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  • Took a pregnancy test on the first day of my expected period? ?

    I took a pregnancy test on the first day of my expected period (7 day break off the pill) and it came out negative, are the results accurate or do I need to do another test?

    4 AnswersPregnancy4 days ago
  • Pinky discharge before my period?! ?

    So today I noticed when I went to the toilet a little pinky discharge on the toilet paper and I’m really scared, I’m on the pill so I’m protecting myself and I take the pill everyday. I’m supposed to get my period the day after tomorrow (tomorrow I’m taking my last pill and then I’m on a 7 day break when I’m supposed to get my period) I’m very worried...can someone please help? 

    1 AnswerWomen's Health1 week ago
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    Bleached my hair, now how do I make it blonde? ?

    I’ve bleached my hair (don’t come at me I bleached my hair a lot in the past and it’s been 5 years since I done so) now I need to know the next step to make it more blonde because as you can see from the picture below it is still reddish. Just letting you know I also bleached it twice. Any advice? 

    3 AnswersHair3 weeks ago
  • A piece of flesh like skin came out during period bleeding?! ?

    Ok so I went to the bathroom because I had a little cramping and I knew it was time for me to change my tampon...(I got my period early that day) and I suddenly notice this long piece of skin it almost looks like a tube? And at the end of it it had this really gross chunk of blood...I FREAKED OUT SO MUCH! It looked like flesh/tissue or whatever so my boyfriend rushed me to the emergency and they did a pregnancy test on me and it came out negative (not pregnant) I actually put that skin that cane out of me in a plastic container and showed it to the doctor and she said she can try send it to a lab and in the end She told me I should call my gp to get a smear test. Anyway in the end I was told it’s a tissue etc but she also said she don’t know what it may be and I’m thinking was I pregnant? But did I miscarry and is this why this long tissue flesh like thing cane out???? Please help. I’m also on the pill and I use condoms.

    1 AnswerPregnancy4 weeks ago
  • I swallowed my lip piercing?! ?

    I accidentally swallowed my lip piercing but ONLY the lip piercing bar...the ball fell out of my front lip. I’m really scared right now...i called the nhs 111 and they said they will call me back. What should I do??? Am I gonna get hurt? 

    6 AnswersOther - Skin & Body1 month ago
  • When can I take a bath after getting a tattoo? ?

    So I recently got a small tattoo on my backside, I got the tattoo on the 10th of July and it’s now the 22nd of July. It has now been 12 days after getting my tattoo and I really wanna have a nice bath with a bath bomb...can I? Or do I have to wait another week? 

    2 AnswersTattoos2 months ago
  • Someone stole things from my suitcase at airport??? ?

    I was flying from Prague to the United Kingdom and when I arrived home and checked my suitcase HALF of my things were missing...I’ve put my suitcase into the checkin (you know when suitcases are put into the plane?) and my things are missing! Who do I report to?? Where can I file a complaint??

    5 AnswersPacking & Preparation3 months ago
  • Can I make onlyfans account without ?

    Hi everyone, 

    I want to make an onlyfans account, I enjoy making videos and I wanted to make an onlyfans account to make fun videos for other people but I DONT want to do porn...some onlyfans users say you don’t have to do all that porn can do anything like show off your skill, hobbies, gaming etc but I am still unsure. I know the platform is very well known for sex workers but as I said I don’t want to do can I still have an onlyfans account?

    1 AnswerOther - Internet3 months ago
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    What is this reaction on my skin?! ?

    For the past two-three days I been having these horrible tiny spots on my skin...they’re on my chest and neck...I don’t know what the hell it could be? Maybe a reaction to some products I use?? Or I could be allergic to something?? Please help!! Also how do I get rid of them? Btw they don’t hurt when I pop them I can’t even feel the pop cause they’re so tiny but there’s a lot of do I also get rid of them?? This is what they look like after I shower but in the morning they are there again!!

