend myself in case god knows what happens.

    So i just bought my self a single action revolver (i like the idea of keeping the cowboy culture to my self as i am a chicano) and i gotta say i am the worst shot of all time idk why maybe yall can give me pointers as well if you're some eagle eyed sharpshooter.

    BUt point is i dont know nothing about guns except the carrying permit laws since i dont wanna be a complete moron but i just needs tips like what to do and not to do

    like say i keep mine in my glove box and of course since it's summer my car gets real hot inside and i keep wondering should i not keep the gun in some extreme temperatures of cold or hot

    any advice would do thank you

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 year ago
  • help my outside car door handle just broke off and my car is locked?

    is there a way to open it without the handle or am i gonna have to car a lock smith

    9 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Can i use mods onto my xbox one?

    Im a big fan of gta tlad

    but i really wanna use mods on it. i have it on xbox one and it's a xbox 360 compatible game meaning im not sure if i can mod it. or am i simply going to have to use it on PC

    2 AnswersXbox2 years ago
  • is there a way to play pc games on my pc using my xbox one controller Wireslessly?

    I been playing some of my favorite pc games like payday, fall out etc. using my xbox one controller(idk why i just like it better, using a keyboard makes me feel like i'm at work and kinda ruins it for me).

    point is i much rather prefer the idea of using it wireless but i cant seem to find it.if there is a way please do tell

    thank you

    2 AnswersPC2 years ago
  • Is it still possible to get a Colt Single action army revolver?

    Is it possile to still get this gun since i realize this gun is hundreds and hundreds of years old and im not sure if they still produced more as the years passed

    10 AnswersHunting2 years ago
  • Any internships or jobs best suited for me when i get my Associate in Science accounting degree?

    So on March i'll graduate and get my AAS in acocunting and im going to work for an entire year to save up money and help my Ma cause she sick for the moment before i go for my bachelors degree at my local community college thats like 10 minutes away from me.

    question is what job will best set me up for my accounting career or is there a certain internship for me to look for when i graduate.