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions4 months ago
  • Where do I get help?

    So I live in the UK, a month ago I was diagnosed with tonsillitis and I was given antibiotics called penicillin which DID not help..over those weeks I been given two different antibiotics which did not help me at all that’s 3 antibiotics in one month! I never had something like this for ONE MONTH my tonsils are so swollen I’m having difficulty breathing and I have these red pimple looking bumps on my tonsils with white spots...this has been going on for one MONTH! I called my gp but I’m not given any I decided to get a swab test done which I had to do myself at home as face to face appointments got cancelled due to the virus. Today I found out the results are normal....are you serious?! This has been going on for ONE MONTH! My throat is worse than it was before it’s literally blood red! I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m not receiving any help it just looks like no one cares! I can literally feel bumps only my neck this ISNT normal...what do I do now! How do I get proper treatment??? Where do I call and complain??

    1 AnswerSTDs5 months ago
  • When will my tonsillitis go away???!?

    So it started of with my tonsils getting very very swollen and red, for the past few days now I’m struggling to take a good deep breath...I can breathe it’s just I can’t take a deep breath and it’s so uncomfortable and when I went to the emergency room they just sent me back home saying I should wait it out! Even though I read that if somebody has complications with breathing when they have tonsillitis should seek immediate help...I been prescribed penicillin and it’s the 6th day now that I been taking it and I’m STILL unwell I don’t know what to do anymore! 

    1 AnswerInjuries6 months ago
  • Can student finance cut off your maintanence if you want to work part time? ?

    I’m a part time University student and I would like to find a part time job. My question is can student finance cut off/ get rid of my maintanence if I’m working? I’m a part time student. 

    3 AnswersFinancial Aid7 months ago
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    Does this mean I’m pregnant or not pregnant? ?

    I took a pregnancy test and the line is very light...please can someone tell me what this means? 

    8 AnswersPregnancy9 months ago
  • Am I pregnant??

    So I’m taking the contraceptive pill and me and my partner always use a condom for extra protection. A week ago I was supposed to be off the pill (the seven day break) but because my boyfriend was leaving town and we wanted to spend time together to have sex before he leaves...I started another pack straight away on the 7 day break. Now my period is late...and I’m experiencing super light bleeding and brown discharge...I don’t know what to do I’m really worried. I was thinking maybe it’s late because instead of taking the seven day break I started a fresh pack...what could it be that’s making my period so late? We also use double protection..please help 

    7 AnswersWomen's Health9 months ago
  • Do you believe in conspiracy theories? and if you do, why?

    I would like to find out why do some people believe in conspiracy theories, what is It that makes you believe that the 'theory' is real? All your ideas are welcome!

    10 AnswersPolitics1 year ago
  • Is it worth fighting for this friendship anymore?

    So I been friends with this girl for a long time, we promised each other that no matter what we’ll graduate together..when we started University she started to change, she’d treat me differently in front of ‘our’ friends, she let people in our lives that caused nothing but stress! Every time there was an issue! and drama! People I can’t explain how much stress I had to go through with her...and when we come back to uni from half term I found out she is pregnant and I was so happy for her! and I am! but she left University and now i’m here alone living with the stress that she’s caused..I love her so much! She’s been messaging me and trying to argue with me because I haven’t had the time to talk to her, the truth is that i’m trying to focus on uni and i’m just tired of people promising me things and then leaving! she wants me to kiss her ***! lately it’s all about her! I tried to explain why I haven’t been talking to her but even though i’ve explained and i told her i want to be there for her she didn’t say anything about it..i’m just so tired and i just want to focus on uni! I can’t deal with this stress anymore and i’m not kissing up to her just so she can be happy! Please help, is it worth it? I love her to death and she’s mad because a couple weeks ago I decided to prioritise myself for the first time in our friendship! other than that I always been there for her! Please help me?

    1 AnswerFriends2 years ago